The Force of Suggestion: part 3 – Trojan Horses.

The secrets of imitation as the master key of the supreme suggester. Discover the psycho-physiological power of words by studying Ivan Pavlov’s work on hypnotic language. The force of suggestion part 3: trojan horses! the force of suggestion part 1: foundations, and part 2: changing perceptions available today – buy the whole course! Part 3 of the Force of Suggestion trilogy: it’s time to master Trojan Horses! The techniques that effortlessly unleash your ability to bypass all resistance to suggestions, anyone’s mind to act! All the concluding ‘secrets’ of suggestion lore are inside! In book 1 you laid the Foundations, and ignite the human mind, in 2 you learned Changing Perceptions could be no sweat.

The hypnotic power of radio: how to take its ploys and make ‘em produce results in creating super-charged suggestions. 4. What a symbol truly is, how to spot one, decode one, create one – their power over the emotions. You’ll no longer be under the thumb of wily control freaks. 17. 205. Realise the power of envy.

The role of imitation as the engine of human behaviour and change since time immemorial is defrocked! Monkey see, monkey do is one of the truest phrases ever stated.

The Force of Suggestion: part 2 - Changing Perceptions.

The digestion and injection models of suggestion. 5. How to raise a subject’s acceptance threshold. 22. How to pace a suggestee’s beliefs. 13. Advanced level verb power: positive manifest, and negative subjective verbs, and WHEN to use them. 16. Now he is a successful full time writer! A hypnotic consultant if you will, working for you.

How to dodge people’s anchor points if you want to shift ‘em. 20 How to use questions to focus the mind’s experience. 6. The role of the deep ish, trauma, and future programming in human psychology, and so much MORE. The rogue hypnotists asks his readers to use the information within wisely and with a good heart! I’ve done all the research so you don’t have to.

Take your knowledge of the iron laws of suggestion to the next level! To create masterclass level suggestions, you need to know how to CHANGE PERCEPTIONS, and you’re in just the right place to learn, fast and easy. The 5 and 7 step attitude change processes. 7. How to shift attitudes and get people to make new decisions, whether they want to or not, the rest is child’s play!!! You can do all of this without any overt hypnosis at all.

How tv advertising brainwashes children.

Foundations. - The Force of Suggestion: part 1

The secrets of memory. 19. Indirect suggestion. 26. The double suggestion whammy!17. The magic 10, delusion wars, subliminal nudges, planks of prestige, essential decisions and the power of beauty! You don’t need to be a pro-hypnotist to improve your life by increasing your FORCE OF SUGGESTION!Buy the whole series today! .

Harness the core principles of the force of sUGGESTION!A key part to getting what you want in life is making suggestions to others. For newbies: the rogue hypnotist was a highly successful NLP Master Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist working in London, UK – he cured 99% of his clients in just 1 session.

Now he is a successful full time writer! A hypnotic consultant if you will, working for you. In this first groundbreaking book, part 1: foundations, you will easily grasp the key underlying principles of suggestion in a readily absorbed, THE FORCE OF SUGGESTION, fun way – guaranteed 100%. The precise number of words to use in embedded commands.

10 Conditioning protocols. 30 Seizing the suggestee’s imagination. 13. Suggestion in Shakespeare.

Weirdnosis - Astounding confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist.

The real hypnotic structure of the imagination and creativity and how to play with it. 21. Using real life examples and literally 100's of weird techniques and formulas you will learn the until now hidden dark side of hypnosis! It's not a conspiracy theory: it really exists! And what you learn will astound you! Did you know 99% of weirdnosis is targeted at women?In this 100% unique disclosure you will discover:1.

Advanced level 'psychic' cold reading hypnotic languaging unmasked. 26. The bizarre hypnotic power of the human eye and the 'evil eye' made known. 24. Get anyone to do what you want without them knowing you did it using 'minimal cues'. 22. The covert use of New Age hypnosis in US schools. 3. Which 4 letters are the most hypnotic and why knowing this will elevate your hypnotic power!19.

How to survive a war. 14. How to hypnotise people using poetry: the full linguistic structure is given away and anyone can do it!18. The power of authority and imitation: MASTERCLASS LEVEL!17.

Influential confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist - Wizards of trance

World class mind secrets that will ensure your persuasive success. 6. How you can be a great public speaker and hypnotise whole groups of people: self- hypnosis scripts included. You will be taught the persuasion principles and formulas that work and you will learn the art and science of symbolism to explode your persuasion success rate.

