The Devil’s Letters DCI Claire Winters crime series, Book 4


Trial by Execution DCI Claire Winters crime series, Book 3

A killer with justice on their side. Once, the infamous dahlia rapist terrorised young women – and their parents alike – with his brutal acts of violence and sinister calling card. Today, raymond knox has shunned his former alias and is being released into society. But someone suspects that a monster still lurks beneath the surface.

An unforgivable crime. A murderous act of revenge. Because she’s suddenly facing something much more complicated than she ever imagined: a serial killer, inspired by past crimes – and determined to leave their own bloody trail of devastation…DCI Claire Winters faces her toughest challenge yet in Trial by Execution, book 3 in the DCI Claire Winters series.

And when raymond knox is found dead, mutilated to match his victims, DCI Claire Winters is called in to catch a killer the public are calling a hero. It seems like an open-and-shut case of vigilante justice. But when another body is found, with the same shocking scars, Claire knows she must connect the dots – fast.


The Principle of Evil: A Fast-Paced Serial Killer Thriller DCI Claire Winters crime series, Book 2

And that will take her to a darker place than she ever thought possible. Loved dci helen grace and di kim stone? Don’t miss the second book in the addictive new DCI Claire Winters series. Watch out for more from DCI Claire Winters1. Gripped from the very start. Michelle Simons, Independent reviewer. Gripping, fast – I just couldn't put it down.

Martha brindley, independent reviewer‘I have been totally and utterly mesmerised by this book. The principle of evilwhat readers are saying about the principle of Evil‘The Principle of Evil is a fast paced psychological thriller which leaves your nerves on edge as it creeps towards the climax. Sharon bairden, the book Club reviewer‘Held me captivated from page 1.

For all our sins2. A body has been found in a frozen lake, bringing a gruesome act of evil into the light. One look at the victim is enough for DCI Claire Winters to recognise the work of a warped mind. And when another woman is reported missing, Claire’s worst fears are confirmed: this is a killer who plans to strike again.

As the body count rises, the pressure is on for Claire to find the perpetrator and bring them to justice. But first, she must learn to understand the twisted mind behind the crimes.

For All Our Sins DCI Claire Winters crime series, Book 1

Looking for an answer at any cost claire begins to get closer to the victim’s family, Claire finds herself in a race against time to connect the dots between a host of devastating secrets, and then three, but what it reveals turns her murder case into something far more sinister…When one body becomes two, before the killer strikes again.

Love m j arlidge and angela marsons? don’t miss For All Our Sins – the first in an addictive new serial-killer thriller series from T M E Walsh. But claire winters has never let a killer remain on the streets. For all our sins2. The principle of evilwhat readers are saying about For All Our Sins‘a nicely paced, well written and suspenseful book.

Now, a twisted killer is on the loose fuelled by revenge. Called to the brutal murder of a priest, it is immediately clear to DCI Claire Winters that the victim’s death was prolonged, agonising…and motivated by a lust for revenge. The killer has been clever, there are no clues, no leads. I'm certainly looking forward to reading The Principle of Evil, the next book in the series.

Petra goodreads‘cleverly written with lots of blood and gore and a maniacal murderer to satisfy any hardened serial killer crime thriller reader. I couldn't wait to turn the next page - brilliant and what an amazing twist!’ - Donna MaguireYears ago there was a silent witness to an act of evil. I believe this is the first book in a new series and I look forward to reading more from T M E Walsh.

Pretty Little Things: the most nail-biting serial killer thriller with an unbelievable twist!

The girls’ bodies have been found – half-buried, and with traces of mud and wildflowers under their fingernails. As charlotte’s obsession with keeping her daughter close pushes her marriage to the brink, local DI Madeleine Wood embarks on a gruelling search for the killer. Exceeded my expectations’ Tracie, Netgalley‘This really did have a proper, unexpected twist….

. Oohh brilliant. Lesley, netgalleyThriller fans love T. M. E. I definitely wasn’t expecting the twist at the end which came as a massive shock. Gripping, fast – I just couldn't put it down. Martha brindley, independent reviewer on The Principle of Evil‘I have been totally and utterly mesmerised by this book.

