The Life and Faith Field Guide for Parents: Help Your Kids Learn Practical Life Skills, Develop Essential Faith Habits, and Embrace a Biblical Worldview

But how do you go beyond hoping and praying to teaching them ethical knowledge, and virtuous habits?     This innovative guide provides practical, effective ideas you can use to help your children build their faith and character in 50 ways, practical skills, including. Engaging with the bible and cultureinteracting with God and othersmaking good decisionsbecoming better learnersmanaging conflict Once you grasp these concepts and discover how to teach them, you will be able to successfully shape the character and worldview of your child or teenager.

  . Learn how to teach your kids the skills they need  “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:6   as a christian parent, you want your children to develop good character and godly wisdom.

5 Things to Pray for Your Kids

Because when we pray in line with god's priorities as found in his word, our prayers are powerful and effective James 5 v 16and that's a truly thrilling prospect. Use this book in any number of ways: work through it as part of your daily quiet time, or pick it up whenever a particular need arises. It will help you to pray meaningfully for your child, or kids in your churchfrom tots to teens, grandchild, godchild, and every age in between.

Whatever their age, the most important thing we can do for our children is to pray for them. But where do we start?This little guide is both deep and do-able. Melissa kruger helps us step out of the busyness of family life and pray for our children's spiritual growth and character development in 21 key areas.

For each chapter, there are five short prayer prompts drawn straight from the Bible.

Evangelism as Exiles: Life on Mission as Strangers in our Own Land

It's time to rethink normal. Whether we're in positions of power or weakness, influence or marginalization, all of us are called to live and witness as exiles in a world that's not our home. A church in exile doesn't have to be a church in retreat. This was certainly Jesus's experience. No matter your social location or set of experiences, the biblical letter of 1 Peter wants to redefine your expectations and reinvigorate your hope.

Suffering and exclusion are normal in a believer's life. This is our mission. And it's the experience of countless Christians around the world today. The days of cultural Christianity are fading. This is our job description. This is our opportunity. At least they should be. Drawing on years of ministry in a Muslim-majority nation, Elliot Clark guides us through Peter's letter with striking insights for today.


Plugged In: Connecting your faith with what you watch, read, and play Live Different

So be equipped to engage with culture and use it for God. So it's important that we are neither bewitched by it—buying into everything it tells us—or bewildered by it—lashing out in judgment or retreating into a Christian bubble. Dan strange encourages Christians to engage with everything they watch, read and play in a positive and discerning way.

. He also teaches christians how to think and speak about culture in a way that plugs in to a bigger and better reality—the story of King Jesus, and his cosmic plan for the world. It's possible to watch tv and read novels and play video games in a way that actually feeds our faith, rather than withers it.

It's even possible for you—yes, you—to be that person who starts off talking to a mate about last night's football and ends up talking about Jesus. Whether it's tv boxsets, Instagram stories or historical novels, we all consume culture.

Confronting Christianity: 12 Hard Questions for the World's Largest Religion

Christianity is the most widespread global belief system, and promises to remain so well into the future. But for many educated westerners, biblical Christianity is a dangerous idea―challenging some of their deepest beliefs. Jesus becomes not a relic from the ancient world, but our modern world’s best hope.

Item_weight:16. 0 ounces. Religion’s decline in the modern world turns out to be a myth. Channeling state-of-the-art research, personal stories, and careful biblical study, Confronting Christianity explores 12 questions that keep many of us from considering faith in Christ. Look more closely, the desire for diversity, and the reality of suffering, the complexity of sexuality, McLaughlin argues, the success of science, and other seeming roadblocks to faith become signposts.


The Gospel-Driven Church: Uniting Church Growth Dreams with the Metrics of Grace

Many evangelical churches face the problem of the open "back door"--even as new people arrive, older members are leaving, looking for something else. Things like attendance, decisions, and experiences can tell us something about a church, dollars, but not everything. To cultivate a spiritually healthy church we need a shift in our metrics--a "grace-shift" that prioritizes the work of God in the lives of people over numbers and dollars.

And while some of these changes can be good, thriving grace-focused churches are driven by a commitment to the gospel, allowing the gospel to inform and shape the worship service and the various ministries of the church. Combined with this problem is the discipleship deficit, the difficult truth that most evangelicals are not reaching the unchurched at the rates they think they are.

Wilson includes diagnostic questions that will help leaders measure--and lead team transparency in measuring as a group--the relative spiritual health of their church, as well as a practical prescriptive plan for implementing this metric-measuring strategy without becoming legalistic. Most attractional church models can lean heavily on making changes to the weekend worship gatherings.

In fact, many of the metrics that we often "count" in the church to highlight success really don't tell us the full story of a church's spiritual state. Are people growing in their esteem for jesus? is there a dogged devotion to the bible as the ultimate authority for life? Is there a growing interest in theology and doctrine? A discernible spirit of repentance? And perhaps most importantly, is there evident love for God and for our neighbors in the congregation?Leading a church culture to shift from numerical success to the metrics of grace can be costly, but leaders who have conviction, courage, and commitment can lead while avoiding some of the landmines that often destroy churches.


