This Life I Live: One Man’s Extraordinary, Ordinary Life and the Woman Who Changed It Forever

Rory shows how we are all actually there already and how we can learn to live that way every day. A gifted man from nowhere and everywhere in search of something to believe in. Two hearts that found each other and touched millions of other hearts along the way. And it’s the story of a man who finally gives it all to a power higher than himself and soon meets a young woman who will change his heart forever.

In this life i live, rory feek helps us not only to connect more fully to his and Joey’s story but also to our own journeys. And the more you look, the more you see. He also gives never-before-revealed details on their life together and what he calls “the long goodbye, ” the blessing of being able to know that life is going to end and taking advantage of it.

But when you look at it in a bigger context—as part of a larger story—you start to see the magic that is on the pages of the book that is my life. If you looked at it, day to day, it wouldn’t seem like much. Or, at least, I do. In this vulnerable book, he takes us for the first time into his own challenging life story and what it was like growing up in rural America with little money and even less family stability.

This is the story of a man searching for meaning and security in a world that offered neither. His story. A young woman from the Midwest with an angelic voice and deep roots that just needed a place to be planted.

Once Upon a Farm: Lessons on Growing Love, Life, and Hope on a New Frontier

With frequent stories of his and joey’s years together, and how those guide his life today, Rory unpacks just what it means to be open to new experiences. This isn’t a how-to book; it’s more of a how we,  how He, God, or more accurately, planted us on a few acres of land and grew something bigger than Joey or I could have ever imagined.

”. National bestsellersometimes it’s not only what we plant but where we’re planted. Now raising their four-year-old daughter, alone, joey, after joey’s passing, Rory Feek digs deeper into the soil of his life and the unusual choices he and his wife, Indiana, made together and the ones he’s making now to lead his family into the future.

When rory feek and his older daughters moved into a run-down farmhouse almost twenty years ago, he had no idea of the almost fairy-tale love story that was going to unfold on that small piece of Tennessee land. And the lessons he and his family would learn along the way. Now two years after joey’s passing, he takes readers on his incredible journey from heartbreak to hope and, as Rory takes their four-year-old daughter Indiana’s hand and walks forward into an unknown future, ultimately, the kind of healing that comes only through faith.

A raw and vulnerable look deeper into rory’s heart, life,  Once Upon a Farm is filled with powerful stories of love, and hope and the insights that one extraordinary, ordinary man in bib overalls has gleamed along the way. As opposed to homesteading, this is instead a book on lifesteading as Rory learns to cultivate faith, love, at times, and fatherhood on a small farm while doing everything,  but farming.


To Joey With Love

God gave joey+rory a love story for the ages, one that is sure to inspire hope and faith in all who experience it. Shrink-wrapped. Experience the incredible true story of Joey and Rory Feek, intimately filmed by the couple over two and a half years. Husband-and-wife singing duo Joey+Rory wanted more to life … so they chose less.

The documentary follows the feeks from the birth of their daughter Indiana, born with Down Syndrome, through Joey's struggle with and ultimate surrender to cancer - all amidst their never-ending hope in something far greater.

Hymns That Are Important To Us

One of country musics most loved duos has recorded some of their all-time favorite hymns, including I Surrender All, He Touched Me, How Great Thou Art, The Old Rugged Cross and It Is Well With My Soul. This all-new, acoustic-driven release showcases the authenticity and rich, warm vocals of Joey+Rory who have found strength during hard times through these timeless songs of the church.

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

The Cow Said Neigh! picture book: A Farm Story

The cow wants to run free like a horse, the sheep wants a snout like a pig, the dog wants to be inside like the cat. Soon the entire farm is in chaos!with silly farm animal sounds, and adorable art, clever rhymes, The Cow Said Neigh! will have kids of all ages laughing out loud as they celebrate the unique strengths in each of us.

This delightful picture book is sure to be read time and time again. Shrink-wrapped. Which leads to a farm-full of confusion! This delightful book will be a family favorite for years to come. The cow said neigh! is the story of some peculiar farm animals who wish they were like other animals on the farm. Shrink-wrapped.

From new york times bestseller rory feek, comes the cow Said Neigh!, one half of the singing duo Joey+Rory, a fun and humorous tale of farm animals who wish they were like the other animals .

Finding Josephine

In the spring of 1864, a desperate young farmers wife enlists in the confederate Army posing as a man. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. She must battle the union Army, the men of her unit and her own identity in the quest to find her missing husband. Shrink-wrapped.

Dear Joey,: Embracing Everyday of Motherhood As If Your Last

The reader will learn how to best embrace every area of motherhood and each day as if their last. Through the inspiration of Joey Feek, the reader will gain insights on how to pursue the calling of motherhood with both passion and grace. Shrink-wrapped. Alicia takes the reader on a journey through the up's and down's of motherhood in honest and compelling ways.

Dear joey, " was inspired and written from a blog post that garnered unexpected national exposure the months leading up to Joey Feek's passing. Dear joey, is written for every mother; young and old, in any stage. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

Country Classics: A Tapestry Of Our Musical Heritage

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Featuring the duo's old-fashioned, ' 'don't it make my brown eyes blue, the recording includes 'Coat of Many Colors, ' 'Rocky Top, country charm, ' 'Paper Roses, ' 'King of the Road' and many more. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Bill gaither visits the couple on their farm to discuss these songs, their childhoods, their country music influences, life on the farm and their new baby girl.

Country music sweethearts joey+rory remind us that good songs keep getting better with age with this ALL-NEW CD release of popular CLASSIC COUNTRY hits. Known for their highly-rated tv program, ' on rfd-tv, 'the Joey+Rory Show, this couple's heartfelt harmonies and tender vocals form a perfect marriage with these household favorites that were handed down to them by their parents.


Joey+Rory Inspired

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Honest, beautiful and down-to-earth, this country-gospel collection truly lives up to its name. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Tried-and-true gospel favorites, combined with newer songs written fresh from their own experiences, comprise this musical treasure. Shrink-wrapped. Inspired features award-winning singer-songwriter duo Joey+Rory, bringing together songs that uniquely express the couple's faith on this brand new studio recording and live DVD.


The Singer And The Song: The Best Of Joey + Rory

Award-winning artist and storyteller rory feek has found “a new normal” parenting his daughter Indiana, authoring a bestseller, managing his farm and singing for the first time since the passing of his wife, Joey. The dvd includes a tour of the farm, acoustic performances by Rory and an interview with Bill Gaither that captures Rory’s ever-inspiring story of hope.

This collection features songs that brought out the best in these sweethearts’ lives and careers with liner notes from Rory. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

The Singer And The Song: The Best Of Joey+Rory

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. This collection features songs that brought out the best in these sweethearts' lives and careers with liner notes from Rory. Shrink-wrapped. Award-winning artist and storyteller rory feek has found 'a new normal' parenting his daughter Indiana, authoring a bestseller, managing his farm and singing for the first time since the passing of his wife, Joey.

The dvd includes a tour of the farm, acoustic performances by Rory and an interview with Bill Gaither that captures Rory's ever-inspiring story of hope. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.