The Collected Pulp Horror: Volume One

A collection of the out-of-print first three issues of Pulp Horror, the fanzine dedicated to vintage horror fiction from pulps, magazines and paperbacks. Interviews, articles and reviews on 50 years of classic horror fiction.

The Paperback Fanatic 41: The fanzine for collectors of vintage paperbacks

64 pages, full colour throughout with many rare paperback covers reproduced. Articles and features include-crom's tomes - 50 years of conan in paperbackthe plantation Pulps of New English LibrarySegretissimo - more classic espionage and thriller paperbacksBrian Hayles - Dr Who and Doom Watch script-writerRaymond Kursar - an interview with the legendary artistAustralian Movie Tie-InsAnd more!


The Sleazy Reader 8

A special issue devoted to cults in paperbacks, magazines and film, comics, with a focus on Jim Jones and Charles Manson.64 pages, full colour and illustrated throughout. Coverage and reviews of rare titles such as cult of Killers, The Family, Cut, Transformation, Sweet Evil, Thrilling Murder Comics, 5 Must Die and many, many more.


Monster Maniacs issue one

72 pages of full color. Lots of rare art from frazetta, Sanjulian, Neal Adams, Jack Davis and more. Interviews with bill van ryn of Video Drive In Asylum and Peter Normanton of From the Tomb. The fanzine devoted to vintage horror comics and magazines. Articles on atlas pre-code horror comics, For Monsters Only magazine, National Lampoon's horror comics.

And more! .

Men of Violence: All Reviews Special

Black and white. Takes in a wide spectrum of the genre, tough cops, including spies, vigilantes and soldiers-of-fortune.100+ reviews of classic men's adventure paperbacks from the 1960s and 70s best typified by series such as The Executioner, The Destroyer and The Death Merchant. Fully illustrated.

Hot Lead issue 3: The Adult Western special

A special devoted to the 'adult western; typified by series such as Slocum, Longarm and The Gunsmith. The fanzine devoted to vintage western paperbacks. A must for the western reader! Packed with reproductions of the paperback covers. Includes a history of the genre plus articles on key series. 52 pages, full color throughout.


Pulp Horror 8: The fanzine devoted to horror in vintage paperbacks, pulps and comics

Full color throughout. Articles on guy n smith's occult investigator sabat, crocodile attack pulp fiction, the books of Daniel Farson the nephew of Bram Stoker, the underappreciated short stories of Tom Reamy, a gallery of wild German horror pulps in Grusel-Krimi, rare New English Library cover art and Joseph Payne Brennan.

68 pages.

James Warren, Empire Of Monsters: The Man Behind Creepy, Vampirella, And Famous Monsters

The definitive biography of the visionary publisher of Famous Monsters of Filmland, the magazine that inspired filmmakers Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Joe Dante, and many more. Ackerman’s famous monsters of filmland, which featured early work by john cleese, he published help!, with covers by painter Frank Frazetta and comics art by Steve Ditko, Terry Gilliam, Al Williamson, Wallace Wood, Robert Crumb, a magazine created by MAD’s Harvey Kurtzman, and Diane Arbus; Creepy and Eerie magazines, Bernie Wrightson, Gloria Steinem, and many others.

In addition to Forrest J. Black-and-white throughout. This heavily illustrated biography features eye-opening ― often outrageous ―anecdotes about Warren, a larger-than-life figure whose ability as a publisher, promoter, and provocateur make him a fascinating figure. His most famous co-creation, the character Vampirella, debuted in her own magazine in 1969, and continues to be published today.


The Paperback Fanatic 40: The fanzine for collectors of vintage paperbacks Volume 1

The fanzine for readers and collectors of vintage paperbacks. 64 pages, full colour throughout. Articles on horror author richard laymon, fritz leiber's conjure Wife, SF and horror paperbacks in 1965, sleaze books set in Australia's King's Cross, TV tie-in paperbacks and Italian thriller series Segretissimo.


Pulp Horror issue 7 Volume 1

The living mummy special! 68 pages, full-colour. The fanzine of horror in vintage paperbacks, comics and magazines. Includes checklists and heavily illustrated throughout. Articles on the appearance of The Mummy in American comics, German pulps, Novels and short-stories.

Monster! #34: Winter 2019

Master monster-maker brett piper; daniel best's piece about the now-lost silent era australian spook shocker fisher's ghost 1924; the second and final part of “channel of darkness”, stephen jilks’ retrospective of bbc-tv’s 1970s horror programming including doctor who and much more; “The Horror of the Unseen”, David SHEER FILTH Flint’s article covering The Beeb’s gothic ghost stories for Christmas; the second instalment of Christos Mouroukis’ film-by-film overview of the GODZILLA movie series; plus “The House that Josh Built”, Troy Howarth’s second M! interview with up-’n’-coming young indie filmmaker Joshua Kennedy, whose latest TLC production HOUSE OF THE GORGON co-starring Hammer glamour gals Veronica Carlson and Martine Beswicke! will be premiering at Monster Bash 2019.

Other original artworks were contributed by BC Sterrett, Marcio Costa, and Denis St. John. Monster! #34 - boasting eye-poppingly colorful “kappa” cover art by ian coleman, our first issue of MONSTER! in about a year is yet another monstrously HUGE 370-page behemoth, cram-jammed from cover-to-cover with all manner of exotic creature feature loveliness! Articles this ish include in-depth coverage of Yōkai Monsters in folklore and cinema etc.

By jolyon yates and michael Hauss; Parts 4+5 of Stephen R. Other writing contributors for m! #34 include: shamya dasgupta, Dennis Capicik, Kinshuk Gaur, Martín Núñez, Les Moore, Tim Paxton, Eric Messina, and Steve Fenton. In addition to all our coverage of japanese kaidan/kaiju fare this issue, Italy, Malaysia, including reviews of cinematic exotica from other such parts of the globe as India, Argentina, we’ve also got plentiful other international content too, and the U.