Seeking Justice Cowboy Justice Association Book 11

No one knows they’ve separated. Sometimes happily ever after isn’t forever…With a murderer on the loose, Kaylee is pitching in to help her best friend Ava take care of the twins while they’re in hiding. All he wants is a second chance. Their relationship has been tested to its limits and is teetering on the brink.

Unfortunately, that means being close to her estranged husband Reed. Reed still loves Kaylee and just wants his wife back. For the last several months she’s been a shadow of her former self and he’s at a loss as to what to do. Their marriage is in shambles, Kaylee can barely look at him, and now they’ve been thrown together to help their friends evade a serial killer.

Not wanting to burden her friends with her own issues, she’s going to have to pretend to be the happy, loving wife. It’s going to take an extraordinary love to bring this couple back together.

Justice Divided Cowboy Justice Association Book 10

Mary’s husband lyle Bryson has been shot dead and she’s the main suspect. It’s just another normal day with the twins when Ava gets a frantic call from her sister. But as more secrets are revealed, having a killer in the family might be the least of their problems…. She needs ava to come home to Corville right away.

Pressed back into service to find the killer of his half-brother, Logan finds himself once again at odds with the family. With ava’s sister under a cloud of suspicion, it feels like the last time he put a Bryson behind bars. Jumping at the chance to work with her husband again, Ava is determined to clear her sister’s name.

But neither logan nor Ava believes that Mary killed Lyle.

Bitter Justice Cowboy Justice Association Book 12

Before they’re the next victims…. When one of their neighbors ends up dead, Tanner and Maddie find themselves working together to uncover the real killer. He doesn’t know why and it’s becoming a real problem. Her daughter is growing up way too fast, and Maddie simply needs for life to slow down…just a little.

When their life takes an unexpected turn, Tanner and Maddie decide to get away on a second honeymoon somewhere warm and tropical. His friends are telling him that he’s having a midlife crisis, but frankly that sounds absurd. She knows him well enough that he’ll open up to her eventually, and right now she has her own issues to deal with.

He doesn’t have time for that. Maddie shay marks know that there is something going on with her husband but clearly he’s not ready to talk about it. Sheriff Tanner Marks is restless. That’s fine. They can reconnect and hopefully find that peace that they’re both looking for. But serenity isn’t in the cards.


Vengeful Justice Cowboy Justice Association Book 9

Cowboy command was only the beginning… follow along as Olivia Jaymes revisits the first couple of the Cowboy Justice series. Sheriff seth reilly and his beautiful wife Presley have a terrific life - two fantastic children, good friends, and lots and lots of love. It’s all pretty boring and routine until the day Seth gets the news that a man he put behind bars has been paroled and is looking for revenge.

Seth took what he most loved in the world and now the escapee is going to return the favor. Of course nothing worthwhile is ever easy and that’s true for them too. Between their busy careers and the needs of their family, it’s hard to find quality time together. Because presley isn’t just the woman Seth loves, she’s his whole world.

More nights than not, there’s a toddler, a snoring dog, and at least two stuffed animals sleeping between them in bed. For the second time in her life, someone wants Presley dead and this time the stakes are even higher.

Dancing With Danger Danger Incorporated Book 10

A few hundred times, that is. Sadly, their relationship never stood a chance. He doesn’t want to admit it, but there are nights when he can’t sleep. After only night with Noah Anderson, her world changed forever. The next morning they said their goodbyes and never looked back. Life can change in an instant.

No one knows this better than Liz Holden. He still continues to wonder where she is and what she’s doing. Okay, maybe she looked back a few times. That’s crazy, right? It was only one night out of his life. And then just like that, fate has brought them together again. Danger lurks in Liz’s past, and someone wants a deadly revenge.

Noah anderson can’t get the sultry beauty he met in a Chicago hotel bar out of mind. He never thought he’d have to fight so hard for it, though. Noah didn’t see that fateful moment coming, but he can’t say that he’s not glad about it. Since then, no other woman has ever measured up. A second chance with Liz is what he’s been wanting ever since they parted ways.

Can he keep her safe from harm long enough for them to finally find their happily ever after?

Elusive Identities: Cowboy Justice Association Serials and Stalkers Book 1

By any means necessary. In fact, it might be impossible. Can chris keep the two of them safe long enough to bring in a cold-blooded killer? After spending most of his life in his father’s shadow this is Chris Marks’ opportunity to show what he can do. The task of finding the killer of a Jane Doe from more than thirty years ago isn’t going to be easy.

When chris tells her she might be a connection to a cold case, she jumps at the chance to cover the murder investigation. But someone out there doesn’t want the case resurrected and is determined to shut it down. As the danger escalates, so does their passion for one another. So when he sees a woman on television that’s the spitting image of the victim, he’s determined to talk to her.

Ella scott is a reporter tired of covering dog shows and charity car washes. She’s dying to sink her teeth into a real story.

