Prodigal Son Lean Dogs Legacy Book 3

Charlie fox has a special role in the Lean Dogs MC, bouncing from chapter to chapter, risky, doing the crazy, deadly things the others can’t. Uncomplicated, unfeeling, unaffected…until now. Fox’s ex, does freelance pi work now, former MI5 agent Eden Adkins, and she calls when her latest case turns up a familiar face: Fox’s father.

In london, all the product of a father who’s more legend than man, nine half-siblings rule at Baskerville Hall, a mystery even to his own children. The lean dogs Motorcycle Club values family above all else. This is a complete novel, the final book in the LEAN DOGS LEGACY spinoff series. Devin green is in the kind of trouble it’s going to take all nine of his children to get him out of, all his dark secrets revealed along the way.

The novel is also available in parts One through Four. Be it club family…or blood family. Spies, sketchy organizations, secret agents, and resourceful Brits abound in book three of the Lean Dogs Legacy series. Look for the continuing adventures of The Brood in future Dartmoor Series novels.

Dragon Slayer Sons of Rome Book 3

A tale of brothers, and betrayal; of captivity, and revenge. The immortals of the world are gathering, and Vlad and Val, the original sons of Rome, stand poised to lead the charge against a timeless evil. But first, the boys will have to come to terms with one another – and perhaps finally come to understand the tragedies that played out almost six centuries ago.

A man made of sharp smiles, who they can hear, and smoke, but can never touch. An apparition in the snow. In 2018, he guided a pack of misfits to his prison. In 1931, a golden-haired man in fine clothes appeared to a Siberian boy. His jailers call him “brother-killer, ” and “traitor” – old rumors of the immortal realm carried forth by the sinister Ingraham Institute, a secret place hidden deep in the forest, bent on using the blood and powers of immortals to fight a gathering threat too terrible to reveal to the mortal world at large.

He calls himself a prince, or foe? is he real at all?val has spent the past 550 years as a prisoner, but how much does anyone really know about Prince Valerian of Wallachia? Is he friend, dream-walking, venturing where and when he can, using his powers of astral projection to escape the confines of his cell.

If only they can keep from killing one another…**This story is not a standalone, White Wolf, and should be read after books one and two, and Red Rooster. Now, val’s brother, hellbent on stopping the boys’ wicked uncle, is awake, the infamous Vlad Dracula, Romulus, once and for all. Book four, golden Eagle, expected fall of 2019.


Anywhere Sawtooth Mountains Stories Book 3

In all those years, one person, there’s only one thing, she’s truly missed—the one person she hadn’t been running from at all. He’s a man who likes things to stay the way they are. Ten years ago, he meant to bring the love of his life home to these familiar, well-worn walls. But the night before their wedding, she ran away.

Now gigi is back, and reese realizes there’s a reason he’s been standing in place all this time. She’s spent the decade traveling the world, moving fast, never landing anywhere long, chasing something she’s never been able to find, or even define. Jasper ridge, and the Jack—that’s his home. Tragedy sent her flying, and tragedy brings her back to the nest.

Like his father and his grandfather before him, Reese Webb runs The Apple Jack Saloon. He’s been waiting. But has too much time, and too much pain, filled the space between them? In more than forty years of life, he’s hardly crossed the Idaho state line, and he has no need or intention to go anywhere. Gigi mackenzie left home in a hurry ten years ago, and she hasn’t looked back.

The person she hurt most when she left. When she gets word of trouble at home, she knows she has to go back.

Hidden Worthiness The Pagano Brothers Book 2

In the day, he’s a powerful executive and philanthropist. Now, influence, he is a man of wealth, and respect. He’s armored his heart with cool reserve and an arsenal of iron-clad rules about what he expects, what he’ll allow, and what he’ll give in exchange. But ari doesn’t like rules, and she wants no part of Donnie’s offer.

They are nothing to be ashamed of. When he wants companionship, he has it; there will always be women attracted to his status. How could they, a principal dancer with the rhode Island Ballet, when they can hardly bear to look at him?When he meets Arianna Luciano, Donnie offers her the same arrangement he’s offered many other women.

He's devoted himself instead to his work, and he rose through the ranks to become the underboss of the Pagano Brothers family. In the night, he’s the don’s ruthless right hand. She sees his scars as signs of his pain, markers of his history. The devastating scars of that attack led him to be known as “The Face.

Since then, reminded daily that he’s too ugly to look at, he’s been alone, much less to love. She wants the chance to fall in love. If only she could make him believe it. But he harbors no delusions that they care about him.

Tastes Like Candy Lean Dogs Legacy Book 2

But he never would have guessed little Michelle would be so grown up already. Club prince meets mc princess in book II of the Lean Dogs Legacy Series. When circumstances force her to flee to America, she fears her days of working alongside the club are over. If charlie fox's niece has a head for numbers, he's going to put her to use.

But derek snow isn't the sort of man to let talent go to waste. In amarillo, texas, vice President Candyman faces the challenge of preserving his club and protecting his growing family. Raised by a widower and a pack of uncles, Michelle Calloway has known only one way of life, that of the Lean Dogs MC, London chapter.


Accidental Evils The Pagano Brothers Book 3

As an enforcer for the Pagano Brothers, Tony Cioccolanti’s life is steeped in violence. Billy jones has moved to quiet Cove, the place of her happiest memories, to start a business and fulfill a dream. The glowering goombah who visits her club regularly, however—he surprises her plenty. She was not prepared for the attraction between them.