You’ll learn how to stop a smoker smoking as they smoke a cigarette, how to speak to the human gut so it functions normally and how to optimise someone’s hypnotic responses! 10 You will be taught effective skills, mastery level techniques and much sought after hidden knowledge: by the end of the book you too will be a Wizard of Trance and more besides!Unleash your hypnotically persuasive powers now!

4. You will penetrate the toxic spells of dark side persuasion from evil men such as Hitler and the Nazis, Machiavelli and the Marxists – shocking truths of how the masses can be turned to the dark side. 9. How would you like to be very persuasive and yet persuasion proof? up until now – only a select few held this knowledge! no more! wizards of trance is the 5th book in the internationally bestselling Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist series! In his latest work inspired by deep research, the Rogue Hypnotist shows you the easy to use principles that will ensure you are a Master Hypnotic Persuader or as he calls it: Wizard of Trance! Drawing on famous and unlikely Trance Wizards from ancient times to the present day, the Rogue Hypnotist has identified the reoccurring patterns that can make anyone hypnotically persuasive: whether you are a professional hypnotist or not you will supercharge your effective communication with this totally unique and acceessable book.

Revealed - the unknown influences on Dr. You’ll learn the cutting edge nLP that politicians use to get your votes and the surprising and fascinating history of Public Relations PR.

Crafting hypnotic spells! - Casebook confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist

Advanced level symbology work with multiple applications: ‘SSC’ – ‘Symbolic Subconscious Communications’!8. The 8 step formula for instant hypnosis!18. Create powerful ‘pleasure spells’ that will spark ‘blissnosis’ in the miserable and make all women orgasm on command!16. How to cure a broken heart, marijuana + smoking addiction, a false teeth phobia, weight loss that works and urinary incontinence! Full copyright free scripts provided! 2.

Hypnosis in religion exposed!13. Mastery level sports hypnosis gems!15. The way to market appeals to youth, women and men!4. The winner’s way to do ‘erotic hypnosis’ and avoid weird potential dangers!3. And a special and revealing surprise!!! buy today or be left behind by those who have a hypnotist’s spell book all their own! Only greater success awaits you! The truth is – this stuff is EASY! And learning it is fun and funny in the Rogue Hypnotist’s inimitable style!

Learn the secrets of hypnotic happiness! Generate it in others! 14. The long awaited book 6, ‘crafting hypnotic spells!’ in the Rogue Hypnotist series is finally here! All great hypnotists need a word-horde, a spell book to aid them in their efforts! After all what are you going to do once your subject/client etc.

Tips on how to start a successful hypnotherapy business on a zero-based budget! 11. You will easily master advanced level hypnotic utilisation for inductions, therapy and beyond! Exciting never before seen scripts provided! 9. 10 + ways to fend off unwanted persuasion that actually work!10

Penetrating Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist - Hypnotically Annihilating Anxiety

Importantly - you'll be savvy to the key role that relaxation and creativity play in problem solving and you can teach it to your clients too!If you want to make more money, help more people and attain mastery as a hypnotist/therapist you need this essential book today! Get it before the competition! Again the Rogue Hypnotist is almost giving away top pro, advanced hypnosis gems to help you be the best hypnotist you can be! This book will save you $/£1000's in course fees.

You'll be given the key questions to ask your anxiety clients to help them recover fast!9. How to stop the rumination and worry pathological trance that creates anxiety and the anxiety disorder labelled 'depression'. This alone could radically change your therapy practise and boost the amount of clients you attract.

4. The exact methods to get rid of worry, panic attacks, OCD, insomnia, low-self worth, depression, anger, GAD and help a person recover from a nervous breakdown.3. The book is divided into 2 parts: firstly - understanding the major anxiety problems thoroughly; secondly - 20 plus scripts for addressing each anxiety disorder in depth.

Where other books tease you, this book completely spills the beans! 1. One of his specialities is anxiety annihilation! With real expertise, anxiety is very easy to get rid of! Hypnosis is THE anxiety annihilator par excellence! Human suffering is the root cause of human anxiety. What the 'anti-depressant conspiracy' is and why you are better off drinking booze to control anxiety!!! Plus a surefire bonus script to safely ease a client off of anxiety meds.

Powerful Hypnosis - Revealing Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist

A comprehensive outline of how to treat ‘a lack of confidence’ in anyone with a wide array of scripts that will arm you to successfully do so, thereby teaching you how to treat many others problems too. What to do if client’s cry what ‘self-esteem’ isn’t!14. How to use metaphor and story to get change – detailed analysis and scripts.

