The Book of the Dead Pendergast Series 7

Can fbi special agent pendergast stop a cursed egyptian tomb from terrorizing New York City -- or will he stay trapped in a maximum security prison, punished for a murder he didn't commit? An FBI agent, rotting away in a high-security prison for a murder he did not commit. His brilliant, psychotic brother, about to perpetrate a horrific crime.

. A young woman with an extrodinary past, on th edge of a violent breakdown. An ancient egyptian tomb with an enigmatic curse, about to be unveiled at a celebrity-studded New York gala. Memento Mori.

Dance of Death Pendergast Series Book 6

Hot on the trail of a killer in manhattan, FBI Special Agent Pendergast must face his most brilliant and dangerous enemy: his own brother. Two brothers. One a top FBI agent. The other a brilliant, twisted criminal. An undying hatred between them. Now, a perfect crime. And the ultimate challenge:Stop me if you can.


The Wheel of Darkness Pendergast Series Book 8

A luxury ocean liner on its maiden voyage across the North Atlantic, awash in wealth and decadence. An ancient tibetan box, its contents unknown, sealed with a terrifying warning. An fbi agent destined to confront what he fears most--himself. At a remote tibetan monastery, FBI Special Agent Pendergast must find a powerful and ancient artifact before it falls into the wrong hands.


Brimstone Pendergast series Book 5

A body is found in the attic of a fabulous Long Island estate. There is a claw print scorched into the wall, and the stench of sulfur chokes the air. When fbi special agent pendergast investigates the gruesome crime, he discovers that thirty years ago four men conjured something unspeakable. Has the devil come to claim his due?Some things can't be undone.

When fbi special agent pendergast discovers a murder in the attic of a Long Island estate, a scorched claw print leads him down a dark trail of unspeakable terror.

Cemetery Dance Pendergast Series Book 9

Eyewitnesses claim, sinister neighbor--a man who, and the security camera confirms, by all reports, that the assailant was their strange, was already dead and buried weeks earlier. While captain laura hayward leads the official investigation, Pendergast and Lieutenant Vincent D'Agosta undertake their own private--and decidedly unorthodox--quest for the truth.

Their serpentine journey takes them to an enclave of Manhattan they never imagined could exist: a secretive, reclusive cult of Obeah and vodou which no outsiders have ever survived. Pendergast, the world's most mysterious FBI Special Agent, investigates a murderous cult in New York City that no one has ever survived.

William smithback, a new york times reporter, and his wife Nora Kelly, a Museum of Natural History archaeologist, are brutally attacked in their apartment on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

Fever Dream Pendergast Series Book 10

. Who murdered her?Revenge is not sweet: It is essential. As he stalks his wife's traitors from scotland to New York City, Special Agent Pendergast discovers layers of deception and conspiracy that will shatter everything he believed to be true. Yesterday, helen, special agent pendergast still mourned the loss of his beloved wife, who died in a tragic accident in Africa twelve years ago.

Today, he discovers she was murdered. Tomorrow, he will learn her most guarded secrets, leaving him to wonder: Who was the woman I married? Why was she murdered? And, above all.

Still Life with Crows Agent Pendergast series

When a series of murders strikes small-town Kansas, FBI Special Agent Pendergast must track down a killer or a curse -- either way, no one is safe. A small kansas town has turned into a killing ground. Is it a serial killer, a man with the need to destroy?Or is it a darker force, a curse upon the land?Amid golden cornfields, FBI Special Agent Pendergast discovers evil in the blood of America's heartland.

No one is safe.

Cold Vengeance Pendergast Series Book 11

And he is stunned to learn that Helen may have been a collaborator in her own murder. Peeling back the layers of deception, and is more monstrous than he could have ever imagined--and everything he's believed, goes back generations, Pendergast realizes that the conspiracy is deeper, everything he's trusted, everything he's understood .

As he stalks his wife's betrayers--a chase that takes him from the wild moors of Scotland to the bustling streets of New York City and the darkest bayous of Louisiana--he is also forced to dig further into Helen's past. May be a horrific lie. Devastated by the discovery that his wife, was murdered, Helen, Special Agent Pendergast must have retribution.

. Twelve years ago, special agent pendergast's beloved wife was murdered during an African safari -- and now, he's on a quest for revenge. But revenge is not simple.

Two Graves Pendergast Series Book 12

His journey takes him deep into the trackless forests of South America, where he ultimately finds himself face to face with an old evil that-rather than having been eradicated-is stirring anew. But then, things go terribly, tragically wrong; the kidnappers escape; and a shattered Pendergast retreats to his New York apartment and shuts out the world.

But when a string of bizarre murders erupts across several Manhattan hotels-perpetrated by a boy who seems to have an almost psychic ability to elude capture-NYPD Lieutenant D'Agosta asks his friend Pendergast for help. Join agent pendergast in the heart of the South American jungle as he investigates a string of murders that lead him to his wife's kidnappers -- and spark memories that may haunt him forever.

After his wife, helen, special agent Pendergast furiously pursues the kidnappers, is brazenly abducted before his eyes, chasing them across the country and into Mexico. And with potentially world-altering consequences. Confucius once said: "Before you embark on a journey of revenge, first dig two graves.

Pendergast is about to learn the hard way just how true those words still ring. But why a message? and what does it mean?when the kidnappers strike again at those closest to Pendergast, the FBI agent, filled anew with vengeful fury, sets out to track down and destroy those responsible. Reluctant at first, Pendergast soon discovers that the killings are a message from his wife's kidnappers.

The Cabinet of Curiosities: A Novel Pendergast Series Book 3

In one of npr's 100 best thrillers ever, fBI agent Pendergast discovers thirty-six murdered bodies in a New York City charnel house. The nightmare has begun. Again. In an ancient tunnel underneath New York City a charnel house is discovered. Inside are thirty-six bodies--all murdered and mutilated more than a century ago.

While fbi agent pendergast investigates the old crimes, identical killings start to terrorize the city. And now, more than a century later, a killer strikes again.

White Fire Pendergast Series Book 13

Drawn deeper into the investigation, pendergast discovers a long-lost Sherlock Holmes story that may be the key to solving both the mystery of the long-dead miners and the modern-day killings as well. Now, with the ski resort snowed in and under savage attack-and Corrie's life suddenly in grave danger-Pendergast must solve the enigma of the past before the town of the present goes up in flames.

. When she makes a shocking discovery, town leaders try to stop her from exposing their community's dark and bloody past. Past and present collide as special agent pendergast uncovers a mysterious connection between a string of 19th century bear attacks in a Colorado mining town, a long-lost Sherlock Holmes story, and a deadly arsonist.

In 1876, in a mining camp called Roaring Fork in the Colorado Rockies, eleven miners were killed by a rogue grizzly bear. Just as special agent pendergast of the fbi arrives to rescue his protege, the town comes under siege by a murderous arsonist who-with brutal precision-begins burning down multimillion-dollar mansions with the families locked inside.

Corrie swanson has arranged to examine the miners' remains.