Lady In Red / Crazy Mama Roger Corman’s Cult Classics

Directed by academy award winner Jonathan Demme The Silence Of The Lambs. Also starring donny most Happy Days, Jim Backus and Stuart Whitman. When the shop is repossessed, the three ladies take a road trip from California to the family home in Arkansas that turns into a crime spree. Also starring academy award winner louise fletcher One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest and Christopher Lloyd Back To The Future Factory sealed DVD.

. Academy award winner cloris leachman stars in crazy Mama as Melba Stokes, a middle-aged woman who runs a California beauty parlor with her mother Sheba Ann Sothern and teenage daughter Cheryl Linda Purl. From sweatshop to dime-a-dance hall, from prison to house of prostitution, Pollys journey brings her even closer to the gang-run crime world of the 30s: until that fateful day she meets and falls in love with John Dillinger.

Pamela sue martin stars in the lady in red as the infamous Lady in Red Polly Franklin, whose red dress serves as an identifying beacon for the FBIs murder of public enemy #1, John Dillinger Robert Conrad.

Big Bad Mama / Big Bad Mama II Roger Corman's Cult Classics

Factory sealed DVD. The sexy trio sets their gun sites on revenge against a crooked politician by taking down his banks and kidnapping his son. She is out to steal a better life for her two teenage daughters. Along with her daughters, Wilma joins Fred on his next big heist. After meeting slick gambler William J.

. Baxter william shatner, wilma recruits him and the rest of her gang to kidnap the daughter of a millionaire in the hopes of collecting a big pay day. Big bad mama: when wilma angie dickinson finds there is no money to be made in the bootlegging business, a chance meeting with bank robber Fred Diller Tom Skerritt leads to a new career.

Also starring danielle Brisebois and Playboy Playmate Julie McCullough. Big bad mama ii: angie dickinson returns to her role as Wilma Big Bad Mama McClatchie.

Jackson County Jail / Caged Heat Roger Corman's Cult Classics

Factory sealed DVD. Written and directed by Jonathan Demme. She heads east on a long cross-country drive that becomes a nightmare after she picks up some hitchhikers and finds herself beaten up and stranded in a small town, then is thrown in the jailhouse on vagrancy charges. When these three unite, they find themselves on a sexy and violent adventure seeking escape, money and revenge.

. Also starring Roberta Collins and Rainbeaux Smith. Jackson county jail: advertising executive Dinah Hunter Yvette Mimieux leaves a promising career in Los Angeles to start a new life in New York City. Eventually she forms an uneasy friendship with two hardened inmates. Factory sealed DVD. Also starring robert Carradine, Howard Hesseman and Mary Woronov.

Dinah finds herself at the mercy of some bad cops, but she finds a way to escape with another prisoner, Coley Blake Tommy Lee Jones. Now the two embark on a wild car chase with the police. Caged heat: thrown into the penal hell of Connorville, petty criminal Jacqueline Erica Gavin must fight against the ruthless inmates, a cruel warden Barbara Steele and her depraved staff.


Roger Corman's Action-Packed Collection Georgia Peaches, The Great Texas Dynamite Chase, Smokey Bites The Dust

Candy claudia jennings, deathsport and ellie jo jocelyn jones, valley of the giants hostage, gator Bait, Tourist Trap are a pair of sexy bank robbers who blast their way into small-town banks with a carload of dynamite in The Great Texas Dynamite Chase! When they take Slim Johnny Crawford, it begins a thrill-packed crime spree across the state of Texas.

Starring jimmy mcnichol night warning, william forsythe raising Arizona and Walter Barnes High Plains Drifter, Humongous, Janet Julian King Of New York, this action-packed comedy was directed by Charles B. It’s an action-packed triple feature loaded with car chases, robberies, crashes, Explosions and a Little Moonshine! Two sisters running an auto repair shop and their moonshine-running boyfriend are extorted into becoming undercover government agents to outwit the Dragon Lady of the Southern crime belt in Georgia Peaches.

Factory sealed DVD. Griffith up from the depths and co-produced by Gale Anne Hurd The Terminator, The Incredible Hulk Factory sealed DVD. Smokey bites the dust follows the rivalry between a small-town Southern sheriff and a small-town delinquent who steals cars and then destroys them with the sheriff’s daughter by his side.

Factory sealed DVD. Also starring tara strohmeier Candy Stripe Nurses, Bart Braverman Alligator and Priscilla Pointer Carrie. Starring singer tanya tucker, dirk benedict the a-team, Sally Kirkland and Terri Nunn lead singer for the group Berlin, this action-packed comedy was produced by Roger Corman as a pilot for a possible television series.

Roger Corman's Cult Classics: The Nurses Collection Candy Stripe Nurses, Private Duty Nurses, Night Call Nurses, Young Nurses

You’ll be off your feet in no time! They’re gorgeous. Factory sealed DVD. Deeply involved with their work, these dedicated women give intensive care to their aching patients! They do it gladly in the spirit of charity and in the name of love! If you feel out of sorts, the Night Call Nurses know just what to do.

. Marisa has been assigned her duties as a disciplinary action following a fight at school; Diane considers her work a first step toward becoming a doctor; and Sandy works at the hospital only to be near her intern boyfriend. You’ll fall in love with candy stripe nurses as they get into all sorts of mischief with the doctors, patients and each other! Join three luscious nurses specializing in psychiatric therapy as they bend over backward to help the desperate, deviant and deranged.

. Kitty, michelle and joanne are lively young nurses who work at a large hospital and give the sexiest treatment you’ve ever seen in The Young Nurses. This is the story of the loves and lives of these beauties who must struggle to establish themselves as professionals in medicine at a hospital where sex, drugs and violence are rampant.