Justice Reborn Cowboy Justice Association Book 8

Until it’s much more. She needs to find someplace she can lie low and figure out just what she’s going to do. In one instant…Everything in Josie Carlton’s world changed. She’d been living a quiet, unremarkable life and now she’s on the run from bad guys who want her dead and police who want to put her behind bars for a crime she didn’t commit.

But if she wants to stay alive, she may not have a choice. The former us marshal and small town sheriff isn’t a stranger to sticky situations but she hates to pull him back into the life he happily left. A man figuring out life…Evan Davis has left law enforcement behind and is trying to find a new direction and purpose.

She needs someone to help her and it might as well be him. In the meantime, he has a pile of work that needs to be done around his old, rundown family home. Hiring a secretive and obviously desperate girl straight off the bus doesn’t seem like a good idea but something in her pained eyes pulls at his heart.

It’s only cleaning a house after all. Josie’s been told she can’t trust a single soul but Evan isn’t just anybody.

Unwanted Danger Danger Incorporated Book 9

Years ago, he’d left the little town for the excitement of Chicago and the chance to build a career. After all, he doesn’t plan to stick around town for long. When caleb runs into michaela it’s agonizingly awkward and more emotional than he’d expected. She wants nothing to do with him, which is probably for the best.

Unfortunately it also meant leaving behind Michaela Adams, the woman he loved and adored. She doesn’t regret her decision but sometimes in the middle of the night she thinks about what might have been. In a tiny hamlet like Applewood, they aren’t going to be able to avoid each other. Publisher's note: this novella was originally released in Kindle Worlds under the title Discarded Heart.

His fbi career in ruins, caleb Faulkner is back in his hometown of Applewood to lick his wounds and start again. Funny how plans can change… Could these two lonely souls have a second chance at true love? Michaela gave up her chance at a lifetime with Caleb to stay and nurse her dying sister and care for her infant nephew.


Justice Inked: Book 7 Cowboy Justice Association

Between a teenage sister who thinks she’s all grown up and a killer on the loose he doesn’t have much to smile about these days. Rayne thinks the sheriff has a big stick up his posterior and Dare thinks the sexy little tattoo artist is too loud and mouthy. The trouble is she hasn’t had a date in way too long.

She needs to change up a few things or she’s going to work herself into an early grave. Every time these two find themselves in a room together they end up arguing. He simply doesn’t have time for fun and games. Rayne dunn is half free spirit and half workaholic. It’s best if they stay far away from each other.

But when someone breaks into Rayne’s shop and then winds up dead that probably isn’t going to be an option. Sheriff dare turner is known for his ever-present scowl and general bad mood. She doesn’t mind the long hours in her tattoo shop creating works of art on skin but sometimes she’d rather be dancing in the rain with someone special.

Whether they like it or not, they’re going to be spending a great deal of time with each other. And they’re starting to really like it….

Cowboy Famous: Book 4 Cowboy Justice Association

He needs to find a way to convince her – and himself – that he’s finally ready to share everything. For more information, please visit www. OliviaJaymes. Com. It’s the only reason she’s allowed herself to be signed up as a contestant on a reality show in some backwater town in Montana. Down and out and deep in debt, she’s desperate for money and a big break.

Even the remote control. Publisher’s warning: this book contains hot sex scenes with a bossy alpha male cowboy cop, an actress turned deputy, and some steamy fun in the bathtub and on a fishing boat. Series description: the cowboy Justice Association is a group of eight lawmen in Montana who work together to keep the peace.

The one thing they both want? More of the hot, sultry nights they’ve been sharing. From their first meeting, the attraction simmers between the sheriff and the Hollywood starlet. Just not his place. The day she loses out on the part of a lifetime is also the day she gets fired from her crappy waitress job.

Fishing – alone - on a serene and sunny afternoon is one of his favorite things to do. When they’re together their differences don’t seem to be any problem at all. Women have their place.

Cowboy Cool: Book 5 Cowboy Justice Association

She’ll let reed check her windows and doors, feed him dinner, and then send him down the road so she can get back to her writing. But nothing goes as planned… Kaylee’s stalker raises the stakes and Reed is forced to put his vacation on hold. Thrown into each other’s company twenty-four-seven, the two find they have much in common, not the least of which is a heated passion whenever they’re in the same room.

Will he be able to turn and leave this woman when it’s time to go?Publisher’s note: This book contains smoking hot scenes with a bossy alpha male cowboy cop, an erotic romance author, and some steamy fun between the sheets. Series description: the cowboy Justice Association is a group of eight lawmen in Montana who work together to keep the peace.

If only they could find that peace in their own lives. He just has one quick stop on the way. He promised logan wright he’d check on Kaylee Blue who has been receiving creepy emails from a stalker. Full length novelsheriff reed Mitchell is a workaholic on a forced vacation. But living out the most naughty scenes from Kaylee’s books is rapidly turning into something else.

Kaylee thinks Ava and Logan are worried over nothing. Reed hasn’t cared about a blessed thing in the last fifteen years except work and he’s not planning to change. For more information, please visit www.