Kris Longknife’s Replacement: Admiral Santiago on Alwa Station

Oh, and she has to share Alwa Station with Rita Nuu-Longknife. If you buy the book now, 231 page, 60, you will get the entire 40 chapter, 000 word novel for your $4.99. And kris longknife most of all? Follow Sandy as she's introduced to the mess on Canopus Station. Kris longknife has been ordered back to human space.

Sandy santiago is a woman with a whole lot of problems. How does a gal get so lucky? She's ordered to replace Kris Longknife, but can any mere mortal fill the shoes of a Longknife. The delivery problem has been resolved. Watch her as she meets cats with nuclear weapons!, birds, and vicious alien raiders.

Kris Longknife's Relief: Grand Admiral Santiago on Alwa Station

Granny Rita is out of control. Last time kris longknife visited the place, she threw some serious shade on the aliens. Once she has her hous in order, Sandy is strongly thinking of getting her own good look at what appears to be the alien home world. Worse, the murderous alien raiders are testing Alwa's defense perimeter.

Sandy santiago has problems coming out her ears. Dare sandy return? might the aliens be waiting for her? What could a serious, organized scientific look at this world tell Sandy? Assuming she survives the look! The workers are out on strike.

Kris Longknife's Successor: Grand Admiral Santiago on Alwa Station

This is the third book with grand admiral Sandy Santiago serving as Kris Longknife's Relief, then Replacement, and now Successor on Alwa. Leaving the colonials to deal with granny rita, sandy heads off to work with the cats, only to discover she is not the only one who has a bone to pick with them - alien monsters have a vendetta as well! It's all in a day's work for someone who is Kris Longknife's Successor.

Grand admiral Santiago has all the challenges a gal could ask for. Granny rita is on the rampage, and the cats have gone on strike.

Emissary - Kris Longknife

Being desk bound hasn't even decreased the number of assassination attempts! Then Kris gets home to find her two kids playing with an Iteeche. Ron has come back to human space with a request. Something always goes wrong. Should kris honor it? can she finally get some straight answers for her Grampa Ray, King Raymond to most? Does she risk taking the kids into a situation with a whole lot of unanswered questions? Oh, and what can go wrong? Kris know something will go wrong.

Kris longknife has discovered that this desk job is not at all what she expected.

Kris Longknife - Admiral

Really, she knew by now that what was too good to be true really, really isn't. The loyal forces were losing, and they needed the best fighting admiral they could get. A whole lot of other Iteeche are hoping the bear takes off her arm. Enjoy! So they got Kris Longknife. Now kris is sweating out collecting a fighting force -- that won't make her their first target.

This continuation of the longknife Saga is 112, 000 words of battle, intrigue and assassinations including a few wrong turns on Kris's part. Now she's trying to figure out how to fight ships identical to hers, that outnumber her four to one or worse. Oh, and she's got to keep the merchant princes in her embassy from making a mess of everything.

Admiral kris longknife should have known the job offer was too good. Still, she jumped at the chance to be the first human emissary to the Iteeche Empire. Only when she got there, a teenage kid swamped by his throne, and met the Emperor, did Kris find out that there was a little civil war going on in the Iteeche Empire.

A whole lot of people are hoping this Longknife can pull a grizzly bear out of her hat.

Kris Longknife: Commanding

It’s full speed ahead with Kris Longknife: Commanding. Even when kris reminds them they’re losing, many have a hard time changing. Many iteeche also wonder if letting a human win this war for them isn’t losing everything already. Kris managed to win a defensive battle with a scratch force. Grand admiral, her royal Highness Kris Longknife is up to her ears in problems.

Sort of. The iteeche Empire has a ten-thousand-year long history. While summoned to the imperial iteeche court to be humanity’s Emissary, it turns out that what the Iteeche really want is a fighting admiral!You see, they’ve got this huge civil war going, and the Imperial side isn’t doing so well. There is nothing that won’t say, “We’ve always done it that way, ” pointing to a track record lasting for thousands of years.

Now she’s thrown together a larger force and is ready to take the fight to the rebels. Again. Kris now has command of the entire Imperial Combined Fleet.

Kris Longknife: Bold

The peterwald Empire is in the midst of civil war. But before kris even begins her mission, she survives multiple assassination attempts on her family home world. On one side is the tyrannical empress, on the other is the last person Kris ever wants to see again—Grand Duchess Vicky Peterwald. Despite her role as a fleet admiral and protector of a planetary system, Kris is still beholden to her great grandfather King Raymond’s commands.

Kris longknife “can kick, shoot, and punch her way out of any dangerous situation, ”* and her latest adventure in the New York Times bestelling series is as perilous as they come. Sci fi magazine. She has been personally selected for a mission that, should she succeed, will save millions of lives. Someone doesn’t want her interfering in the Empire’s affairs.

Due to their shared history, the Emperor believes Kris can mediate between the factions and bring about peace. Kris immediately suspects Vicky or the Empress, only to learn that it could also be a traitor among her own people.

Kris Longknife: Unrelenting

A saboteur has infiltrated the military’s medical facility and unleashed an epidemic that has spread throughout the fleet without warning. Seventy-two career military women are down with something not even the aliens could do to them—including Admiral Kris Longknife…. She doesn’t know who they are, only that they worship a being known as the Enlightened One and are unafraid to sacrifice themselves against her fleet.

But kris faces more than just the fanatical behavior of an alien armada. In the new york times bestselling kris longknife novels, “fans of the Honor Harrington escapades will welcome the adventures of another strong female in outer space starring in a thrill-a-page military space opera” Alternative Worlds.

The aliens attacking the planetary system of Alwa are an enemy unlike any Admiral Kris Longknife has ever encountered before.

Kris Longknife: Tenacious Kris Longknife Series Book 12

Vice admiral kris longknife’s honeymoon gets cancelled when she hears that the space raider’s home world may have been discovered. If only uncovering their secrets was that easy…As Kris returns home, she ends up tangling with a mutinous crew determined to take off on their own. National bestselling seriesthere’s no rest for a Longknife—even if you’re a newlywed.

Finding where the raiders came from could be the key to saving humanity. Kris and her squadron are ready to prevent total annihilation, but the mutineers have other plans…. The dissident group leads kris straight into a new mess—a system filled with strange, deadly enemies poised to wipe another sentient civilization out of existence.


Vicky Peterwald: Dominator

Grand duchess Vicky Peterwald has everything. It turns out that he didn't make the wedding because he's broke and living nearly homeless in an abandoned, half built, palace. What more could a girl want?well, her father, the Emperor, could have showed up to walk her down the aisle, but she's not really bothered about that.

Somebody should have known better than piss Vicky Peterwald off. Then suddenly, she is. Oh, and four or six brigades of infantry and tanks. How'd that happen?news isn't coming out of Dad's side of the Empire, so it looks like Vicky may need a battle fleet to go pay Daddy dear a visit. A loving fiance who's soon to be her husband, adoring crowds, and she gets to share her golden wedding carriage with Kris Longknife.

Now they have, and she won't let anything get in her way of being Vicky Peterwald: Dominator.

Kris Longknife's Maid Goes on Strike & Other Short Stories: Vignettes from Kris Longknife's World

This collection of 4 short stories under one cover: Maid Goes on Strike, Ruthie Longknife's First Christmas, Among the Kicking Birds and Bad Day.