Speak English Around Town Book & Audio CD set

Learn the right way to say what you mean in dozens of daily situations. You already speak English. With speak english Around Town, you'll learn to speak it better. And to express yourself more like a native speaker of English. Through lively and realistic dialogues, Speak English Around Town teaches the expressions you need for everyday life.

It will also help you stop making common mistakes when you speak. Through a special language Lens in each lesson, you'll master the grammar and structures known to cause trouble for English language learners. With the audio cd, you will hear the way English is really spoken. Introducing the esl book & audio CD that will help you speak English with confidence.

What a great way to improve your pronunciation! For intermediate to advanced learners. Speak english around town brings you:over 300 of today s most common expressions and idiomsImportant grammar & structural points in each lesson: easy explanations will help you stop making common mistakes when you speak English!Clear and easy to understand explanations50 practice exercises to help you master the materialRealistic conversations on everyday topicsAn audio CD featuring native speakers of American English.

You will use these expressions when shopping, dining out, socializing with American friends, traveling around the USA, and during dozens of other daily activities. Speak english around Town will do more than just improve your vocabulary.

Speak English Like an American Book & Audio CD set

Over 300 of the most-used american english idioms and phrases are presented in engaging dialogue, illustrations, with plenty of usage examples, and lots of exercises -- with convenient answer key -- to help you learn the material. If you already speak english, but now would like to start speaking even better, then the bestselling book & audio CD set Speak English Like an American is for you.

The audio CD includes all of the dialogues. A fun and effective way to improve your conversational english! great for toefl study too -- learn many of the expressions you'll find on the exam in a fun and engaging way Also visit the other titles in this excellent series: - More Speak English Like an American: with an addition 300+ idioms and expressions - Speak Business English Like an American: over 300 of the business expressions you need to succeed! - Speak Better Business English and Make More Money: another 300 business idioms and expressions to help you communicate at work - Speak English Around Town: Conduct Everyday Conversations with Confidence Used book in Good Condition.

. This set is designed to help native speakers of any language speak better English. Ideal for self-study as well as for ESL classroom use.

Speak Business English Like an American: Learn the Idioms & Expressions You Need to Succeed On The Job! Book & Audio CD

Now you will be able to use these expressions, too. That's why we've explained the most up-to-date expressions -- today's business English. To keep on improving your business English, also check out Speak Better Business English and Make More Money, also by Amy Gillett. Used book in Good Condition. The set is great for self-study, with dozens of helpful exercises to reinforce the material.

Once you have the knack, no one can take it away from you. Speak business english like an american is the bestselling book & audio CD set designed to help you succeed on the job -- whatever you're doing, wherever you're working. People will marvel at your command of English. It's also a wonderful supplemental text that's in use in universities across the USA.

Quickly and confidently. This book & cd will help you speak business English like an American. American english speakers use many phrases and expressions on the job. Used book in Good Condition. If you don't know these expressions, you are left out of the conversation.

More Speak English Like an American: Learn More Idioms & Expressions That Will Help You Speak Like a Native!

Used book in Good Condition. More speak english like an american brings you another 300+ idioms and expressions you need to know for everyday life and for business success! Maybe you have already read Speak English Like an American. This book features a new story and new idioms and expressions. In more speak english like an american, you'll follow the story of an American business as its employees come up with new product ideas, travel to China, throw themselves into office romances, and have exciting adventures.

No wondering if you were wrong! - extra usage examples of each idiom or phrase - Illustrations of many of the idioms -- what a great way to remember them! - An audio CD with the voices of six native speakers of American English -- a perfect way to practice your pronunciation! Used book in Good Condition.

You can start with this new book, if you like, and work back. Includes illustrations and an audio CD of all the dialogues. But this is not a necessary requirement. Origins of many of the expressions are explained. In this deluxe book & cd set, you'll find: - over 300 of today's most common American English everday idioms & expressions - Dozens of exercises to help you master the material complete with answer key so you can correct yourself -- instantly.

Used book in Good Condition. This new book contains dozens of exercises and includes hundreds of usage examples, including some from American newspapers.

Speak Better Business English and Make More Money Book & Audio CD

This book gets down to brass tacks so YOU can talk American business English with a whole new level of confidence. This book & audio CD will open doors. American don't speak the kind of English you'll find in textbooks or hear in most classrooms. It teaches a different set of over 300 useful business expressions and idioms! Used book in Good Condition.

. They speak business lingo an arsenal of expressions and idioms that cover marketing, HR issues, accounting, finance, strategy and other business topics. Used book in Good Condition. Jump-start your career with Speak Better Business English. Used book in Good Condition. If you seek a better job, faster promotions, and better client or customer relationships, more pay, this book is for you.

This system brings you: over 400 of today's most common business expressions and idioms More than 40 practice exercises to master the material. Everyday conversations on topics like asking for a promotion, discussing legal issues, increasing consumer demand, and growing your business. An audio cd to help you learn and remember even faster.

Note: for more business english, check out Amy Gillett's other Business English guide, Speak Business English Like an American. Now you can arm yourself with these powerful weapons, too.

English the American Way: A Fun ESL Guide to Language & Culture in the U.S. w/Audio CD & MP3 English as a Second Language Series

Get you started on your esl journey with English the American Way: A Fun ESL Guide to Language & Culture in the U. S. English the american Way is your companion to everyday life in the United States. Used book in Good Condition. You'll have fun along the way as you improve your English language and grammar skills with sentence completions, quizzes, and helpful tips.

Our esl author experts sheila mackechnie murtha and Jane Airey O'Connor give English language learners must-know vocabulary, wacky idioms, commonly used phrases, and sample dialogues that illustrate everyday American life. Practice speaking english like an american until you're perfect! Improve your listening and speaking skills with the dialogues included on our audio CD and MP3 download.

