The Day Lasts More than a Hundred Years

. A rewarding book. Times literary supplementset in the vast windswept Central Asian steppes and the infinite reaches of galactic space, this powerful novel offers a vivid view of the culture and values of the Soviet Union’s Central Asian peoples.


Telegram Books. Accompanied by daniyar, a sullen newcomer who was wounded on the battlefield, Jamilia spends her days hauling sacks of grain from the threshing floor to the train station in their village in the Caucasus. Spurning men’s advances and wincing at the dispassionate letters she receives from her husband, Jamilia falls helplessly in love with the mysterious Daniyar in this heartbreakingly beautiful tale.

A classic from the award-winning Kyrgyz novelist Chingiz Aitmatov. The most beautiful love story in the world. Louis aragonthe second world War is raging, and Jamilia’s husband is off fighting at the front.

Soul: And Other Stories New York Review Books Classics

A new york review books originalThe Soviet writer Andrey Platonov saw much of his work suppressed or censored in his lifetime. Telegram Books. In recent decades, however, these lost works have reemerged, and the eerie poetry and poignant humanity of Platonov’s vision have become ever more clear. For a new generation of innovative post-Soviet Russian writers he figures as a daring explorer of word and world, the master of what has been called “alternative realism.

Depicting a devastated world that is both terrifying and sublime, without doubt, Platonov is, a universal writer who is as solitary and haunting as Kafka. This volume gathers eight works that show Platonov at his tenderest, warmest, and subtlest. For nadezhda mandelstam and Joseph Brodsky, Platonov was the writer who most profoundly registered the spiritual shock of revolution.

. Among them are “the return, ” a moving account of a troubled marriage; and the title novella, the extraordinary tale of a young man unexpectedly transformed by his return to his Asian birthplace, described by Penelope Fitzgerald as one of “three great works of Russian literature of the millennium”; “The River Potudan, where he finds his people deprived not only of food and dwelling, ” about an officer’s difficult homecoming at the end of World War II, but of memory and speech.

This prizewinning english translation is the first to be based on the newly available uncensored texts of Platonov’s short fiction.

Separate Journeys: Short Stories by Contemporary Indian Women

Used book in Good Condition. Original. A diverse anthology of short fiction by modern-day indian women writers introduces fifteen short stories that represent the rich variety of language, Rupavati, Mahasweta Devi, Anupama Niranjana, Anita Desi, traditions, and regions of the Indian subcontinent in works by Varsha Das, culture, Rajee Seth, and others.

Telegram Books.


The novel offers a complex multi-dimensional and multi-leveled view of cultural values, sexuality, politics, and personal dilemmas. Used book in Good Condition. Translated from the turkish by Figen Bingul with Ilkan Taskin, Zoe English and Edward Foster. Summer's end is one of the most celebrated works by Adalet Angaoglu, widely considered to be one of the principal novelists of our time.

Narrated by an author on vacation among the classical ruils of the ancient city of Side on the Mediterannean coast in Turkey, SUMMER'S END provides an intricate picture of a large cross-section of modern Turkish society. She lives in Istanbul. Summer's end, says critic sibel erol in her introduction, "is an elegaic novel of attempted reconciliation and consolation set in a lush and delectable setting that intensifies the heartbreaking contrast between life and death and society's fragmentation and nature's organic unity.

Adalet agaoglu is the author of eight novels as well as plays, four collections of short stories, memoirs, and six collections of essays. Includes an introduction by Sibel Erol. Fiction. Her books have been widely translated. Telegram Books. Summer's end is the second to appear in English.

Silent Steppe: The Memoir of a Kazakh Nomad Under Stalin

15, 000 first printing. Used book in Good Condition. Documents the tragic story of the kazakh nomads of central asia under Stalin's regime, the ancient traditions that established their nomadic way of life, offering insight into the culture's Islamic and pagan heritage, and the author's family's struggle to relocate and survive after his father was fatally incarcerated within a prison camp.

Used book in Good Condition. Telegram Books.

Farewell, Gul'sary!

Used book in Good Condition. Events in the works of aitmatov’s happening on the ground and in space, and over the ocean, in the mountains and steppes, the sea, in the life of a Muslim and a Christian. Chinghiz aitmatov is truly one of the greatest writers of the century. His works have been translated into more than 176 languages ​​in the world, published in 128 countries, sold more than 100 million copies.

In his works he rejects and condemns historical forgetfulness, for the first time even introduced concepts such as mankurtism, ignorance and greed, lack of spirituality, for a deficit of conscience can lead to the most sophisticated anti-social actions Telegram Books. Used book in Good Condition. Proceedings of chingiz aitmatov written in plain language accessible to any reader, but it raised questions affect human values, to nature, they make everyone think about the love for all living things, to the person, as well as the conscience and justice.

