Warrior: Monster Slayer The Monsterworld Saga Book 1

Level up. Rule the world. Sam ryder's life already sucks and it's about to get worse when he's fired from his dead-end job as a programmer. Bed goddesses. He's about to head home to escape into his favorite RPG, Alien Civilization, when he's offered a thrill-ride on a death machine AKA motorcycle by a gorgeous woman straight out of one of his games.

Before sam can say "wtf?" he's been whisked away to a dark world of monsters and goddesses, his body transformed from Outcast to Warrior, the second Level on a ladder that may eventually carry him all the way to Demigod. Trapped in this horrifying world, sam must find a way to reignite the dwindling army of Warriors before the legions of monsters breach the ward shields that have protected the Three goddesses for centuries.

Slay monsters. The novel is not meant for people under the age of 18. His best chance is to reach the next level: Protector. Disclaimer: this book has monster slaying, heavy violence, cursing, and a bunch of exotic goddesses and alien women.

Protector: Monster Slayer 2 The Monsterworld Saga

I was leveled up--twice now--transformed from a slightly overweight gamer with no real career prospects into a man-beast capable of slinging a massive hammer around like it's made of feathers and cotton. At this point i've already faced one of the massive demon overlords known as the Morgoss--those who are responsible for the overthrow of the Three goddesses and the predicament we find ourselves in.

I was abducted from earth and brought to a planet called Tor, a world of dying goddesses and deadly monsters. But i survived, along with several of my allies. This is the continuation of my story. Disclaimer: this book has monster slaying, heavy violence, cursing, and a group of exotic goddesses and alien women.

The novel is not meant for people under the age of 18. My name is Sam Ryder.

Seeker: Monster Slayer 3 The Monsterworld Saga

I was abducted from earth and brought to a planet called Tor, a world of dying goddesses and monsters. My name is Sam Ryder. Two monsters and two hearts to go. Disclaimer: this book has monster slaying, cursing, heavy violence, and a bunch of exotic goddesses and alien women. The novel is not meant for people under the age of 18.

So far, i've managed to kill one of the bastards with help from my allies and recover the sky goddess's heart. I was leveled up--thrice now--turning me from a slightly overweight gamer into a chiseled fighter with spidey senses who gets more play with the goddesses than an Xbox. At this point i've already faced two of the massive demons known as the Morgoss, those who are responsible for the overthrow of the Three goddesses and the theft of their powerful hearts.


Without Law 3

Ex-army ranger, but a confrontation with the deadly biker gang is looming, Connor “Tav” McTavish is used to fighting outnumbered and behind enemy lines, Tav will have to train his band of naive college girls in guerrilla warfare if they have any chance of surviving the assault. Disclaimer: without Law has adult scenes where the male protagonist makes love to multiple women.


Metal Mage 5

Mason and his band of badass warrior women travel to Nalnora, the kingdom of the elves, in order to learn more about the Master and his runic powers. After defeating the ice giants of the North and saving the dwarves, Mason faces his toughest challenge yet: politics. Oh, and he has to be careful not to be eaten by the Nalnoran landscape.

To win them over, mason must curry favor with the great Elven Houses through various means: weapon building, assassination, and cultivating life saving medicine. However, the elves are not as forthcoming as the other kingdoms.

Future Unleashed: A Post-Apocalyptic Harem Future Reborn Book 5

Something is killing the people around the Free Oasis, and Jack isn’t going to let that happen. When a new ally arrives from the east, Jack will set his plan in motion to create an army capable of taking Kassos, a city where slavery and lies rule over all. When further exploration of the desert reveals an enemy who has been out of sight for centuries, the clues will lead to an ancient evil using humans as a resource and technology as a weapon.

Join jack and his new women as they launch a campaign to take Kassos, rid the land of fear, and make the Free Oasis into a power that goes well beyond their borders. The time for battle is now, and Jack will be leading from the front.

Ex Heroes 6: A Gamelit Superhero Adventure - Supers

Embrace it or shut the f@ck up, because I'm putting it all on the line for you. It's time to end the enemy's invasion and then step it up a notch. Why would i put my life on the line over and over when I have everything I could possibly want? Hell, my superpowers have reached levels previously incomprehensible to me.

But what comes next? Contains Adult Content. To bring you joy, and peace. A lot. To give you life. Seriously. My brother and parents are in my life, and the position of Elder at the Citadel is in my grasp. I have charm with her foxy ways, twitch with her ability to reprogram even our powers, the terrifying beauty that is Andromida, Aegriss with her hacker abilities, my curvy tempest Gale, and of course there's Shimmer who can unlock a whole new world of possibilities with her illusions – both in battle and in the sheets.

Become an Elder of the Citadel. Then there are Charm's friends, Laurel and Harp. So why would i risk all of this? For you, my friends. If you're looking for a standalone that isn't part of a larger, inter-connected universe, look elsewhere. If you want fun and insanity, you're in the right place! Are you ready?don't forget to grab SUPERS: EX GODS, the series that follows the brother concurrently.

Carnival of the Soul: A Monster Girl Harem Fantasy Celestine Chronicles Book 4

Those uninterested or under the age of eighteen are strongly warned of explicit content. Stripped of his bond powers and exiled to the dreamlike Wildervast, he must find and free the ultimate witch, then kill an invincible man. Meanwhile, those left behind must face the machinations of the tauren herd leaders, whose law allows them to take a template for common use, and the remnants of Theseus' bonds in search of revenge.

Beyond all, and the immortal might of the Twilight Zone's gorgon, there remain the inscrutable machinations of Vlad the Dreamer, Stheno. Warning: this book does not pan to waving curtains and fade to black. It is the mettle to proceed that matters. The labyrinth behind him, terry and company arrive on the Eastern Steppes in the midst of a carnival, and a fateful decision puts him under a dire curse.


Succubus Lord 7

Jacob and his band of succubi have made it to the Fourth Circle of Hell, but that was the easy part. In order to defeat azazel on his own home turf, Jacob will need to hone his powers and level up before he takes on the Demon Lord of War. And what better way to do that than competing in demonic jousts, and giving the Circle’s most renowned pirate a run for his money?The throne is so close, going head to head with the dragon Leviathan, and Jake’s going to do whatever it takes to seize it.


The Hindering Ones Tsun-Tsun TzimTzum Book 2

Sequel to the #1 Harem Bestseller The Five Trials. My name's Noah Kilmartin. I'm from ruddock, ohio, and i'm about 85% unqualified to save the universe from the slavering demonic hordes of the super evil bitch queen Lilith. But i haven't failed yet. Somehow i've passed the five trials, accumulated a team of powerful companions, and made it through the portal into Ghogiel.

It feels like i've done so much already, but truth is, I'm just getting started. I'm going to need it. Warning and minor spoilers: "The Hindering Ones" is an 18+ book intended for mature readers. A whole universe lies before me, but do so without losing my sanity, and it's my job to not only find my way to her personal realm, morality, chock full of Lilith's followers and demons, or any of my companions.

Wish me luck. It contains graphic sex, medieval violence, and nudity.

God of Magic 5

Normally, this would be no problem for gabriel, the most powerful mage in the world, and his famous guild of lovable misfits, but there are sinister forces racing against them with the same goal. The shadow foxes latest bounty mission from the Mage’s Academy is to find mysterious objects of power from the past.

These objects are dangerous under any circumstances, but if any of the magical objects fall into the wrong hands, the results would be cataclysmic. And the wrong hands always seem to be one step ahead.