English the american way is an excellent resource for ESL students and teachers, English language learners, and professionals of all ages and all nationalities. If you're looking for a fun and easy way to improve your english language skills, this is the book for you!Don't miss the second book in the series… Celebrate the American Way: A Fun ESL Guide to English Language and Culture in the U.

S. Rea's english the american way: a Fun ESL Guide to Language & Culture in the U. S. Used book in Good Condition. Engaging, what to do in an emergency, buying a home, dealing with money, visiting the doctor, such as: making friends, handling a job interview, dining out, easy-to-follow chapters highlight important topics in American culture, getting around, and more.

Mastering the American Accent

They include distinguishing between casual and formal speech, homophones for instance, they're and there, and avoiding embarrassing pronunciation mistakes, and others, recognizing words with silent letters comb, receipt, such as mixing up "beach" and "bitch. Students are familiarized with many irregular English spelling rules and exceptions, and are shown how such irregularities can contribute to pronunciation errors.

Correct lip and tongue positions for all sounds are discussed in detail. A native language guide references problematic accent issues of 13 different language backgrounds. Used book in Good Condition. There is also a link to downloadable audio that uses male and female voices to coach correct American-style pronunciation.

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Additional topics that often confuse ESL students are also discussed and explained. Specific exercises concentrate on vowel sounds, TH, problematic consonants such as V, the American R, W, and the often confusing American T sound. This combination book and audio instructional program is designed to diminish the accents of men and women who speak English as their second language.

Barron s Educational Series. It will help them speak standard American English with clarity, confidence, and accuracy.

Practice Makes Perfect: English Conversation, Premium Second Edition

In no time at all, engaging in conversations easily, you’ll be speaking English fluently, and expressing yourself with confidence. If you are an intermediate speaker of english, but want to brush up on your conversation skills, this updated 2rd edition will help you practice your English using the most effective tools available―including new audio exercises you can access FREE via app or online.

Used book in Good Condition. Mcgraw-Hill Education. Used book in Good Condition. You can practice your skills using audio exercises you can access on the app or online. Barron s Educational Series. The perfect guide to conversational english―now updated with new exercises, and FREE mobile access to audio recordings With more than 1 million copies in print, practice dialogues, the Practice Makes Perfect series is the world’s go-to resource for learning and mastering languages.

Used book in Good Condition. This premium edition provides a wide range of common phrases, sample sentences, and interactive dialogues that will help you identify the important “markers” in everyday conversations and situations.

Ultimate Phrasal Verb Book Barron's Foreign Language Guides

Mcgraw-Hill Education. Barron s Educational Series. Used book in Good Condition. Familiarity with phrasal verbs and understanding their use as nouns breakup, showoff, etc. Or adjectives spaced-out, stressed-out, broken-down, and many others is essential to ESL students. Used book in Good Condition. Phrasal verbs are verbs combined with prepositions or adverbs.

Updated information includes:the most commonly used phrasal verbsActivities and examples that reflect our current technology and the world around usAn expanded introduction for the teacher with a thorough breakdown and explanation of phrasal verbsA discussion of separable and inseparable phrasal verbs in Unit I, and more.

This book's hundreds of examples in context and hundreds of exercises will be extremely useful to ESL students who are preparing for TOEFL or who simply wish to improve their English. Used book in Good Condition. Updated to reflect questions found on the most recent ESL tests, this book presents 400 common phrasal verbs as they are used in everyday English.

Barron's Educational Series.

American Accent Training: With Downloadable Audio, 4th Edition

The program goes where no American accent training tool has gone before, providing highly innovative instruction for both students and business people. Used book in Good Condition. The structure of the book has been reorganized, indian, help students "see" the correct sounds designed for foreign-born students and business people working, German, offering students a much more clear and direct sequence of lessons and a path to better understanding The downloadable audio component features professional male and female voices that have been carefully selected to represent authentic American pronunciation and intonation Pronunciation exercises encompass all vowel sounds, or studying in the United States and Canada Supplementary materials include detailed nationality guides for 11 languages Chinese, consonants, French, or phonetically transcribed sound liaisons, Spanish, and diphthongs Emphasis on linking, traveling, Arabic, Japanese, blends, Korean, Russian, the U.

S. Barrons. Used book in Good Condition. Southern accent, and African languages. Mcgraw-Hill Education. More valuable features include access to a comprehensive website, and referral to a qualified telephone analyst for an individual diagnostic speech analysis. Barron s Educational Series.

Perfect Phrases for ESL: Conversation Skills, Second Edition

Barrons. Mcgraw-Hill Education. The book also includes common slang expressions you can use to sound more like a native speaker. Have the confidence to converse like a native english speaker with just the right phrases How do you start a conversation? What should you say to express disagreement? How do you offer someone your advice? This handy reference will help you navigate social and business situations, collaborate with co-workers, with hundreds of ready-to-use English phrases and example dialogues that will help you converse with friends, and engage those around you.

Barron's Educational Series. Barron s Educational Series. Perfect phrases for esl: conversation Skills is filled with hundreds of ready-to-use English phrases to help you navigate your way through social and business situations. And the new edition of this bestselling guide includes phrases for making contact, setting appointments, and leaving messages by phone.

There are phrases for talking with friends, addressing misunderstandings, offering opinions, collaborating with co-workers, and more. Used book in Good Condition. Inside find examples of Perfect Phrases for. Used book in Good Condition. Introductions: may i introduce myself? invitations: Would you care to join us for a drink? Decisions: What are our options? Determination: I’m not budging an inch on this.