The Heart Always Wins The Heart Series Book 7

It is now all about Carolyn. A change is gonna come. For the first time in her life she realizes her happiness should not depend on any man. Socialite carolyn Roth-Roberts has to make some changes. Her husband is incarcerated, along with her ex-lover. During one such venture he spoils an attempted murder of a senator with information on a plot to steal the Presidential election.

He was sowing his royal oats in the United States to avoid the aristocratic lifestyle of his country. Not one has inspired him to follow the royal family's forced plans for marriage. With her father’s life and the Presidency at stake, Carolyn places the safety of both in the hands of a man she finds intolerable.

The incident forces LaVere back to his homeland with a woman he had made every effort to avoid. It's time to walk a path of her own making to find inner peace and love. Lavere is determined to save the re-election of the President and the senator’s life while battling his growing feelings for the self-centered temptress known as Carolyn Roth-Roberts.

Lavere and carolyn will soon discover, fight as you may but The Heart Always Wins……. The man she thought she once loved is married with children, to her half-sister.

News With Curves

Infiltration begins……. Pushing aside the sexual tension, and her ever questioning father, Wade and Rachel dig deeper into her theory, his crazy brothers, eventually uncovering a conspiracy that neither realize how wide or far up the political power chain it lives. Raised with the in-depth sense of justice, and the desire to expose the wrongs of the world, Rachel sets out to find the truth behind the incarceration of young men of color.

From his first encounter with the mouthy, Rachel Fontaine, opinionated, his life will be forever changed. When investigative reporter, rachel fontaine stumbles into a story involving judges, our so called pillars of society, she has no idea it would lead to the discovery of modern day slavery or murder.

The P. I. E. Armed with no boundaries in seeking the truth, he listens to her theory of un-explainable sentencing practices of certain judges and finds himself the victim of an attempted murder. Wade tyson, of the tyson communication family, has no idea what he is walking into when he takes over as News Producer for Tyson Broadcasting.


The Expert The Negus Effect Series Book 2

From politicians to celebrities, no one stood above the law in her mind. Malachi Roberts is The Expert. When he answers the call from the master, Malachi embarks on a new mission, and begins working on another case with Detroit’s top Investigative Journalist. Little did she know that her next story would be as mysterious and complicated, as the man working beside her.

As malachi and cynthia unravel the connections to the crimes, they also discover their connection to one another. As a private investigator, bringing down criminals is Malachi’s job and he does it well, Malachi also discovers the complexities of a woman, but as he begins to uncover a complex network of crime, who is unlike any other.

Cynthia walters has dedicated her life to exposing the dark side of Detroit, in hopes of making it a better place.

The Master The Negus Effect Series Book 1

Her main job, is protecting her two sons, however, and raising them in a city currently plagued with crime. When pam enters george’s business, but he must get past her reservations…and his secrets, he sees everything he wants and needs, to win her heart. In this intro to the negus effect series, a secretive present, find out how the Negus of The Black Land Series began, and how The Master found his Goddess…George Shaw is a man with a past, and plans for a covert group in the future.

With almost everything in place, he needs a woman who can handle his life, and sons to fulfil his plans for Detroit. Pam jennings is a single mother, who has discovered her truth and is ready to live her life according to her rules.

Accused Atlanta's Finest Series Book 3

And when threats from a dangerous crime family send Egypt bolting, Kenton convinces her to stay. Now he provides personal security to high-end clients. She’s smart, classy, and ignites a fire in him that only she can extinguish. Funny and smart, he’s hard to resist. But her past leaves no room for a happily ever after.

He wants to forget his past… she’s hiding from hers…Former FBI agent Kenton Bailey traded in his badge when an assignment went horribly wrong. Still, with him, she dreams of a future. Finally, egypt’s startling truths are revealed, throwing Kenton off balance and forcing him to confront the past he left behind.

Together they will fight to bring closure to their pasts, but will they live long enough to explore the passion brewing between them? But falling for egypt durand, the Queen of Supreme Security, wasn’t part of the plan. Egypt has never met a man as sexy as Kenton. Except she retreats from his advances…and she’s shrouded in a veil of secrecy.


Skye The Heirs Series Book 3

Ambassador, Kyros Lewis, appointed to represent her village. To love the king is not bad, but a king who loves you is better. Wolof proverbskye parker is the only daughter of the Sun God and his Moon. She soon discovers that the King is far more than she expected, and everything that she desires. She is also a woman of many talents… a princess, a designer, an Heir, and a beautiful woman who is confident in who she is…and has no problem going after what she wants.

