Lord Grizzly Buckskin Man Tales

Used book in Good Condition. For this bison books edition, poet Freya Manfred provides a new introduction. Hunter, and scout, resourceful fighter, trapper, Hugh Glass was just a rugged man among other rugged American frontiersmen until he was mauled by a grizzly bear and left for dead by his best friends.

Hugh’s rage drove him to crawl two hundred miles across dangerous territory to seek revenge until he was no longer Hugh Glass but had become Lord Grizzly. Lord grizzly is the second volume of Frederick Manfred’s acclaimed five-volume series, The Buckskin Man Tales.

Crow Killer, New Edition: The Saga of Liver-Eating Johnson

He vowed vengeance against an entire Indian tribe. As the story goes, one morning in 1847 johnson returned to his Rocky Mountain trapper’s cabin to find the remains of his murdered Indian wife and her unborn child. Crow killer tells of that one-man, decades-long war to avenge his beloved. Standing 6’2" in his stocking feet and weighing nearly 250 pounds, he was a mountain man among mountain men, one of the toughest customers on the western frontier.

Whether seen as a realistic glimpse of a long ago, or as a mythic retelling of the many tales spun around and by Johnson, fierce frontier world, Crow Killer is unforgettable. The real johnson was a far cry from the Redford version. Bender and a glossary of Indian tribes. The movie jeremiah Johnson introduced millions to the legendary mountain man, John Johnson.

This new edition, redesigned for the first time, features an introduction by western frontier expert Nathan E.

Conquering Horse A Bison Classic

When it appears, he must interpret it correctly to know who he is, and he must deserve it or continue to be called No Name. High on a remote butte, a young Sioux waits. No name has his vision, a glowing white mare who walks among the stars. Though daring in battle, and strong, skillful, he cannot be a man until his spiritual vision comes.

She tells no Name his destiny and how to achieve it. He must pass through hostile camps, and fire, risking his life many times to become Conquering Horse, storm, chief of the Sioux. Conquering horse is the first of Frederick Manfred’s five-volume series, The Buckskin Man Tales.

The Saga of Hugh Glass: Pirate, Pawnee, and Mountain Man

Then unfolds the legend of a man who survived under impossible conditions: robbed and left to die by his comrades, unarmed, he struggled alone, and almost mortally wounded through two thousand miles of wilderness. Neihardt in the song of hugh glass and by frederick Manfred in Lord Grizzly, Hugh Glass was captured by the buccaneer Jean Lafitte and turned pirate himself until his first chance to escape.

Louis. Unp - bison Books. Before his most fabulous adventure celebrated by John G. Soon he fell prisoner to the Pawnees and lived for four years as one of them before he managed to make his way to St. Next he joined a group of trappers to open up the fur-rich, Indian-held territory of the Upper Missouri River.


Scarlet Plume Bison Classics Bison Books

Caught between the men who would wage war ruthlessly and his own judgment, which tells him how dearly the Sioux will pay for every white person killed, Scarlet Plume tries to save as many as he can. Hundreds of whites were killed. In 1862 the largest Indian uprising in American history occurred in southern Minnesota.

Women were taken captive. Told from the point of view of judith Raveling, a young woman widowed by the uprising, Scarlet Plume draws on the brutal history of the conflict from beginning to end. Soon she must try to save him. Scarlet plume is the third of Frederick Manfred’s five-volume series, The Buckskin Man Tales.

Enraged sioux attempted to throw off the broken treaties that still bound them and to avenge the insults and depredations they had been forced to bear. Taken captive by the sioux, Judith is given to Scarlet Plume, one of the many warriors who know their cause is lost. Defying the dangers of a pitiless war, he returns Judith to the safety of her people.

Unp - bison Books.

Riders of Judgment Bison Classic

To the oldest brother, grandfather, falls the lot of avenging the murder of his father, Cain, and brother. Riders of judgment is the final book in Frederick Manfred’s five-volume series, The Buckskin Man Tales. Unp - bison Books. He desires peace yet is forced to wear a gun. Full of the authentic sounds and colors of wyoming cattle country in the late nineteenth century, it tells the true story of a long-vanished time—the era of the cowhands and the bloody Johnson County range wars.

Riders of judgment centers on the three Hammett brothers and their cousin Rosemary, whom all three love. He is loved by a woman but rejects her because he feels unworthy of her love. Then one spring morning the cattle barons invade his territory, and Cain’s hesitancy vanishes. One man’s inner struggle becomes a fight to turn the cattle kingdom into a free country for the small stockman.

