The Art of the Racing Motorcycle: 100 Years of Designing for Speed

The dynamic between competition and design has always fueled the evolution of racing motorcycles and inspired astonishing feats of design and engineering. Universe. A lavishly illustrated and definitive look at the design evolution of the racing motorcycle. More than fifty classic motorcycles—from harley-davidsons to peugeots, velocettes, kawasakis, and Ducatis—are presented chronologically illustrated with stunning studio photographs that present the machines as works of art and wonders of design in themselves, accompanied by rare and beautiful archival images that place the subjects in the contexts of classic races, and motorcycle shows, Moto Guzzis, BMWs, rallies, and accompanied by essays revealing the legends behind the machines.

This book traces the development of the sport bike, from the earliest french motorcycles to the dominance of British machinery in the 1930s, the exotic Italian motorcycles of the 1950s and 1960s, the influence of American racing in the 1970s and 1980s, and today’s Japanese superbikes. Some of the championship motorcycles featured include the 1902 manon, the 1965 honda gp 250, the 1986 cagiva gp, the 1922 harley Davidson 8-valve, the 1948 AJS Porcupine, the 1954 Moto Guzzi V8, the 1935 Terrot 500, The 1976 Suzuki RK67, and the 1990 Ducati Supermono.


Classic Motorcycles: The Art of Speed

Motorbooks International. The motorcycle should have disappeared when Henry Ford's Model T usurped the motorcycle's position as a primary form of utilitarian transportation. But a funny thing happened on the way to extinction -- the motorcycle not only survived, but thrived. Written by noted motorcycle author patrick hahn, classic motorcycles of all time, Classic Motorcycles: The Art of Speed  presents the history of motorcycling as told through the most significant, iconic, with both period photography and modern portrait photography.

Finally! the world's most incredible motorcycles are given the artful representation they deserve. Classic motorcycles: the Art of Speed is a stunning visual encyclopedia of history’s best bikes. Prepare to be in awe of the undeniably classic motorcyclesClassic Motorcycles: The Art of Speed is offering.

Period ads and relevant historic photos and documents are spread throughout the book to supplement the portraits of the bikes, really evoking a sense of time and place. It's the only motorcycle history you'll need. All the best domestic and international makes are represented here, and Triumphs to Vincents, from BMWs, Indians, Ducatis, and Harley-Davidsons - the most classic models.

. Each motorcycle was shot in a studio setting using photographer Tom Loeser's light-painting technique. You'll drool over the 1933 matchless silver Hawk, and you'll want to tear out the page displaying the 1956 Triumph Thunderbird and frame it.

McQueen's Motorcycles: Racing and Riding with the King of Cool

The long-departed Steve McQueen is still the coolest man on two wheels. In his movies, but in his personal life, McQueen's character always had an envy-inducing motorcycle or car, motorcycles were always McQueen's first true love. His image continues to appear in advertising and pop culture and his fan base spans from car lovers to racing enthusiasts to motorcycle obsessives.

Mcqueen's classic motorcycles sell for top dollar at auctions, always at a multiple of what the same bike is worth without the McQueen pedigree. Mcqueen's motorcycles reveals these highly sought-after machines in gorgeous photography and full historical context. He trained vigorously, running, weight lifting, and studying martial arts.

His need for speed propelled him from hollywood into a number of top off-road motorcycle races, Elsinore Grand Prix, including the Baja 1000, Mint 400, and even as a member of the 1964 ISDT team in Europe. Get an intimate look at his coolest bikes right here, right now, in McQueen's Motorcycles. Even thirty years after his death, Steve McQueen remains a cultural icon.

Determined to be ahead of the pack, McQueen maintained his body like it was a machine itself. Later in his life, including harley-davidson, brough superior, his interests turned to antique bikes and he accumulated an extensive collection, Indian, Cyclone, as he backed away from Hollywood, BSA, Triumph, and Ace motorcycles.

Today, mcqueen still has the Midas touch; anything that was in the man's possession is a hot commodity.