Skye finds exactly what she wants in the form of the new U. S. A new mission, with a new focus, leads Skye into dangerous territory with unforeseen conclusions.

Diamond The Heirs Series Book 2

He who marries beauty, marries trouble. Nigerian proverb diamond Black is the oldest of the Heirs, raised and trained to be elite. Camille books. Her return means the chance to show the only woman he’s ever loved, that they are meant to be together. Diamond is tested to see if she can love the man behind the mask and face both the future…and their family.

Fyi: diamond readers, this story contains intense urban culture and language, including events not usually contained in D. However, an urgent mission requires them to go undercover and become immersed in a world of darkness, danger and deceit, resulting in Xavier displaying a side of him, that Diamond has never witnessed.

. Awaiting her, will be the one man who’d taken over her mind, with a mission of his own…to claim the heart of the woman he’s always loved. When xavier’s alter ego emerges, the couple is challenged as reality clashes with the covert. Since the day she was born, Diamond has been her own person, and not afraid of anyone or anything.

However, was necessary to maintain the authenticity of the storyline. Xavier jackson has the power to read minds, but he only wants Diamond’s heart. After graduating college and traveling the world for a few years, Diamond is returning home to her family and the newest mission for the group of Heirs.

A Powerful Attraction Quicksand Book 1

But alex hasn’t been completely honest with Sherry, and when she finds out the truth, he knows he’ll lose her. They were only supposed to have dinner…On a Friday night, dressed to impress, Sherry Westbrook gets stood up. Why quicksand? Because love pulls you in. One night together isn’t enough, and before long they embark on a secret affair that takes them both by surprise.

The more you fight, the deeper you fall. You can't fight your way out of quicksand, and you can't fight your way out of love. So instead of the truth, he stays silent. She could go home, but then her boss shows up, but why waste a new outfit and well-done hair? She decides to dine alone, and now she doesn’t have to.

Alex barraza takes the place of sherry’s date, and at the end of dinner, they spend the night together—bringing to life a fantasy that has played out in his mind over the past two years. Because now he’s in too deep, and he can’t let her go. Quicksand is a series of stand alone stories based on love, sex, and romance.


The Enchantment The Book Club Series 2

Sable romance presents. As the heir to the restaurant conglomerate, he's sent to the town of Grayling to handle business. Yet business takes a dramatic turn when he sees exactly what's he's been looking for. Sweet summer - black lovethe courtship – book 1the enchantment – book 2the liaiSON – BOOK 3. A digital imprint delivering passionate and powerful, contemporary LOVE STORIES featuring African American couples.

The book club series – the infamous book club from the Sable Inn series is back!Meet Debra Powell. Debra's job is to manage the town business. But when her black knight comes to save the day, her business quickly turns into pleasure!Meet Darius Morgan. Darius has been tasked with the newest acquisition of Morgan Industries.


Vindicated Atlanta's Finest Series Book 1

She’s a distraction he can’t resist…A spark ignites the moment security specialist, meets stuntwoman, Hamilton Crosby, Dakota Sherrod. Leaping off buildings and running through fire is just another day at the job. In turn, vindication is his reward, except it comes with complications. Vindicated is book 1 of the Atlanta's Finest Series.

A past that indicted him with shame and loss. But when dakota becomes the target of an unknown enemy, Hamilton stops at nothing to protect her. Dakota is an adrenaline junkie. He’s the strong, silent type who operates by a set of rules, but he’ll soon realize she rarely follows rules. Falling for Dakota catches Hamilton off guard.

So does the fact that she’s attached to part of his past. But hamilton never ignores his gut, and his gut tells him to stay clear of the enticing beauty. Hence when she sets her sights on Hamilton, she goes after him full-force. Their attraction is fierce, but he thwarts her advances at every turn. She’s like no other woman he’s ever met.


Let Me Show You McClain Brothers Book 3

Bridgette turner is just as driven and focused as Nolan, but when her past comes back to haunt her, she finds herself knocked off balance and all her hard work in jeopardy. Nolan mcclain is the smart one, the one who goes for what he wants, meticulously plans his steps, the driven one, and thinks he has his life all mapped out.

. Until he lays eyes on Bridgette Turner. Will she let him show her his heart? What nolan feels for her is real, but Bridgette is skeptical.