Natural Standard Herb & Supplement Guide: An Evidence-Based Reference

Updates are peer-reviewed, dosage recommendations, and include new scientific evidence, and more. Unique! cross-referencing by condition and scientific evidence grade provides a convenient decision support tool, making it easy to find the herbs and supplements that may be used for the treatment of particular conditions.

A unique, evidence-based A-F grading scale evaluates the efficacy of each herb and supplement. A review of evidence includes detailed explanations of clinical trials cited and conclusions drawn, especially as they relate to specific diseases and conditions. No other book can match its expertise and attention to evidence! Each monograph is concise and easy to read, and includes uses, dosage information, safety considerations, and interactions with drugs and other herbs and supplements.

Evidence tables summarize clinical trial data and provide a quick reference for clinical decision-making. Covering 400 herbs and supplements, up-to-date, Natural Standard Herb & Supplement Guide: An Evidence-Based Reference provides the high-quality, unbiased information you need to advise your patients.

Unique! rating scales show at a glance the quality of available evidence. Dosing information includes dosages for adults and children, and methods for administering. Coverage of allergies, side effects/warnings, and pregnancy/breast-feeding promotes safety by indicating when specific herbs and supplements should not be used, or when caution is required.

At-a-glance research summaries and an alphabetical organization allow for quick lookup in busy settings!Monographs for the 400 most commonly used and prescribed herbs and supplements ― such as arnica, glucosamine, lavender, ginseng, and blue cohosh ― provide the information you need for effective clinical decision-making.

The Essential Guide to Herbal Safety

You'll also find coverage of issues of quality, contact sensitivity, interactions, toxicity, allergy, adverse reactions, and idiosyncratic reactions. Provides the most current information on safety issues in herbal medicine. Presents authoritative and credible safety information from two experienced herbal practitioners.

Combines theoretical chapters with 125 well-researched monographs, making it the most thorough and comprehensive text on the market for herbal safety in practice. Provides clear information using the most current evidence-based reviews, covering factors that influence herb safety, including the negative placebo effects nocebo, various types of unpredictable effects, the basis for interactions between herbs and drugs, and quality issues.

Uses an established grading system for assessing safety in pregnancy and lactation that is realistic and appropriate to herb use. Thoroughly critiques the dominant misinformation in the media and medical journals on herb safety issues. Contains 83 documented case studies on hepatoxicity and the effects in relation to kava.

Churchill Livingstone. Duke botanical literature award, the essential guide to Herbal Safety offers a balanced and objective perspective on the principles of herbal medicine safety as well as the complex challenges relating to self-prescribed or professionally prescribed herbal medications and supplements.

With contributions from leading international practitioners and authorities, it contains comprehensive reviews, in monograph format, of the published safety data for 125 common herbs.

Herbal Medicine

Churchill Livingstone. With the new contribution of Dr. He was founder and editor of the zeitschrift fuer phytOTHERAPIE, and lectured on current advances in the subject at the University of Tuebingen. He studied botany and medicine at the University of Berlin, qualifying as a doctor in 1922 and subsequently taking additional qualifications in internal medicine.

. Weiss was appointed as a member of the German Commission E in 1978. Used book in Good Condition. After retiring from clinical practice in 1961, he devoted his life to the scientific development and acceptance of herbal medicine. Volker fintelmann, weiss's classic text on Herbal Medicine has been expanded and refocused to meet the needs of practicing physicians, students, residents, and other clinicians.

Arranged by organ system, the book's clear structure and scientific orientation make the topic of herbal medicine accessible to even the most traditional medical doctor. Former chairman of the german Commission E, his work focuses on the practical and methodological development of herbal medicine. Rudolf fritz weiss, md 1895-1991, author of the first edition of HERBAL MEDICINE is highly regarded as the "founding father" of modern German phytotherapy.

You will benefit from the newest research, clinical studies, and the pivotal findings of the German Commission E on the efficacy of herbs. Special features include:* in-depth coverage of the state-of-the-art of phytotherapy* Key prescription information highlighted in each chapter* Superb color photographs throughout the text* Two new quick reference sections that maximize your access to the material-- by herbs and the disorder they are used for, and by disorder and the herbs used in its treatmentVolker Fintelmann, MD is a licensed doctor of internal medicine and gastroenterology.

Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy: Modern Herbal Medicine

Written by herbal practitioners with active experience in clinical practice, education, manufacturing and research, the textbook is both practical and evidence based. Churchill Livingstone. Used book in Good Condition. The authoritative and comprehensive modern textbook on western herbal medicine - now in its second edition This long-awaited second edition of Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy covers all major aspects of herbal medicine from fundamental concepts, traditional use and scientific research through to safety, effective dosage and clinical applications.

Used book in Good Condition. Fully referenced throughout, doctors, with more than 10, the book is a core resource for students and practitioners of phytotherapy and naturopathy and will be of value to all healthcare professionals - pharmacists, 000 citations, nurses - with an interest in herbal therapeutics.

The focus, always, is on the importance of tailoring the treatment to the individual case. New insights are given into the herbal management of approxiately 100 modern ailments, inflammatory bowel disease and other complex autoimmune and inflammatory conditions, such as asthma, and there is vibrant discussion around the contribution of phytotherapy in general to modern health issues, including some of the most challenging medical conditions, including health ageing.

50 evidence-based monographs, dosage in children and reading and interpreting herbal clinical trials Comprehensive revision of vital safety data, including 7 new herbs Rational guidance to phytotherapeutic strategies in the consulting room New appendices provide useful information on topics such as herbal actions, including an extensive herb-drug interaction chart.


Medical Nutrition Therapy: A Case-Study Approach

Used book in Good Condition. Objectives within each case are built around the nutrition care process and competencies for dietetic education. Each case study uses the medical record as its structure and you "solve the case" by using the information provided such as hospital admission data, laboratory test results, intake/output records, and the physician and other health care provider progress notes.

Used book in Good Condition. The case is followed by a series of questions that focus on pathophysiology; assessment; clinical, nutritional, and behavioral outcomes; interventions; and appropriate follow-up for the patient. Churchill Livingstone. This "real world" approach prepares you for the professional setting.

. Building a bridge from classroom to clinical practice, this casebook is composed of 32 realistic case studies appropriate for introductory and advanced level courses in nutrition and diet therapy.

Introduction to Health Research Methods

Used book in Good Condition. This clear, practical, and straightforward text demystifies the research process and empowers students and other new investigators to conduct their own original research projects. In five sections, proceeding through the collection and analysis of data and the preparation of a formal scientific report, Introduction to Health Research Methods describes the entire research process beginning with the identification of a research question and the selection of a study approach, and ending with academic and professional presentations and publishing.

By breaking down the process into manageable steps, Introduction to Health Research Methods communicates the excitement and importance of health research--and encourages readers to make their own contribution to improving the health of individuals and communities through research. The second edition is a thorough update that offers:• a new chapter on mentorship and other professional development opportunities • a new chapter on grant writing with sections on funding sources, coding and analysis, focus group discussions, proposal writing, and economic analysis • A comprehensive walk through of successful writing strategies with dozens of ideas for how to get started on writing and stay motivated• New information on qualitative studies including interviewing, finding grant opportunities, and grant management• A new chapter introducing several analysis tools that move beyond standard biostatistical techniques such as GIS, mathematical modeling, mixed methods research, budgeting, and monitoring and evaluation Churchill Livingstone.

Used book in Good Condition.

Clinical Research in Complementary Therapies: Principles, Problems and Solutions

New chapters are included on whole systems research, qualitative research and questionnaire development. Used book in Good Condition. Therefore, qualitative, detailed description of mixed methods approaches including observational, cost-benefit and comparative effectiveness research are described. Not all therapies can be treated the same way nor channeled through the signal process of randomized controlled trials.

Churchill Livingstone. Essential for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, this second edition is significantly updated and enhanced. Used book in Good Condition. Part 2 deals with specific complementary therapies and how they are invested by experts in each field. Clinical research in complementary therapies: Principles, Problems and Solutions provides students with the tools they need to research complementary and integrative medicine CIM and so fill this gap.