They cover almost the entire world. Only the story “jamila”, was reprinted in german 37 times! According to UNESCO, which brought world fame Aitmatov, he is considered one of the most widely read and published by the writers of the XX century.

The Foundation Pit New York Review Books Classics

Used book in Good Condition. Translated from the russian by robert & elizabeth chandler and olga meersonwith notes and an afterword by Robert Chandler and Olga MeersonIn Andrey Platonov’s The Foundation Pit, a team of workers has been given the job of digging the foundation of an immense edifice, they are convinced, a palatial home for the perfect future that, is at hand.

Seeking to evoke unspeakable realities, Platonov deforms and transforms language in pages that echo both with the alienating doublespeak of power and the stark simplicity of prayer. Robert chandler and olga meerson’s afterword discusses the historical context and style of Platonov’s most haunted and troubling work.

It is also a literary masterpiece. It includes extensive notes and, in an appendix, several striking passages deleted by Platonov. But the harder the team works, the deeper they dig, the more things go wrong, and it becomes clear that what is being dug is not a foundation but an immense grave. The foundation pit is platonov’s most overtly political book, written in direct response to the staggering brutalities of Stalin’s collectivization of Russian agriculture.

This english translation is the first and only one to be based on the definitive edition published by Pushkin House in Moscow. Telegram Books. Used book in Good Condition.

Once in Kazakhstan: The Snow Leopard Emerges

In once in kazakhstan, rosten drawsa sometimes humorous portrait of a critical period in the emergenceof this Central Asian country, interweaving the challenges andexhilaration of living in Kazakhstan with the historical backdropof a nation grappling with its independence. From horse heads in the central market, and to the first-ever parliamentary elections, to guns on the skislopes, Rosten takesyou on a whirlwind tour of the country.

Soon after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Keith Rostenleaves the United States to be a Fulbright Lecturer in newly-independentKazakhstan. Complete with photographs of thepeople, or traveling to, places, and monuments of the country, Once in Kazakhstanis an invaluable resource for anyone who is interested in learningmore about, the fascinating landscape of thisemerging nation.

. He vividly recounts thechange in currency from the Soviet ruble to the tenge and travelswith a candidate for parliament to a rural village near Semipalatinsk. Using his knowledge of local language and customs, politics, Rostenprovides access to native sources on the history, traditions, and spirit of Kazakhstan.

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Telegram Books.

Spotty Dog Running Along The Seashore

This story is set among the Nyvkh people on Sakhalin Island in the icy Sea of Okhotsk north of Japan. His books, which introduced the mountains and lakes of his native Kyrgyzstan to readers in 176 language, emphasize individual liberty, respect for the natural world and reverence for the traditions of minority peoples.

Used book in Good Condition. A champion of freedom, according to unesco, chingiz Aitmatov is one of the most famous writers from Eurasia and, one of the most widely published authors of the 20th century. Used book in Good Condition. A classic from the award-winning Kyrgyz and Soviet novelist Chingiz Aitmatov.

Telegram Books. Life is extremely harsh in those frigid wastes and is maintained only by hunting seals, clothing, of which every single piece is put to use for food, shelter and bone utensils by these relatives of the North American Eskimos. Used book in Good Condition. Aitmatov dramatically sets the scene of an elemental war between land and sea.


Restless Valley: Revolution, Murder, and Intrigue in the Heart of Central Asia

Telegram Books. It is instead a gripping, firsthand account of Central Asia's unfolding history from 2005 to the present. Philip shishkin, a prize-winning journalist with extensive on-the-ground experience in the tumultuous region above Afghanistan's northern border, focuses mainly on Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

Both nations have struggled with the enormous challenges of post-Soviet independent statehood; both became entangled in America's Afghan campaign when U. S. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. At the same time, the region was developing into a key smuggling hub for Afghanistan's booming heroin trade.

. Military bases were established within their borders. Yet this book is not a work of fiction. Or possibly both. Through the eyes of local participants--the powerful and the powerless--Shishkin reconstructs how Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan have ricocheted between extreme repression and democratic strivings, how alliances with the United States and Russia have brought mixed blessings, and how Stalin's legacy of ethnic gerrymandering incites conflict even now.

. A reporter's vivid account of central asia's wild recent history--violent in the extreme and rife with characters both heroic and corrupt It sounds like the stuff of a fiction thriller: two revolutions, a civil war, brazen corruption schemes, a massacre of unarmed civilians, contract hits, a drug-smuggling highway, and larger-than-life characters who may be villains .