Unstuff Your Life!: Kick the Clutter Habit and Completely Organize Your Life for Good

Discover how to: never lose your keys or wallet again stop mail, magazine, and paper pileups for good Feel empowered to tackle bills and budgets Reclaim space and time once dominated by clutterBuilt on the principle that we must distinguish ourselves from our possessions, Unstuff Your Life! starts with truly achievable goals and works toward the nightmare projects everyone tries hard to avoid.

A professional organizer and life coach shows readers how to kick the clutter habit with his complete how-to guide to total organizationArguably the most organized man in America, sought-after coach Andrew J. With humor, and foolproof advice, tough love, honesty, Mellen makes it easy to finally let go and embrace the decluttered life.

Acknowledging that it's often the "stuff behind the stuff" that holds people back, yet effective solution in his step-by-step guide, Mellen offers a surprisingly simple, guaranteed to help achieve organizational bliss for everyone from perpetual key-misplacers to hard-core hoarders. From basement to bedroom, and into every corner of life, kitchen to car, Mellen’s system yields lasting results.

Mellen has created unique, lasting techniques for streamlined living, bringing order out of chaos for the chronically overwhelmed everywhere.

Simple Organizing: 50 Ways to Clear the Clutter Inspired Ideas

The things you actually use need a designated home. Bring order and purpose to Every Room in Your HomeGetting organized can feel like an impossible task. The rest of the stuff is clutter and needs to be removed. But it doesn't have to be complicated. Once you've determined which is which, order can easily be maintained.

Let bestselling author Melissa Michaels help you get organized with these 50 helpful ideas. Gain momentum by making progress, not perfection, your goal. Make the most of your space and create a home that works for your family. Reduce stress by decluttering and keeping only the things you regularly use. Featuring more than 300 easy organization tips that address every room, discover how simple and stress-free it can be to restore and maintain order in the space you call home.


Declutter Anything: A Room-by-Room Guide to Cleaning Your Home and Simplifying Your Life

The emphasis is on uncomplicated, inexpensive solutions that are easy to implement and that produce life-changing results. In a step-by-step, easy-to-follow approach, the authors suggest ways to change clutter-accumulating behavior; show how to efficiently organize the possessions you need with a strict definition of “need”; and examine dozens of ways to dispose of clutter.

Declutter anything offers serious advice that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Discover new ways to clean your home and simplify your life in this handy and creative guidebook. Does your house bulge with clutter? are your possessions weighing you down? Is your home an unorganized mess?Turn it around—ban sagging shelves, bulging cupboards, and bursting closets—with this fun and effective guide.

Take the plunge and soon you’ll be living and working slim, trim, and clutter-free.

Mindfulness for Stress Management: 50 Ways to Improve Your Mood and Cultivate Calmness

Mindfulness for stress management provides you with a collection of easy-to-learn stress management exercises that will help you stop worrying and start focusing on the moment. Broken into 6 chapters—each focused on dealing with a different type of stress—this mindfulness-based guide to stress management offers you 50 unique tools designed to help you tackle stressful thoughts, emotions, and communication.

50 ways to stop stressing over stress. Today’s the day you start trading stress for calm. Learn simple ways to avoid thought traps, externalize your emotions, sharpen your focus, and more. Mindfulness for stress management includes:50 actionable tips—Get real, practical stress management advice that can be used today—no spending weeks reading before you start taking action.

Strategies for all kinds of stress—Whether you’re worried about your kids, your business, or your personal life, find effective ways to manage your stress. Mindfulness made easy—learn how to keep yourself in the present through breath control and body awareness so you can prevent stress from getting in the way when things get chaotic.

Start mastering 50 simple and effective ways to control your stress today with Mindfulness for Stress Management.

Small Space Living: Expert Tips and Techniques on Using Closets, Corners, and Every Other Space in Your Home

Allow sandenbergh to help you create more space-efficient and attractive areas in your home whether you live in a studio apartment, a tiny home, or a larger home that needs more of a cozy feel. Complete with demonstrative illustrations and photographs, Small Space Living offers more than one hundred space-saving ideas from Roberta Sandenbergh, a.

K. A the small Space Architect. Sandenbergh will introduce you to the idea of space opportunities—untapped areas in every home that can be expanded for storage and organizational purposes. Learn from the author’s stories of her own designs for “small-by-choice” homes—for herself and for her clients—in which she tried to make the best possible use of varied living spaces.

A space opportunity might be as simple as using an empty space under a stairway or above a doorway or as complicated as dividing your entire apartment for rental income. Each chapter addresses a different kind of space opportunity area, corners, ceilings, windows, walls, including closets, and floors. In these areas, mirrored spaces, stacked spaces, you will be inspired by Sandenbergh’s creative approaches to divided spaces, empty spaces, and multipurpose furniture.


50 Essential Etiquette Lessons: How to Eat Lunch with Your Boss, Handle Happy Hour Like a Pro, and Write a Thank You Note in the Age of Texting and Tweeting

Learn specific strategies for performing your best in social settings, both in person and online. Master skills like keeping conversation going, giving gifts appropriately, showing your best side on social media, and more.50 essential etiquette lessons includes:50 indispensable tips—Get etiquette advice for dining out with friends, celebrating special occasions, navigating a networking event, and more.

Updated manners—no need to be fussy or formal—this is practical, straightforward etiquette for today. Real-life examples—tackle tricky scenarios with the help of a Q&A chapter that shows you how to use etiquette confidently every day. With 50 essential etiquette Lessons, embarrassing missteps and awkward silences will be a thing of the past.