The Care of Souls: Cultivating a Pastor's Heart

2020 christianity today book award winner for church/pastoral leadership2019 TGC Ministry Book of the Year WinnerDrawing on a lifetime of pastoral experience, The Care of Souls is a beautifully written treasury of proven wisdom which pastors will find themselves turning to again and again. Harold senkbeil helps remind pastors of the essential calling of the ministry: preaching and living out the Word of God while orienting others in the same direction.

In a time when many churches have lost sight of the real purpose of the church, The Care of Souls invites a new generation of pastors to form the godly habits and practical wisdom needed to minister to the hearts and souls of those committed to their care. And he offers practical and fruitful advice―born out of his five decades as a pastor―that will benefit both new pastors and those with years in the pulpit.


Competing Spectacles: Treasuring Christ in the Media Age

So we let our lazy eyes feed on whatever comes our way. But viral videos, digital images, our lust, and other spectacles surround us in every direction―competing for our time, our attention, and our money. Maybe we don’t want to ask it. In the end, filling our hearts, he shares the beauty of a Greater Spectacle―capable of centering our souls, and stabilizing our gaze in this age of the digital spectacle.

Thirty years after neil postman’s Amusing Ourselves to Death, this book takes the impact-analysis of modern media to a new level. John piper, Founder and Teacher, desiringGod. Orgwhat images should i feed my eyes?We often leave this question unanswered― because we don’t ask it. As a result, we never stop to consider the consequences of our visual diet on our habits, desires, and longings.

Journalist tony reinke asked these hard questions himself―critiquing his own habits―and now invites us along to see what he discovered as he investigated the possibilities and the pitfalls of our image-centered world.

A Visual Theology Guide to the Bible: Seeing and Knowing God's Word

What's more, you'll learn why the Bible can be trusted and how to answer common criticisms of the Bible. Used in conjunction with tim challies and josh byers' bestselling book, this unique resource helps you connect the truth of the Bible to your life, Visual Theology, showing how God's eternal truth leads to life change and transformation.

A visual theology guide to the bible:is written by authors tim challies and josh byers, students, beautiful, historic, church leaders, pastors, each of whom have a deep desire to convey the deepest truths of the Bible in a fresh, small groups, and informative wayWill help you develop a plan to read and study the ScripturesIs a follow-up to Visual Theology and expands on the timeless, biblical truths presented in that bestselling bookWill help you grow in godliness by practicing what you learnIs perfect for new believers, long-time Christians, and anyone else interested in seeing the Bible afresh .

The deepest truths of the bible accessible in a way that can be seen, and experienced like never before, understood, combining graphics and text to teach the nature and contents of the Bible in a fresh and exciting way. For a beautiful, approachable, informative presentation of the concepts and principles of Scripture--turn to any page of A Visual Theology Guide to the Bible and be instantly immersed in the visuals and teachings of God's Word.

A visual theology guide to the bible is not only a wonderful introduction to the Christian life, it is a functioning guide for understanding and living out your faith. You'll see how the bible is put together, why the authors wrote each book, and what all of it means for your life today.

Hearers and Doers: A Pastor's Guide to Making Disciples Through Scripture and Doctrine

While it can be dry and dull, when it flows from the story of Scripture, it can be full of life and love. Scriptural doctrine is vital to the life of the church, and local pastor-theologians should be the ones delivering it to their communities. With arresting prose and striking metaphors, Vanhoozer addresses the most pressing problems in the modern church with one answer: teach sound, scriptural doctrine to make disciples.

. This kind of doctrine, steeped in Scripture, is critical for disciple-making. And it's often overlooked by modern pastors. In hearers and doers, as pastor-theologians, Kevin Vanhoozer makes the case that pastors, ought to interpret Scripture theologically to articulate doctrine and help cultivate disciples.

The foundation of discipleship is sound, scriptural doctrine. The value of sound doctrine is often misunderstood by the modern church.

Safe and Sound: Standing Firm in Spiritual Battles

In this helpful guide, including what is spiritual warfare? and how does Ephesians disciple us in spiritual warfare? Safe and Sound presents Ephesians as a book about our conflict with darkness within ourselves, Powlison addresses many questions with biblical gospel answers regarding the reality of spiritual warfare, with other people, and with the spiritual forces of evil.

But how does the uncanny power of darkness fit in with the more accessible factors in a person's life? By carefully unpacking Ephesians 6 with vivid case studies and biblical wisdom, Powlison helps readers humanize those struggles and bear the relevance of the love of God in Jesus Christ for those struggles to help grow their faith.

Safe and sound by best-selling author David Powlison guides readers to see the normality of their struggles with themselves, the world around them, and the powers of darkness. Powlison demonstrates how the message of jesus Christ's triumph over all that is evil, dark, and deadly rings true, and how spiritual warfare is our participation in the Lord's cosmic war with darkness.

Counselors tend to be interested in what they can easily describe: psychological dynamics, social influences, and physiological givens.