It takes an exceptional author to write such an intriguing story’ Joan, Netgalley‘The end is twisted, unexpected and no single reader has guessed it until now! I doubt any reader will. Mystica, netgalley‘this was so intense it took my breath away! I loved it and devoured every page. A really clever piece of writing, I would never have guessed that ending in a million years.

Dawn, netgalley‘wOW! This was one fast past page turner. Don’t miss the new crime thriller that readers are calling: ‘addictive’; ‘chilling’; ‘nail-biting’;‘the best book I’ve read this year’!It’s bad when the girls go missing.

Find Her Alive: A gripping crime thriller packed with mystery and suspense Detective Josie Quinn Book 8

So, when human remains are found at the remote hunting cabin where Trinity was last seen, Josie can only assume the worst. Gathering her team, josie feels a surge of relief when the dental records match a different body – that of a missing single mother from a neighboring town. There's plenty of shocks, twists and turns to keep you hooked….

And trinity won’t stop until she’s found him, even if it means becoming his next masterpiece…Josie is certain there’s a critical clue in the ivory hair comb delivered to Trinity just days before she went missing. So many wonderful twists. Rachel garner, 5 stars‘A rollercoaster of a crime thriller.

Josie treads gently, careful not to disturb the pile of perfect white bones laid out in the grass by her feet. It reels you in from start to finish. An absolute 5-star read! don’t start this unless you have time to finish it in one sitting because you won’t be able to put it down. Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars‘mega big fan of lisa regan's josie quinN!!! There is nothing that this book does not offer from suspense, crime, love, and characters that become a part of your life.

Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars‘Wow, I loved this book… A must read. This gripping rollercoaster ride is perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Robert Dugoni and Rachel Caine. But now josie’s is not the only broken family desperate for answers.

Little Doubt: DI Kelly Porter Book Seven Detective Kelly Porter 7

A task so hard it may be impossible. Kelly puts everything she has into finding justice for both victims. But whereas ella’s murder is a tragedy, Keira’s death on the notorious Beacon Estate is just another statistic in a dangerous place. Di kelly porter has the unenviable job of running simultaneous investigations.

Some places make their own laws…when ella Watson, a woman of wealth and status, is brutally stabbed to death in broad daylight it sends a shockwave through the Lake District community. When the evidence points to someone in her team, Kelly has to put feelings aside and work the case – no matter where it leads.

. Later that day, Keira Bradley meets the same fate. S. Kelly knows the answers can only be found by winning the trust of the residents at Beacon Estate. Her efforts aren’t helped by a boss driven by protecting his reputation and a housing estate where fear rules and no one dare speak out. The only thing she hadn’t anticipated was a traitor in the ranks.

Hood. By the time it is over, nothing in her world will ever be the same…A dark and gripping police procedural for fans of Patricia Gibney and D.

First Blood: A completely gripping mystery thriller A Detective Kim Stone Novel

Perfect for kim Stone fans and new readers to the million-copy bestselling series. A detective hiding dark secrets, Kim Stone will stop at nothing to protect the innocent. Read what everyone is saying about First Blood and the Detective Kim Stone series:‘I cannot begin to tell you how god damn good it is.

Rarely have i been so satisfied with a novel… breath-taking… a masterpiece, the star at the top of your Christmas tree…get going with the series if you haven’t already. Chocolate ‘n’ waffles ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐‘Oh my life. An absolutely heart-stopping mystery thriller that will keep you glued to the pages, reading late into the night.

The victim of her next case is about to meet his killer…When the body of a young man is found beheaded and staked to the ground in a secluded woodland area of the Clent Hills, Kim and her new squad rush to the crime scene. Searching the victim’s home, kim finds a little girl’s bedroom and a hidden laptop, but where is the child? And why does the man’s own sister seem relieved that he’s dead? As Kim begins to unearth the shocking truth about the victim, a disturbing resemblance is spotted with the recent murder of a man found beneath the staircase of Redland Hall with multiple stab wounds.

