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40, 000 first printing. Reprint. Featuring a new afterword containing the latest information on Pamela Harriman's death and will, a paperback edition of a uniquely detailed biography draws on hundreds of interviews to portray a woman sometimes called the century's greatest courtesan.

Life of the Party : Biography of Pamela Digby Churchill Hayward Harriman


Daughter of Empire: My Life as a Mountbatten

If you are addicted to downton abbey, chances are that you will relish daughter of Empire, a British aristocrat’s memoir of her childhood and coming of age…She is also a keen observer of a way of life now vanished, except on PBS” The Wall Street Journal. She also developed a close bond with Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru.

Her parents’ vast social circle included royalty, film stars, celebrities, and politicians. Not many people remain who can tell stories like Lady Pamela Hicks” Vanity Fair. Lady pamela hicks’s joyously entertaining new memoir, arguably the poshest book that ever has or will be written” Newsweek, is a privileged glimpse into the lives and loves of some of the twentieth century’s leading figures.

Pamela mountbatten entered a remarkable family when she was born in Madrid at the very end of the “Roaring Twenties. Daughter of the glamorous heiress edwina ashley and lord louis Mountbatten, nannies, at different times, chameleons, a honey bear, and servants—not to mention a menagerie of animals that included, Pamela spent much of her early life with her sister, a bush baby, and a mongoose.

Cornelius vanderbilt, while the prime minister appointed her father to be the last Viceroy of India. Amid the turmoil, meeting the student leaders who had been released from jail, Pamela came of age, working in the canteen for Allied forces and in a clinic outside Delhi. However when war broke out Pamela and her sister were sent to New York to live with Mrs.


The Georgetown Ladies' Social Club: Power, Passion, and Politics in the Nation's Capital

Bush, the georgetown ladies' social Club is a compelling testament to the sex, lies, and red tape of American politics. David heymann chronicles the dinner parties, correspondence, overlappings, and underpinnings of some of the most influential women in Washington's history. In this definitive portrait of the political and social life of Georgetown, bestselling biographer C.

Simon Schuster. Filled with intriguing and often startling insights into Washington life, from the latter days of the Kennedy and Truman administrations to the Clinton era and the advent of President George W. The georgetown ladies' social club" -- a term coined by ronald Reagan -- comprises a list of formidable and fascinating women, Lorraine Cooper, among them Katharine Graham, Evangeline Bruce, Pamela Harriman, and Sally Quinn.

Their husbands, government officials and newsmakers among them, relied on the ladies for their sharp wit and sensitivity, refined bearings, and congeniality. Used book in Good Condition. In a city characteristically and traditionally controlled by men, the Georgetown wives were, in turn, afforded an abundance of behind-the-scenes political clout.


Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch

We see the teenage lilibet repairing army trucks during World War II and standing with Winston Churchill on the balcony of Buckingham Palace on V-E Day. Random House Trade. But through the fog of glamour and gossip, who has led her country and commonwealth through the wars and upheavals of the last sixty years with unparalleled composure, intelligence, acclaimed biographer Sally Bedell Smith pulls back the curtain to show in intimate detail the public and private lives of Queen Elizabeth II, how well do we really know the world’s most famous monarch? Drawing on numerous interviews and never-before-revealed documents, and grace.

A most satisfying and enjoyable read, one to be savored at length. Minneapolis Star Tribune“Fascinating. Yet in biographer sally bedell Smith’s Elizabeth the Queen,  Her Majesty sparkles with both. More“a smart and satisfying book. Los angeles Times Simon Schuster. Sally bedell smith brings us inside the palace doors and into the queen’s daily routines—the “red boxes” of documents she reviews each day, her physically demanding tours abroad, and the constant scrutiny of the press—as well as her personal relationships: with Prince Philip, the weekly meetings she has had with twelve prime ministers, her husband of sixty-four years and the love of her life; her children and their often-disastrous marriages; her grandchildren and friends.

Praise for elizabeth the Queen“An excellent, all-embracing new biography. The new york times“an imposing, yet nimbly written, biography that dwarfs the field.

Life of the Party: The Biography of Pamela Digby Churchill Hayward Harriman

Tracking provided on most orders. Condition: New. Random House Trade. Buy with confidence! Millions of books sold! Used book in Good Condition. Simon Schuster. Notes: brand new from publisher! 100% satisfaction guarantee. Examines the life of the English-born American political activist for the Democratic Party, diplomat, and socialite.

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Party of the Century: The Fabulous Story of Truman Capote and His Black and White Ball

Notes: brand new from publisher! 100% satisfaction guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Lavishly illustrated with photographs and drawings of the guests, swinging sixties is a must for anyone interested in American popular culture and the lifestyles of the rich, famous, this portrait of revelry at the height of the swirling, and talented.

Random House Trade. Condition: New. Guest, kennedys, Rockefellers, and more. In 1966, norman mailer, and guests included frank sinatra, everyone who was anyone wanted an invitation to Truman Capote's ""Black and White Dance"" in New York, C. Isbn13: 9780316633765. Simon Schuster. Used book in Good Condition. Z. Buy with confidence! Millions of books sold!


Slim: Memories of a Rich and Imperfect Life

Buy with confidence! Millions of books sold! Notes: brand new from publisher! 100% satisfaction guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Used book in Good Condition. Random House Trade. Used book in Good Condition. Condition: New. The california beauty who became America'a quintessential socialite recounts her life in the social circles of Hollywood and Broadway Simon Schuster.

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Grace and Power: The Private World of the Kennedy White House

Perhaps as never before, Washington was sharply divided between the “ins” and the “outs. In his public life, jfk created a New Frontier, stared down the Soviets, and devoted himself to his wife and children. In grace & power: the private world of the kennedy white house, new york times bestselling author Sally Bedell Smith takes us inside the Kennedy White House with unparalleled access and insight.

Simon Schuster. Smith brilliantly recreates the glamorous pageant of the Kennedy years, friendships, political associations, as well as the daily texture of the Kennedys’ marriage, and, in Jack’s case, multiple love affairs. As first lady, jackie mesmerized foreign leaders and the American people with her style and sophistication, creating a White House renowned for its beauty and culture.

. Notes: brand new from publisher! 100% satisfaction guarantee. Isbn13: 9780316633765. Shimmering with intelligence and detail, GRACE AND POWER is history at its finest. Tracking provided on most orders. Smith’s striking revelations include new information about what drew Jack to his numerous mistresses – and what effects the relationships ultimately had on the women; about the rivalries and resentments among Kennedy’s advisers; and about the poignant days before and after Kennedy’s assassination.

Smith has fashioned a vivid and nuanced portrait not only of two extraordinary individuals but of a new age that sprang to life around them.

In All His Glory: The Life of William S. Paley : The Legendary Tycoon and His Brilliant Circle

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The Sisters: Babe Mortimer Paley, Betsey Roosevelt Whitney, Minnie Astor Fosburgh - The Lives and Times of the Fabulous Cushing Sisters

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