The use of complementary therapies is exploding, increasing the pressure to establish a rigorous science to support its practice. Features • provides an overarching synthesis of methods in cim and how they are to be used collectively including the role of comparative effectiveness research • Suggests both general and specific factors which need to be considered in assessing or planning complementary therapy research • Pinpoints aspects of research which are different in orthodox research and complementary therapy research • Reviews the types of research carried out in specific complementary therapies and analyses issues which arise • Includes information on measuring the economic cost and benefits of complementary medicine, clinical audit and the role of placebos use • Builds upon recent research results, looks at the lessons these provide for all complementary therapies and suggests key issues to address in future research.

Part 1 deals with research strategies and methods, explaining the major types of clinical research in CIM and how these inter-relate. The book analyses the key questions asked and the controversies debated in complementary medicine research and offers clear and innovative guidance for answering these questions.

Krause's Food & the Nutrition Care Process Krause's Food & Nutrition Therapy

Written by nearly 50 nationally recognized writers, the nutritional needs of individuals in different stages of the life cycle, and practitioners, it covers nutrition assessment and intervention, researchers, nutrition for health and fitness, and medical nutrition therapy. Authored by clinical specialists, ensuring in-depth coverage with many practical and evidence-based recommendations.

Sample nutrition diagnosis boxes present a problem, and its signs and symptoms before concluding with a sample nutrition diagnosis, its etiology, providing both students and practitioners with real-life scenarios they may encounter in practice. Unique! pathophysiology algorithms present the cause, pathophysiology, and medical nutrition management for a variety of disorders and conditions to help you provide optimal nutritional care.

. Expanded! mnt for psychiatric conditions chapter includes the most up-to-date material on Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease. This new edition includes the 2015 dietary guidelines for Americans, more visuals, Clinical Insights, and highlighted Clinical Case Studies, and Clinical Applications boxes that help translate scientific knowledge into practical patient care.

Nicknamed the "nutrition bible", students and practitioners alike turn to its current, comprehensive content, engaging pedagogy and design, and logical presentation of information. New! the latest recommendations from the National Institutes of Health are discussed in Chapter 33: MNT for Cardiovascular Disease.

New! standards of Care recommendations incorporated throughout the book. New! inflammation and the pathophysiology of Chronic Disease chapter cross-references to diseases with inflammation in the MNT chapters.

Modern Nutrition in Health and Disease Modern Nutrition in Health & Disease Shils

Distinguished international experts provide in-depth information on historical landmarks in nutrition, specific dietary components, nutritional assessment through the life cycle, nutrition in integrated biologic systems, nutrition in various clinical disorders, and public health and policy issues. Modern nutrition in health and disease, international nutrition issues, 11th Edition, genetics as it applies to nutrition, offers coverage of nutrition's role in disease prevention, public health concerns, the role of obesity in a variety of chronic illnesses, and areas of major scientific progress relating nutrition to disease.

. This widely acclaimed book is a complete, dietetics, authoritative reference on nutrition and its role in contemporary medicine, public health, nursing, and public policy. Churchill Livingstone. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition.

Medical Herbalism: The Science Principles and Practices Of Herbal Medicine

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. It also includes information on toxicology and contraindications, guides to the different measurement systems and conversion tables, the issues involved in determining dosage and formulation types for an individual, and the pros and cons of both industrial and traditional techniques.

With additional sections devoted to the principles of green medicine, the history of Western Herbalism, the variety of other medical modalities using medicinal plants, an extensive resource directory, and a discussion of treatments organized by body system, Medical Herbalism is the comprehensive textbook all students and practitioners of clinical herbalism need to develop their healing practices.

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Churchill Livingstone. A foundational textbook on the scientific principles of therapeutic herbalism and their application in medicine• A complete handbook for the medical practitioner• Includes the most up-to-date information on preparations, dosage, and contraindications• By the author of The Complete Illustrated Holistic HerbalMedical Herbalism contains comprehensive information concerning the identification and use of medicinal plants by chemical structure and physiological effect, the limitations and potential of viewing herbs chemically, the art and science of making herbal medicine, and the challenge to current research paradigms posed by complex plant medicines.


Herbal Constituents: Foundations of Phytochemistry

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. 215 pages. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Churchill Livingstone.