Queen of the Shining Sea Blade and Rose Book 4

As the werewolf presence in emaurria escalates, Brennan is forced to confront both sides of his werewolf–noble identity and choose whether to reject it or embrace it. Will she give up her war against the divinity, the dark intrigue of the black Jewels series, or will Emaurria fall?If you like the fantasy romance of A Court of Thorns and Roses, the epic adventure of Game of Thrones, and a heroine who never gives up, you'll love this romantic epic fantasy series.

Buy queen of the shining sea and dive into a medieval world sensual and dark, love and blades, full of magic and greed, where factions vie for influence and there are no easy choices. Note: this is an adult fantasy novel, including adult language, alcohol and/or drug use, and as such, violence, there are adult situations depicted, romance, etc.

One woman refuses to stand aside. After the divinity reveals its dark intentions, Rielle and her friends patrol the Shining Sea, doing all they can to stem the tide of gold flowing into Magehold and the dangerous goods flowing out. This is the fourth book in a projected six-book series, so although this book's story is complete, it is not a standalone novel.

. In a harsh and deadly wilderness, leigh and Ambriel search for clues about the Sundering ritual, hoping to seal away the violent Immortals and save the land for good. But the divinity does not accept defeat — and when the Grand Divinus strikes back, it is not at Rielle but at Emaurria.

Court of Shadows Blade and Rose Book 3

Is the truth worth the risk?master Mage Rielle is counting the months to her wedding when an unexpected invitation arrives from Magehold--to compete for magister. Answers to who killed her family. But with the other mages competing to kill, and mysterious factions working behind the scenes, strangers hunting her in the shadows, trying to win the test could mean the end of her life.

A trial to death. This is the third book in a projected six-book series, so although this book's story is complete, it is not a standalone novel. The magister’s mantle has been her dream for over a decade, but rumors accuse Magehold of shadowy deeds, among them killing families to collect promising young novices.

Piracy has been rampant along the Emaurrian coast, and Jon has his hands full with Immortals attacking, his forces spread too thin to handle it all. But when she arrives, she learns that the trials have only one rule: survive. Magehold could easily stamp out the piracy claiming countless lives, and if she wins the trials, Rielle could see it done.

And to investigate whether Magehold was responsible. Will the trials give her the answers she seeks and the aid emaurria sorely needs, the epic adventure of Game of Thrones, the dark intrigue of the Black Jewels series, or will they be her end?If you like the fantasy romance of A Court of Thorns and Roses, and a heroine who never gives up, you'll love this romantic epic fantasy series.

Buy court of shadows and dive into a medieval world sensual and dark, love and blades, full of magic and greed, where factions vie for influence and there are no easy choices.

By Dark Deeds Blade and Rose Book 2

Powerful foreign nobles whisper promises in rielle's ear—and lies with fatal consequences--but with more than her life at stake, whom can she trust? And while Jon faces personal demons, and politics, wars, widespread hunger, unrest, the assassin lurks in his periphery, a knife in the dark. With her death looming at every turn and an unforgiving barren desert between her and Jon, can Rielle save him before it's too late, or will the brutal sands claim her life.

. An assassin hunting the man she loves. This is the second book in a projected six-book series, so although this book's story is complete, it is not a standalone novel. Will she save him in time?Elementalist Rielle needs to get to the man she loves before the assassin pursuing him finds her mark. Immortals ravage emaurria, and a distant relation sparks the fires of rebellion against the new king while shrewd royals angle for an advantageous marriage.

There's only one problem: she's chained aboard a slave ship bound for a foreign land. And her new life is harsh, with her movements watched, food scarce, and safety even scarcer. And everything she loves?if you like the romance of a court of Thorns and Roses, and a heroine who never gives up, the dark intrigue of the Black Jewels series, the epic adventure of Game of Thrones, you’ll love this romantic epic fantasy series.

Pick up by dark deeds and dive into a medieval world sensual and dark, love and blades, full of magic and greed, where factions vie for influence and there are no easy choices.

Blood of the Wolf: A Blade and Rose Short Story

It also appears in the second edition of queen of the Shining Sea from February 2019 onwards, so if you have a newer copy, Nic's story is already in that book! And peace for the region. Thievery. Killing the most powerful figure in the region is a tall order after all, but against her better judgment, she agrees to play hero.