Here is a rich and serious novel of the violent West. Cain—who is in a sense a cowboy Hamlet—is torn by conflicts within himself. He is a law-abiding man by instinct yet has to take the law into his own hands.

Nine Years Among the Indians, 1870-1879: The Story of the Captivity and Life of a Texan Among the Indians

His memoir, fast-paced and compelling, tells of his arduous initial years with the Apache as he underwent a sometimes torturous initiation into Indian life. A fascinating account of Lehmann's subsequent life among both the Apache and Comanche people. He tells of their rituals, medicinal practices and gives an insight into Native American manufacture of arrow-heads, saddles and shields.

Peppered with various escape attempts, Lehmann’s recollections are fresh and exciting in spite of the years past. Nine years with the indians tells of violent clashes with white rangers and other Native American tribes, scalpings and the violence of life in nineteenth century western America. One of the values of Lehmann's book is its no-holds-barred, unapologetic tone.

Rocky mountain news as a young child, Herman Lehmann was captured by a band of plundering Apache Indians and remained with them for nine years. After a few years, lehmann became completely integrated into the warrior life, joining in on raids throughout the South-West and Mexico. Lehmann's memoir is quite fantastic-sounding at times, but is regarded as one of the best of that rare breed of book, the first-person 'captivity story'.

This is an engaging read. German life "lehmann's true-life story features suspense and excitement that surpass even the skill of the most imaginative fiction writer.

Mountain Man

Vardis fisher has captured both the romantic idealism and harsh realism of the wilderness experience with this classic tale of the West. Unp - bison Books. Distributed by the university of nebraska press for the University of Idaho PressA classic in American West literature and the inspiration for Robert Redford's portrayal in the classic film Jeremiah Johnson.

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King of Spades Bison Classics

For this bison books Classic edition, Joel Johnson provides a new introduction. Unp - bison Books. Under the veil of one of the oldest and most tragic myths known to humankind, a king is born. Magnus king, the son of a well-born english woman, continues his family’s aristocratic legacy on the frontier of the American West until the night a deadly shooting changes everything.

. Young earl ransom, a man found long ago on the cheyenne prairie with no memory of his past or of how his destiny is linked to that of Magnus King, finds his way through a tale as old and tragic as the Greek myth of Oedipus. King of spades is the final volume of Frederick Manfred’s acclaimed five-volume series, The Buckskin Man Tales.

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Jim Bridger: Mountain Man

By 1824, when he was only twenty, he had discovered the Great Salt Lake. Even among the mighty mountain men, Jim Bridger was a towering figure. Used book in Good Condition. He couldn't write his name, but at eighteen he had braved the fury of the Missouri, ascending it in a keelboat flotilla commanded by that stalwart Mike Fink.

. The author has adequately set the scene for his hero's adventures and has honestly appraised the great guide's historical stature. Other bison books by stanley vestal: dodge city: queen of cowtowns, joe meek: the merry mountain Man; The Missouri, The Old Santa Fe Trail,  and Warpath: The True Story of the Fighting Sioux Told in a Biography of Chief White Bull Unp - bison Books.

He was one of the greatest explorers and pathfinders in American history. He remains one of the most important scouts and guides in the history of the West. The christian science monitor has called this biography "probably the fairest portrait of Jim Bridger in existence. The new york times has praise for a "painstaking job of research among the usual Bridger sources and among some others which have been neglected.

Later he was to open the overland route, the Pony Express, which was the path of the Overland Stage, and the Union Pacific. One of the foremost trappers in the Rocky Mountain Fur Company, he was a legend in his own time as well as ours.

The Big Sky

A classic portrait of America's vast frontier that inspired the Western genre in fiction. Originally published more than fifty years ago, The Big Sky is the first of A. Here he introduces boone caudill, Jim Deakins, and Dick Summers: traveling the Missouri River from St. Louis to the rockies, these frontiersmen live as trappers, guides, traders, and explorers.

The story centers on caudill, a young Kentuckian driven by a raging hunger for life and a longing for the blue sky and brown earth of big, wild places. Caught up in the freedom and savagery of the wilderness, Caudill becomes an untamed mountain man, whom only the beautiful daughter of a Blackfoot chief dares to love.

Used book in Good Condition. B. Unp - bison Books. Used book in Good Condition. Guthrie Jr. S epic adventure novels set in the American West.