Bathroom Book of Motorcycle Trivia: 360 days-worth of $#!+ you don't need to know, four days-worth of stuff that is somewhat useful to know, and one entry that's absolutely essential

Are you tired of those dog-eared old copies of motorcyclist and cycle world that have been sitting on your toilet tank, buy a copy of the Bathroom Book of Motorcycle Trivia, and that you’ve been flipping through once a day since 2004? Well, you’ll have 365 new entries to peruse. Motorbooks International.

This book doesn't contain any that stuff. No, two letters: tt day 193: how did that crazy guy who built ‘roadog’ die? Spoiler: In a police shoot-out! Mark Gardiner is the author of the cult classic Riding Man, and a motorcycle journalist whose writing has appeared in every major English-language motorcycle magazine.

Motorbooks International. He's written some of the most thoughtful, inspiring, and moving stories ever published about motorcycles. Day 20: what was the first production motorcycle with electronic fuel injection? Honda CX500 Turbo, 1982 Day 106: Why is Mike Hailwood still the best road racer who’s ever lived, no matter what Valentino Rossi’s fans say? Two words.


The Build: How the Masters Design Custom Motorcycles

The build is as much a 192-page motorcycle art book as it is a blueprint to building the perfect custom bike. The book also covers selecting and building parts, painting and finishing, and what kind of performance modifications might be appropriate. Get the Build. Octane Press. Loaded with photos, jarrod delprado dp customs, the build features firsthand advice from the masters of moto design, Alan Stulberg Revival Cycles, Jared Johnson Holiday Customs, including John Ryland Classified Moto, and the legendary Max Hazan Hazan Motorworks.

Motorbooks International. The book is the bible of custom motorcycle design, and then moving into a concise, starting with an explanation of all the different bike styles, easy-to-read guide that takes from finding a donor bike to figuring out how to alter the lines to your liking. It's time to do it yourself.

In the build, robert hoekman Jr compiles insights from today's best builders to help you plot out your own beautiful beast. Motorbooks International.

The Complete Book of Ducati Motorcycles: Every Model Since 1946

The book features all of the motorcycles from ducati's storied history, including the groundbreaking Desmodromic 750 Super Sport, the Mike Hailwood Replica, the Superbike-dominating 916, and the epic Panigale. From the street bikes that gave birth to the very notion of the modern superbike to the racing motorcycles that dominated tracks in Great Britain, and North America since the latter part of the twentieth century, Europe, The Complete Book of Ducati Motorcycles runs the full gamut of sportbikes.

Octane Press. Motorbooks International. It's a collection that demands shelf space in the library of any true motorcycle collector or fan. Today, ducati is the world's premier manufacturer of street motorcycles whose sales continue to rise year after year. Laid out for the first time in encyclopedia form with gorgeous photography and insights from Ducati expert Ian Falloon, this book offers motorcycle enthusiasts a closer look at the craftsmanship, power, and beauty of these extraordinary motorcycles.

This italian motorcycle manufacturer began by selling motorized bicycles to impoverished residents of post-World War II Italy. Motorbooks International. From the single-cylinder bikes of the 1950s to the high-performance sportbikes of today, The Complete Book of Ducati Motorcyclesshowcases the entire spectrum of Ducati.

Legendary ducati motorcycles have something of a rags-to-riches story. Mbi publishing Company.

Discovering the Motorcycle: The History. The Culture. The Machines.

Motorbooks International. Octane Press. The book honors motorcycling's great makes, with over 1, 000 photographs and illustrations. Mbi publishing Company. Discovering the motorcycle is an extraordinary history of motorcycling from 1867 to the present. Motorbooks International. This book is an ideal addition to any motorsport enthusiast's library, and makes a perfect gift for the motorcycle enthusiast.

A special chapter is devoted to the four-hundred-year history of the engine. Each of the 12 chapters of this remarkable 510 page book is devoted to a major aspect of motorcycling; ranging from historical discussions of the machines that lead the way to today's modern sportsbikes, touring bikes, customs, off-road machines, cafe racers, a history of motorcycle racing, to vintage classics, electric motorcycles, choppers and bobbers, the motorcycle's impact on society, and great motorcycle museums.