They’re the private duty nurses, calling on patients in need medically and otherwise! Get ready for Spring, enrolled in an experimental pilot program at a major hospital where they must confront underground drug traffickers, Lynn and Lola, racism and even murder. Factory sealed DVD.

Roger Corman's Cult Classic's Lethal Ladies Collection 2 The Arena / Cover Girl Models / Fly Me

Factory sealed DVD. They’re deadly. While attempting to beat the Romans at their own game. They’re beautiful. A fashion photography assignment teams three American models and inadvertently plunges them into the mystery and danger of international espionage in Cover Girl Models. They’re fast. In fly me, a group of martial arts assassins board a passenger plane.

Starring tara strohmeier the great Texas Dynamite Chase, Pat Anderson TNT Jackson, Lindsay Bloom H. O. T. S. Factory sealed DVD. Kidnapped by roman soldiers, four beautiful women must battle for their lives in The Arena. Starring pam grier and margaret Markov The Hot Box and Black Mama, White Mam. Directed by steve Carver Big Bad Mama and Capone.

They have to be. Once in the air, the group terrorizes the passengers and insists that the plane be rerouted to another destination. When an invaluable roll of microfilm is sewed into one of the girls’ fashion gowns, they are drawn into the violence and intrigue of a spy-vs.

Pretty Maids All In A Row Remaster

Oh, and for sports fans there's the Big Game, too. Playing a randy football coach, rock Hudson headlines a top cast that includes Angie Dickinson as a sexy substitute teacher and Telly Savalas as a savvy homicide cop sans lollipop. Factory sealed DVD. Oceanfront high school student Ponce de Leon Harper John David Carson is obsessed with sex.

Factory sealed DVD. Factory sealed DVD. Factory sealed DVD. Unfortunately, they all end up dead. Roger vadim brings the quirky sensibility that has made his Barbarella a cult fave to his first American movie, an outrageous, flower-powered black comedy/sex comedy/murder mystery sure to offend some family relation.

Factory sealed DVD. Factory sealed DVD. Fortunately, he meets lots of girls. As much everybody's doin' it as whodunit, this is one movie that just has to be seen to be believed.

Roger Corman's Cult Classic's Lethal Ladies Collection Firecracker, TNT Jackson, Too Hot To Handle

Firecracker: a blonde femme fatale martial arts expert teaches the mafia a lesson. Factory sealed DVD. Factory sealed DVD. Tnt jackson: a young karate expert searches for her brother's killer in Hong Kong. Too hot to handle: sexy adventure film has an international hit lady involved in James Bond-ish escapades in Manila.

Factory sealed DVD. Factory sealed DVD. Factory sealed DVD. Factory sealed DVD.

The Women in Cages Collection: The Big Bird Cage / The Big Doll House / Women in Cages Roger Corman's Cult Classics Triple Feature

Factory sealed DVD. Directed by jack Hill Spider Baby, Foxy Brown. Directed by gerry De Leon Mad Doctor Of Blood Island. Factory sealed DVD. From the outside in. Also starring Judy Brown and Roberta Collins. Factory sealed DVD. Also starring Carol Speed Abby. They get their chance to escape when scheming revolutionary Blossom Pam Grier engineers a prison break.

Innocent carol jeffries jennifer gan, naked Angels is framed by her drug-dealing boyfriend and ends up in a tough prison in the Philippines jungle in Women In Cages. Factory sealed DVD. Pam grier jackie brown joins a group of sexy, young female prisoners in their struggle against a sadistic warden in Big Doll House.

Factory sealed DVD. She must face off against the sadistic warden, Alabama Grier, who takes great pleasure in alternately seducing and torturing her prisoners. This shockingly real film is perhaps one of the most influential of all women-in-prison films! Also starring Judy Brown, Roberta Collins Death Race 2000 and Sid Haig House Of 1, 000 Corpses.

Factory sealed DVD. Factory sealed DVD. Inside the hellish women’s prison called The Big Bird Cage, inmates like Terry Anitra Ford, The Price Is Right struggles to survive.

Color out of Space Blu-ray

Factory sealed DVD. Factory sealed DVD. Factory sealed DVD. Factory sealed DVD. Factory sealed DVD. Factory sealed DVD. Factory sealed DVD. Based on the classic H. P. Lovecraft short story, vibrant and terrifying” Jonathan Barkan, Color Out of Space is “gorgeous, Dread Central. After a meteorite lands in the front yard of their farm, Nathan Gardner Nicolas Cage and his family find themselves battling a mutant extraterrestrial organism as it infects their minds and bodies, transforming their quiet rural life into a living nightmare.


Bloody Mama

Factory sealed DVD. Ma barker shelley winters and her four sons don stroud, murder, Clint Kimbrough, Alex Nicol leave the poverty of the Ozarks for a life of sadism, Robert De Niro, incest, kidnapping and violence. Bruce dern co-stars as kevin dirkman, a homicidal maniac who serves some time with the Barker boys and joins Ma Barkers gang as they take on the Great Depression the only way they know how in this explosive saga based on the lives of the actual gang.

. Stylishly directed by cult legend roger Corman The Wild Angels with a stellar supporting cast that includes Pat Hingle, Scatman Crothers and Robert Walden. Special features:-interview with Roger Corman-Original Trailer Factory sealed DVD. Factory sealed DVD. Factory sealed DVD. Factory sealed DVD. Factory sealed DVD.

Factory sealed DVD. While being chased cross-country by the FBI. Factory sealed DVD.