. Assassination. For the sake of a child. Only playing hero doesn't go according to plan. A mysterious light-elf named falken crosses her path, bringing the heat of the Divine Guard and the Contarini Coven with him, and a mission of his own to complicate matters. If she can pull it off. Nic is one of the black rose's deadliest assassins, known for her skill as an infiltrator, but when the job of a lifetime lands in her lap, even she isn't sure she's up to the task.

And her target didn't become the Grand Divinus without a few tricks up her sleeve. With the full power of the divinity against them and two competing missions, or will their diverging threads strangle them, with the Divinity to finish the job?Discover who will land on top in "Blood of the Wolf, can Nic and Falken emerge victorious, " a Blade and Rose short story set during the events of Queen of the Shining Sea, the fourth volume of the Blade and Rose series.


Blade & Rose Blade and Rose Book 1

Can they overcome the war in their way, or will trusting a two-faced ally tear them apart, and leave Olivia and an entire besieged kingdom to fray at the ends. Readers who loved a court of thorns and roses and Game of Thrones will cheer on this heroine who never gives up, in the first book of a heart-wrenching romantic epic fantasy series.

Buy blade & rose and dive into a medieval world sensual and dark, full of magic and greed, love and blades, where factions vie for influence and there are no easy choices. Note: this is an adult fantasy novel, there are adult situations depicted, and as such, including adult language, alcohol and/or drug use, romance, violence, etc.

This is the first book in a projected six-book series, so although this book's story is complete, it is not a standalone novel. When whispers reveal mercenaries have killed the king, taken the capital, and that no one is coming to help, Rielle can’t leave Olivia in peril. And the head of the divinity knows it, giving her every mission no one else wants and few can handle.

A third time could bring an entire kingdom to its knees…Stuck in a betrothal to a cruel werewolf fiancé, Rielle works for the Divinity of Magic, the one thing keeping her from his claws. He betrayed her twice. When an enemy of the Divinity invades their walls, someone needs to frogmarch him home, with no detours.

Winter Wren Blade and Rose

Seventeen-year-old mage apprentice Rielle accompanies her master, Leigh, on a mission to save a viscount from a town under mercenary control. When the mission goes awry, Rielle must choose whether to follow her orders or her conscience. Winter wren" is a sword-and-sorcery short story, a prequel to the romantic epic-fantasy series Blade and Rose.

But mercenaries aren't the only newcomers to town. Against three hundred mercenaries sieging a town. A mage apprentice and her master. Buy it now and see how Rielle and Jon first met.

Blade and Rose: Books 1-3 Digital Boxed Set: Blade & Rose, By Dark Deeds, & Court of Shadows

Which will she choose: her best friend and the kingdom, exciting characters, sensual, or the love of her life?Discover why readers around the world love the Blade and Rose series!"With a brilliant plot line and rich, and a very touching, beautiful, passionate and honest love story" --Amazon Reviewer"The best part is the main female character, Rielle.

. But as infamous mages and deadly assassins hunt Jon, his passion, she can’t leave him unprotected either--especially as she finds herself falling for his strength, and his uncompromising goodness. This boxed set includes the first three books in the Blade and Rose series, over 2, 400 pages of romantic epic fantasy.

A kingdom in turmoil or the love of her life. Action, gripping, suspense, fully immersed" --amazon Reviewer"What an excellent, adventure, and intrigue - and plenty of twists and turns - kept me turning pages, exciting, spellbinding first book for this series. Amazon reviewer"sweeping fantasy with deeply human characters" --Amazon ReviewerReady to find out for yourself? Dive in and see why thousands of readers have joined the adventure, drama, and intrigue of this romantic epic fantasy series.

. You cheer her on from start to finish. Amazon reviewer"honfleur sucks you into her vibrant and tumultuous world right away with unforgettable characters and a masterful plot that enthrall the reader to the very last page and beyond.

Feast of the Mother Witch of the Lake Book 1

The village and her family stand against her, and with time running short, the lake demands a price. A murder. There’s only one problem: the main suspect is her charming painter, Kaspian. As brygida investigates, the dangers are many and answers few. A curse…beneath the murky waters of the lake, an ancient being slumbers, and Brygida is its servant.

A witch. Brygida believes kaspian is innocent, when failure means condemning the rest of the village, but can she stake her life on it, and being dragged into the deep. Find out what lurks beneath the lake in feast of the mother, the first entry in a romantic dark fantasy series inspired by Slavic mythology and folklore, sure to please fans of Juliet Marillier’s Blackthorn & Grim series and Naomi Novik’s Uprooted.

