Viking Shadow Dragonheart Book 20

Storms, the norns, pirates and treachery all conspire to stop the Dragonheart reaching the only man who can save him. He has a worm deep within him and neither Kara nor Aiden, his healers can help him. With his great grandson, the last of the Ulfheonar and his galdramenn, Sámr, Aiden, the Dragonheart must battle to save himself and then his land.

He is forced to take a small handpicked crew and sail to the Eastern Roman Empire at Miklagård. Jarl dragonheart is ill; he is dying.

Viking Clan Dragonheart Book 22

The brand new novel in the Dragonheart Series. 60 years on from viking slave, dragonheart sets sail once more!The legendary Jarl Dragonheart grows old but the fire still burns within him to make his land and clan secure. When he learns of a plot to attack the land of the Wolf, the Clan of the Wolf, Jarl Dragonheart and his brethren, must rally together to defend the land they love.

Taking his great-grandson, sámr, to raid the lands of the Caliphate of Cordoba, Dragonheart embarks on an adventure he believes may be his last.

Viking Legacy Dragonheart Book 21

He is a Viking! Jarl dragonheart has unfinished business. Some of his men are missing in the heart of Wales and he has to punish the Hibernians who killed his daughter and her family in Dyflin. He will lose oath sworn during the journey and his family will be threatened. It will take him from wales to Lundenwic, the land of the East Angles Dyflin and culminate in Om Walum.

He will have to fight the powers of darkness as they try to entrap the warrior who wields the sword touched by the gods. The dragonheart may be old but so long as he draws breath he will fight for his family, his clan and his land. The weird sisters have been spinning and his path is not a straight one. With a handful of Ulfheonar and untried warriors he sets sail to seek the men he lost.


Viking Warband Dragonheart Book 19

A fast moving novel which takes the reader from north of Hadrian’s Wall to the Holy Roman Empire the novel tells the story of the great Viking raid of 851! After his great grandson, is almost lost at sea, Sámr, the Dragonheart is given a task. He has to lead a Danish army and take Lundenwic and Wessex.

With just a handful of men and ragnar’s son, the Dragonheart battles Danes, Sámr, Saxons and the Norns. When jarl dragonheart steals the crown of queen osburga of Wessex he sets in motion a train of events which have dire consequences not only for the Land of the Wolf and Wessex but the land of the Danes too.


Drekar in the Seine Norman Genesis Book 9

The vikings would fill the seine with their dragon ships and the dream of Hrolf the Horsemen would be one step closer to fulfilment. The journey to Paris would be along a bloody one. Those dear to lord göngu-hrólfr Rognvaldson would suffer but the spell had been woven and the end would be inevitable. He has no son and the prophesy made by the Norns cannot come true.

Lord göngu-hrólfr rognvaldson is now Lord of Rouen but his world is still imperfect. Hrolf the horseman suggests they visit a witch and they travel to the Land of the Wolf where they meet the Dragonheart’s daughter Ylva. She spins a spell and the fate of both Hrolf the Horseman and his grandson is decided.


Across the Seas New World Book 2

The eagerly awaited sequel to Blood on the Blade. When you live at the edge of the world with a volcano for a neighbour and bloodthirsty warriors who wish to end your existence then a voyage towards the edge of the world is possible. Seeking a new home for the clan of the Fox, Erik the Navigator with his younger brother and three companions leave Iceland for a land he does not know exists.

They find a home but one which is fraught with danger. Book 2 in the new world series charting the colonization of America by the Vikings. In the smallest of ships, they face seas which would daunt any sailor and they discover a new land.

The Throne Struggle For a Crown Book 3

Beginning in the baltic where there is a crusade against the Lithuanian pagans the novel moves to England, Scotland and Ireland before the owner of the crown of England is decided. When the queen of England dies then King Richard suddenly changes. When a king becomes a tyrant then blood will flow and men will die.

In this sequel to ‘to murder a king’, we follow the fortunes of a sword for hire who has to tread the difficult path between two rivals for the throne. He wreaks vengeance on all those who have slighted him and only William Strongstaff and John of Gaunt are in a position to curb his excesses.

Viking Storm Dragonheart Book 18

The whole saxon world becomes changed when the Dragonheart fights King Egbert on the fields of Pennsans. He discovers a wolf cub which is close to death. It is there that dragonheart finds more connections to his past and learns that his grandson Ragnar is more than capable of leading the clan. He does not know what effect the cub will have save that it has been sent from the spirits or the gods and he cannot ignore it.

When the clan raids the monastery at St Michael's Mount they set in motion larger events. Is this the time for Dragonheart to step down as leader? The dragonheart makes a journey to the top of the highest mountain in his land. He brings it back to health and it becomes part of his life. Emboldened by their raid the clan, with other Vikings keen to take part in a raid, attack and sack Lundenwic.


Duke of Normandy Norman Genesis Book 10

For a viking warrior that is hard. The bretons still resent his occupation of the Cotentin. Rollo has to become a warrior who can plot and conspire just like his enemies. As the new lord of rouen tries to fulfill the prophecy of the Viking witch and to honour his grandfather’s wishes, he has to fight enemies both domestic and foreign.

. Rollo now had Rouen but he has enemies. For lord göngu-hrólfr Rognvaldson it was almost impossible. The duke of normandy is the next instalment in the Norman Genesis series. There are other enemies who are hidden from him.

Lord of Rouen Norman Genesis Book 8

Battling first saxons and then Bretons, the young lord establishes a home close to the Land of the Horse. He must take his people and find a new home. A chance meeting with guthrum the Dane brings them hope as more Vikings join Rollo as he battles Bretons and Franks. Rollo ragnvaldsson has rescued his grandfather, Hrolf the Horseman but he still has a battle back in Norway.

. Based on actual events the novel tells the story of Rollo and how he claims a Breton bride and becomes Lord of Rouen.

The Princes' Revolt The Anarchy Book 18

When king henry makes the momentous decision to crown his eldest son King, even though he is still a youth, he sets in motion a series of events which will tear his empire apart. Culminating in the battle of alnwick, 1174, this is a fast moving and action packed novel which fictionalizes the real events of 1169-1174.

The warlord and his son, earl William, are called upon to not only defend their own land but save the empire for their king. As though things could not get any worse, Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury returns to England and the land is plunged into turmoil and revolt.