15. Why you should never use anything ‘discovered’ by Freud. 17. What the ‘problem matrix’ is and how to beat it. 24. How to ensure drug addicts don’t get withdrawal, how to eliminate mysterious psycho-somatic pain, how to remove client’s limiting beliefs – scripts provided. 12. 21. What a ‘hypnotic face lift’ is and how ‘values spotting’ will get you deep rapport fast.

7. The 20 ‘universal human needs, ’ and why you need to know about them to help others. 4. 22. Why all therapies and therapists are mad!6.

Hypnotically Deprogramming Addiction - Strategic Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist!

The processes unveiled and brought together in this hypnotic deprograming manual will make your success rate with addiction clients skyrocket!In this no nonsense book you will learn… 1. How to help a client identify and satisfy their universal human needs so they can stay 100% drug addiction free permanently!10

How to boost addicts’ self-esteem and worth so that they feel good without drugs!11. How to reframe drugs from ‘friends’ into parasitic psychopaths! 15. How to symbolically install pleasurable states of mind so powerful that addictions cannot find a way back!7. What addictions really are!2. Hypnotically deprogramming addiction’ is the 8th book in the rogue hypnotist series! the internationally bestselling author on hypnosis is almost giving away his entire addiction busting system for next to nothing! The world class information in this book will help ANY hypnotist/therapist create addiction ‘self-cure’ in your clients in about an hour! Addictions can be speedily beaten! The Rogue Hypnotist is a genuine expert on addictions.

Get it before your competition – never before in one place have such a comprehensive range of addiction smashing strategies been made available for hypnotists, hypnotherapists, psychotherapists and just the downright interested; and the best thing is they all work in the field! If you can speak you can use this potent information easily! What are you waiting for!? Everything you need is right here! Unleash your client’s addiction recovery potential - today!

The real causes of the drug plague in the Western world!13. How to interview a client with an addiction briefly and purposefully. 3.

Startling Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist! - Escaping Cultural Hypnosis

Hypnosis in ‘history’!6. Who the self-appointed ‘culture Creators’ are who want to use cultural hypnosis to manipulate you and everyone you know!25. Hypnosis and the so-called ‘occult’, ‘New Age’ and ‘Human potential movement’!12. What high hypnotisability really is! With the most cutting edge insights from top psychologists!2.

The hypnotic power of art and how ‘modern art’ genuinely harms our brains!15. Cultural hypnosis is so widespread that you probably don’t even know you’ve experienced it: but you definitely have. How hitler tapped into the deepest survival instincts of Germany in order to create hell on earth!20 How you can artificially create sexual attraction with cultural hypnosis!16.

How cult ‘snapping’ precisely takes place!9. Hypnosis in war!5. With 25 diagrams of the key brain regions affected by hypnosis!4. Hypnosis in major religions!8. How the media installs fake holograms of ‘reality’ in your head and why you should question assumptions!10 Why most people simply can’t think for themselves!11.

Hypnosis in schools!7. How ‘subliminals’ really work and oh so much more! you are definitely not in Kansas anymore Toto!If you want to know why the modern Western world is so crazy, why depression, anxiety and addictions are skyrocketing, why the media is so powerful and so biased you NEED this book.

Incredible confessions of the Rogue Hypnotist! - Forbidden hypnotic secrets!

The secrets of the apposition of opposites principle demystified! 20 The idiot proof formula to instant inductions! 10 The most guarded secrets of stage and street hypnosis unleashed: learn how to prime, idea seed, juice the imagination and more to get amazing results! 14. Expert level inductions and deepeners never before seen! 12.

The secrets of goal achievement deciphered! 22. The secret schema of medical and dental waking hypnosis!11. 4. The secrets of ultra-entrancing environments that create instant waking hypnosis!18. The sizzling secrets of emoto-nosis uncovered! 15. The siren like hypnotic power and principles of catchy songs revealed! 6.

The unknown principles for curing skin problems with hypnosis!17. The key to communicating with your own subconscious! 23. The privileged processes of cults, brainwashing and so much more! The ‘classified’ techniques of many aspects of hypnosis will be laid bare! No other book on hypnosis has so comprehensively given away such a breath of knowledge, with so many rare scripts on highly effective hypnosis and NLP.

Amazing methods of how to induce waking eyes open hypnosis in absolutely anyone: guaranteed! 2. Your hypnotic skills and communication abilities will sky-rocket! A treasure trove of hypnotic pain control secrets for children and adults with or without trance.