Read feast of the Mother to begin the beautifully haunting adventure today! If she brings the murderer to the lake on the third day, the being she serves will be sated. If she fails, brygida herself will be drawn beneath the murky waters, and the village massacred. Kept sheltered in the woods by her mothers from the nearby village, Brygida has never had so much as a friend—until the day she meets a charming stranger painting by the lake.

He invites her to the village’s harvest feast, but her taste of the forbidden ends with a murder. Called into service for the first time, Brygida must take up her ancestral duty as Reaper of Death and solve the murder within three days.

No Man Can Tame Dark-Elves of Nightbloom Book 1

While she intends to preserve the peace, the Beast Princess has plans of her own. Prince veron has been raised knowing his life is not his own, the queen of Nozva Rozkveta, but to be bargained away by his mother, to strengthen the dark-elf queendom. After arriving at the human capital, he finds the "Beast Princess" rebellious and untamed—and not to be trusted.

Aless and veron face opposition at every turn, with humans and dark-elves alike opposing the union violently, as well as their own feelings of dissonance toward each other. When his mother tells him he is to marry a self-absorbed, vile human, he is determined to do his duty regardless of his personal feelings.

A kiss of fire and powder. After a failed courtship in an ally kingdom, twenty-one-year-old Princess Alessandra returns home to a land torn apart by mutual hatred between the humans and the dark-elves. A human princess. If you enjoy your books free of love scenes and adult situations, this series isn't for you.

Unlike many fantasy books, the Dark-Elves of Nightbloom series is NOT a clean read. The "beast princess, confidently sets her mind to ways of making peace, " as Aless is known by courtiers, but her father has already decided for her: she is to marry one of the mysterious and monstrous dark-elves to forge a treaty, and go on a Royal Progress across the kingdom to flaunt their harmonious union.

Jensen’s malediction trilogy and the romance of Elizabeth Vaughan’s Chronicles of the Warlands, No Man Can Tame will lure you into its world and not let you go.

Fate of the Demon Witch of the Lake Book 2

An offering. If they succeed, it could balm the divide between the witches and the village, as well as that between Rubin and the bloodthirsty land at its border. But between those worlds is the darkness, and when it comes time to make the offering to the demon, the lady of Rubin falls in… and so does Brygida.

The land of rubin is caught in a wolf’s maw. An ill fate…before the night of the winter solstice, Brygida has everything: her mothers, a full heart, and possibly a place in two worlds. As the winter deepens and the search stretches, demons and spirits begin to emerge in great numbers… with great hunger…Plagued by strange creatures and malevolent foes, however, Brygida and Kaspian search for Lady Rubin, praying to find her alive.

And brygida, true to her ill-made offering, becomes the lord’s prime suspect—and that of the village—along with her mothers. But as the heavy snows appear, she disappears without a trace. To defeat it before the mark reaches her heart and transforms her, and avoid a clash between her mothers and the lord along with his villagers, she agrees to help Lady Rubin’s son Kaspian find her.

An omen. When she’s attacked by a demon and marked, she believes the same demon may have taken Lady Rubin. As a smaller, weaker region, it relies on Lady Rubin’s gift of diplomacy to stave off ruin. To rescue her might repel the wolf at the door, but then there remains the mark reaching for Brygida’s heart, and the mysterious swell of demons and spirits, staining the snows like an ever-spreading pool of blood.

Dark King Sea Fae Book 1

If i give in, i risk losing my chance at reclaiming my power. When lyr touches me, desire ignites. Now? i’m a hunted supernatural in a squalid shop, stripped of my power. Breene will love the Sea Fae Series!"Five-star read. I see raging passion in his eyes, too. My only comforts are stale cookies, Elvis records, and my hula-hoop.

With a feminist, and suspense and mystery that enchants your imagination with magical worlds, anti-heroine you can root for, this is a must read for fantasy lovers you won't want to miss. Scarlett dawn, New York Times bestselling author. What lyr doesn’t know is that the blade might restore my stolen magic.

But as we journey, the gorgeous jerk is starting to make me feel things I’ve never felt. Even worse. I could be forfeiting my life. Readers of Amelia Hutchins, Sarah J. Until a lethally sexy fae king arrives and rips even those away. After the brutal king throws me in prison, I strike a bargain with him: my freedom in exchange for helping him find a magic blade.

A snarky fae, a sexy king, and forbidden desire deep as the sea.