Cafe Racers: Speed, Style, and Ton-Up Culture

Motorbooks International. A photographic chronology of some of the fastest, most stylish, and most individualized bikes in motorcycling history. Octane Press. Café racers visually celebrates a motorcycle riding culture as complex as the vast array of bikes within it. The rebellious rock-and-roll counterculture is what first inspired these fast, personalized, and distinctive bikes, with their owners often racing down public roads in excess of 100 miles per hour "ton up" in British slang, leading to their public branding as "ton-up boys.

Café racers traces café racer motorcycles from their origins in the mid-twentieth century all the way into modern times, where the style has made a recent comeback in North America and Europe alike, through the museum-quality portraiture of top motorcycle photographer Michael Lichter and the text of motorcycle culture expert Paul d'Orléans.

Mbi publishing Company. Chronologically illustrated with fascinating historical photography, the book travels through the numerous ever-morphing and unique eras of these nimble, light, lean, and head-turning machines. Originally used as a slur against riders who used hopped-up motorcycles to travel from one transport café to another, France, café racer describes a bike genre that first became popular in 1960s British rocker subculture - although the motorcycles were also common in Italy, and other European countries.

Motorbooks International. Motorbooks International.

fearless: Lords of the Murderdrome

In the early fall of 2004 bill and beth bradford travel to Bill’s childhood home in Bourbon County, Kentucky to inventory and settle the estate of his recently deceased parents. This is the first hand story of charles “Fearless” Balke, storybook romance, his early years, and his tragic final curtain.

Although it reads like fiction, this is a true story with every character, event, and location documented. But lurking beneath it all every racer knew that the price of admission was a willingness to put your life on the line for a shot at glory. Motorbooks International. Octane Press. Little wonder that the newspapers christened the tracks “murderdromes”.

In the attic they discover a large trophy and, board track was the most dangerous, a large scrapbook little do they know that the unearthed scrapbook contains hundreds of newspaper clippings detailing the extreme sport of board track racing, most exciting, Charles “Fearless” Balke, most astoundingly, Bill Bradford’s distant great-aunt Staged on half mile circular tracks built of wood and banked at 60 degrees, and the career of one of the sports biggest superstars, as lovingly assembled by his wife Snooks, an era in motorcycle racing forgotten by time for over 90 years, and deadliest competitive sport of its time.

Riding inches apart mounted atop primitive bikes the racers battled not only each other but also the unforgiving boards where accidents regularly maimed or killed participants and fans alike. Motorbooks International. Mbi publishing Company.

PENTON: The John Penton Story DVD

Motorbooks International. Octane Press. Motorbooks International. Motorbooks International. Mbi publishing Company.

Castrol History of Motorcycle Racing Vol 1

Legendary names, memorable races and the thrills of this unique event spanning nearly a century. In how it all began we see early road races in Britain and in Europe. Action includes brooklands, racing in France and also the first TT Races in the Isle of Man. Shrink-wrapped. Motorbooks International. Motorbooks International.

This is the first volume of the definitive history of one of the worldÍs most exciting sports. Octane Press. Mbi publishing Company. Award-winning motorcycle film producer, to present an unsurpassed, modern day interviews and race coverage, utilises his extensive archive, David Wood, plus material from scores of other sources, entertaining and historically significant record of motorcycle racing.

From solid tyres, our film features fascinating pictures, beltdrives and pedal assistance to the outbreak of World War II, personalities and machines. Motorbooks International. Then we recount in more detail the story of the worldÍs most famous motorcycle races, the Isle of Man TT. From the first tt in 1907 on the 15-mile St JohnÍs Course to todayÍs 37.

73mile mountain circuit, mike hailwood, jimmy guthrie, this film features the greats of TT racing - Stanley Woods, Charlie Williams, Giacomo Agostini, Geoff Duke, John Surtees, Joey Dunlop and many more.