As tony and billy draw closer, and the Pagano Brothers’ brutal world, Tony’s violent life, explodes on the streets of the Cove. War has come, and its wages are due. He is a soldier, and blood and pain are the wages of war. Yet one terrible mistake haunts him, in his dreams and in his waking hours. For the most part, he feels no burden on his soul for the blood he spills or the pain he inflicts.

Their interest in her nightclub doesn’t surprise her—nor does the “protection” payment they demand. Having summered in the cove through most of her childhood, she understands about the Pagano Brothers and their control of the town.

Lead The Brazen Bulls MC Book 8

But delaney shocked the bulls when he retired and set aside the gavel, and the Bulls shocked Becker when they unanimously voted to hand that gavel over to him. Now he’s the president of the brazen bulls mc, and he’s trying to figure out how to deserve that new flash on his chest, and how to bring the club back from the edge it’s teetering on.

Sage cleary is trying to figure out her own life and help her mother figure out hers. But he’s older, and thinks she’s too young for him. Sage has never been one to let a little rejection get in her way, and once she gets to know Becker a little, she’s determined to show him how right they are together.

Gary becker never wanted to lead. The conclusion of the brazen bulls mc series. Tulsa, oklahoma, 2002. He hates to be the center of attention, and he doesn’t feel up to the job. But her mom doesn’t want to be rescued, and doesn’t see that Sage needs rescue, too. When the mysterious, hot biker who lives behind their house jumps the fence one night and saves them, Sage goes to thank him properly.

The latest in a lifelong line of her mom’s abusive boyfriends is one of the worst, and Sage is doing all she can to protect herself and her mom, too. He just needs to see that the truths between their lives are much closer than the years between their births.

Prodigal Son Part Four

Spies, secret agents, sketchy organizations, and resourceful Brits abound in book three of the Lean Dogs Legacy series. Part four of four charlie fox has a special role in the Lean Dogs MC, doing the crazy, risky, bouncing from chapter to chapter, deadly things the others can’t. Uncomplicated, unfeeling, unaffected…until now.

Devin green is in the kind of trouble it’s going to take all nine of his children to get him out of, all his dark secrets revealed along the way. This is the fourth and final part of this novel told in serial. The complete novel prodigal Son, Lean Dogs Legacy Book Three is also available for purchase. Fox’s ex, does freelance pi work now, former MI5 agent Eden Adkins, and she calls when her latest case turns up a familiar face: Fox’s father.


Snow In Texas Lean Dogs Legacy Book 1

Now colin is a prospect for the lean dogs mc, and he’s just been transferred from his home town of New Orleans to Amarillo, Texas, where Vice President Candyman runs a tight ship, and holds tight secrets. Visit her at “lauren gilley – Author” on Facebook, at hoofprintpress. Blogspot. Com, or drop her a line at authorlaurengilley@gmail.

Com. She doesn’t have the time or patience for a biker in her life. From the author of fearless, believing the man who raised him was his father, the first in a new Dartmoor spinoff series: Colin O’Donnell grew up in a lie, stirring up hell in the Louisiana bayous. Jenny snow has spent the last seven years in limbo, waiting for the pain to recede, when she unwittingly catches the eye of the club’s newest prospect.

If only she can convince herself she truly believes that. Snow in texas is the first installment of lauren Gilley’s new Lean Dogs Legacy Series, and features characters first introduced in her Dartmoor Series. A shocking revelation about his parentage led him to his half-brother…and his half-brother’s motorcycle club.

Be sure to look for the dartmoor novels fearless, half my blood, the skeleton king, price OF ANGELS, and SECONDHAND SMOKE.

Light The Brazen Bulls MC

By new year’s day, their lives, and their futures, are full of light. Note: this christmas story takes place toward the end of Stand, Book 7 of the Brazen Bulls MC series, and is Book 7. 5 of that series. His blood family is falling apart, and his chosen family is badly hurt and struggling to get back on its feet.

Roland “fitz” fitzgerald is having the worst holiday season of his life. Tulsa, oklahoma, Christmas 2001. She devotes her attention to him and has decided neither she nor he needs more. She had a different kind of love once, but she doesn’t let herself dwell on its loss. On thanksgiving day, when Fitz is caught in a dark tempest of heartbreaking trouble, he runs into Kari.

She’s got her job, her friends, her family—most important of which is her young son, the light of her life. He became a member of the brazen bulls MC to find brotherhood and a purpose for his life, but everywhere he turns, all he sees are dark shadows. There was light in his life once, but he lost it long ago.

Kari kovacs’ life isn’t perfect, but she’s content in it. Their past rekindles at once.

Carry the World

But not everyone on the mountain is happy to see her. Living in a crumbing cabin at the highest, most isolated point of Ada’s route, there’s a family that catches her attention. She does all she can to help them keep the small family farm going. After the death of her husband, Ada Donovan returned home to live again with her aging parents.

But soon ada comes to love them just as fiercely as the woman they lost. And makes it her mission to bring them the world. Before her marriage, ada was a teacher, and the thought of returning to the work she loved is impossible to resist. Eastern kentucky, 1937. During one of her infrequent visits to town, she sees a help-wanted notice for the Pack Horse Librarian Project, seeking librarians to ride up high in the mountains and bring books to the people there.

There is no mother to dote on the happy, curious children. But times are hard, and there’s never enough. The father keeps to the shadows. The mountains are her favorite place, books are her great joy, and her horse is her best friend.