Stay cool in any situation with this modern manners guide. Meeting strangers at a party, alone in the elevator with the CEO, declining a second date because the first was a disaster—social situations apply a lot of pressure to do and say the right thing. 50 essential etiquette Lessons shows you the best way to approach these common challenges with confidence and ease.

Never mind putting your pinkies up when you drink tea—this guide is packed with modern examples of how to handle any sticky situation. Short, easy lessons cover workplace etiquette, to help you come across as an on-point, put-together asset to any company.

The Self Care Prescription: Powerful Solutions to Manage Stress, Reduce Anxiety & Increase Wellbeing

Real self care practices to enrich every part of your lifepicture your best life: Where would you work? What would your social calendar look like? What personal interests would you be exploring? This book is your prescription to turn those visions into a reality—with proven self care strategies for every area of your life.

From creating a plan to spend more time with family and friends, to zeroing-in on a career that you can feel good about, the book will help you create a personalized self care plan. Whatever self care means to you, you’ll find your own personal practice in this book. Be engaged with what you do. You’ll also learn actionable techniques to fight anxiety, demotivation, or whatever else is holding you back from building the life you want to live.

The self care prescription includes:self care 101—Learn what “self care” really means, and how you can start practicing it every day. A full-spectrum plan—bring self care to the physical, emotional, spiritual, vocational, intellectual, and social areas of your life. Best-life strategies—unwind with mindfulness breathing practices or start eating right with healthy meal planning—you’ll find tons of actionable self care techniques to help you reach your goals.

Be the friend you want to be to yourself and others. The self care prescription empowers you to find balance and purpose in your relationships, work, and life.

A Life Less Throwaway: The Lost Art of Buying for Life

A revolutionary guide to the art of mindful buying that will teach you how to resist cheaply made goods and make smart, fulfilling purchases that last a lifetime. Once a shopaholic herself, her groundbreaking mindful curation method reveals the amazing benefits of buying for life and will help you:   • Spot the tricks that make you overspend    • De-clutter your home    • Find the products that serve you best    • Rediscover the art of keeping and caring for things    • Find happiness, success, and self-worth, beyond buying .

With the whole world trying to convince us to spend our way to happiness, we’ve been left cluttered, stressed, and unfulfilled. Tara advocates a life of mindful buying that celebrates what lasts, giving you exercises that help you curb impulses, ignore trends, and discover your true style. Tara button, founder of buymeOnce, is at the forefront of the global movement to change the way we shop and live forever.


5 Types of People Who Can Ruin Your Life: Identifying and Dealing with Narcissists, Sociopaths, and Other High-Conflict Personalities

And if you have a high-conflict personality, this book will help you help yourself. And once an hcp decides to target you, they’re hard to shake. Some difficult people aren’t just hard to deal with—they’re dangerous. Using empathy-driven conflict management techniques, a lawyer and therapist with extensive mediation experience, Bill Eddy, will teach you to:  - Spot warning signs of the five high-conflict personalities in others and in yourself.

Do you know someone whose moods swing wildly? do they act unreasonably suspicious or antagonistic? Do they blame others for their own problems? When a high-conflict person has one of five common personality disorders—borderline, narcissistic, antisocial, paranoid, or histrionic—they can lash out in risky extremes of emotion and aggression.

Manage relationships with HCPs at work and in your private life. Filled with expert advice and real-life anecdotes, 5 Types of People Who Can Ruin Your Life is an essential guide to helping you escape negative relationships, build healthy connections, and safeguard your reputation and personal life in the process.

But there are ways to protect yourself. Safely avoid or end dangerous and stressful interactions with HCPs.

How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body: 10th-Anniversary Edition

These include using imagery to stimulate the immune system - a method that can benefit cancer patients undergoing conventional treatment - effectively using the mind to speed up rehabilitation from stroke, and powerful visualization strategies to help facilitate recovery from injury and illness. Astounded, dr hamilton decided to change the direction of his work to explore the relationship between the mind and the body.

This bestselling acclaimed book was first published 10 years ago. There is no longer any doubt that the way we think affects our bodies: countless scientific studies have shown this to be true. For former pharmaceutical scientist Dr David Hamilton, the testing of new drugs highlighted how profoundly the mind and body are connected.

Time and time again, the control group of patients in drug trials improved at similar rates to those who actually received the medicines. In it, dr hamilton explores the effect of visualization, and shows how using our imagination and mental processes can stimulate our own defences and healing systems to combat disease, belief and positive thinking on the body, pain and illness.

In this new edition, dr hamilton has added four new chapters to discuss the latest cutting-edge information and extraordinary new techniques.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind: Unlock the Secrets Within

Joseph murphy reveals the vast influences of the subconscious mind on all aspects of existence-money, relationships, jobs, happiness-and how you can apply and direct its power to achieve your goals and dreams. This is the flagship edition of a self-help landmark. Now, original text is redesigned and repackaged in this affordable, handsome volume-which also features one of Murphy's most irresistible works, the fully intact, How to Attract Money.

The power of your subconscious mind, one of the most beloved and bestselling inspirational guides of all time, shows how changing your thought patterns can produce dramatic improvements in your life. Here is the complete, original text of the millions-selling self- help guide that reveals your invisible power to attain any goal-paired with a compelling bonus work, How to Attract Money.

Using practical, easy-to-understand techniques and real-world case studies, Dr. A life-changing classic since its initial publication in 1963, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind has opened millions of readers to the unseen force within them.