This is the book that all kim stone fans have been waiting for and they didn’t even know it…another class Kim Stone story…a dark and deadly case, intrigue, high on thrills, mystery and tension, perfectly pitched on pace and featuring the dry humour and banter we know and love…Top stuff – Loved it.

Jen med’s book reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. Inexperienced stacey is showing signs of brilliance but struggling to hold her nerve and, while D. S.

The Blossom Twins: An absolutely gripping crime thriller Detective Natalie Ward Book 5

Author carol wyer threw all of herself and her emotion into writing this book and it shows. The next day, that feeling is heightened when she receives a chilling note saying ‘I’m back’. It pulls you in from the first few pages and doesn’t let go until the nail-bitingly tense conclusion. It was bone chilling.

Is this killer a copycat or did natalie put the wrong person in prison all those years ago? In a small town, determined to prevent more deaths, what is Natalie missing?Consumed by the case, where no stranger goes unnoticed, Natalie misses the fact that it is her attention the killer wants. All i can say is wow this book is brilliant Carol has kept me engrossed from the start to the end with all the twists and turns.

Goodreads reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐‘What can I say about this book, other than wow! . Bravo, carol!!’ tishylou’s world, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐‘Another winner in this magnificent series!! . A brilliant read and one that i just flew through till i reached the shocking ending and that was a real stunner that made me gasp!! As always Carol Wyer writes one hell of a clever and absorbing story leaving me desperately needing the next in this gripping series and no hesitation in giving it a 5 star rating and well recommended.

Goodreads reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐‘don’t be fooled by the sweet title because the blossom Twins has to be Carol Wyer’s most chilling book to date… The story races along at an incredible pace as we join Natalie as she tries to solve the crime and my heart was pounding out of my chest in some parts.

Gone to Ground: A Detective Kay Hunter serial killer mystery Kay Hunter British detective crime thriller Book 6

Gone to grounda page-turning murder mystery for fans of Peter Robinson, David Baldacci and Harlen Coben. Praise for gone to ground“several twists and turns make this novel an exciting read!” ~ Goodreads“Another solid police procedural in this fantastic crime series!” ~ Keeper of Pages“A true example of a gripping page-turner.

While attending a crime scene on the outskirts of Maidstone, DI Kay Hunter makes a shocking discovery. The victim has been brutally cut to pieces, his identity unknown. When more body parts start turning up in the Kentish countryside, Kay realises the disturbing truth – a serial killer is at large and must be stopped at all costs.

With no motive for the murders and a killer who has gone undetected until now, Kay and her team of detectives must work fast to calm a terrified local population and a scornful media. When a third victim is found, her investigation grows even more complicated. As she begins to expose a dark underbelly to the county town, if left unchecked, Kay and her team are pulled into a web of jealousy and intrigue that, will soon claim another life.

Gone to ground is a gripping serial killer thriller full of page-turning suspense, and the sixth book in the Detective Kay Hunter series:1. Scared to death2. Call to arms6. One to watch4.

Blood Rites: DI Kelly Porter Book Six Detective Kelly Porter 6

Di kelly porter is about to discover just how dark things can get in the Lake District. When a young woman is found unclothed, unspeaking at an ancient stone circle it's not clear if any crime has been committed. Di kelly porter and her team start looking into the circumstances, but the mystery girl disappears.

Soon after, a brutal murder is committed and sinister markings at the scene indicate that the killer had a message. The investigation reveals that in the beautiful Lake District there are those who believe in ancient ways, and within those circles old resentments are spilling over into terrible violence.

Kelly has all the pieces to solve the puzzle, but to put them together she must confront a figure from her past: one who nearly destroyed all that she holds dear. Will she avoid the same fate this time, or can the killer stay one step ahead of her to the bitter end? A captivating and atmospheric detective novel from a rising star in British crime fiction, perfect for fans of Patricia Gibney and Cara Hunter.