Honor the Threat The Revelations Cycle Volume 12

The galactic union’s most capable enforcers and resolute negotiators, their name alone elicits fear and awe among the Union’s citizenry. Outnumbered and outgunned, there’s only one thing Jessica knows; she’s got them right where she wants them. Not only is she the newest peacemaker, jessica is also the first Human Peacemaker, and she commands the respect of few, both inside and outside the Peacemaker’s Guild.

But when a routine minsha collection mission stumbles upon a young trirusk, the mission’s leader knows that more than just the MinSha will be interested in the creature, a race that can synthesize diamonds and hasn’t been seen in centuries, and that a Peacemaker’s aid will be necessary to protect the species.

That is, until a species-induction mission comes along, and she is in the right time and place to get assigned to it. Peacemakers. No one believes humanity is ready to take on the mantle of being a Peacemaker, and Jessica is stuck flying a desk. Except for Jessica Francis. The jungle world of weqq was terraformed millennia ago and seeded to grow medicinal herbs to be used in the event of war.

With mercenaries sent to kill everyone on the planet and an administrator reluctant to turn over the young TriRusk, a negotiated solution may be impossible, despite Jessica’s best intentions.

A Fiery Sunset The Omega War Volume 1

Vastly outnumbered, or for them, the Four Horsemen had better come up with a stellar plan, it might well be A Fiery Sunset. Faced with an overwhelming force, the Human mercs had no choice. When the mercenary guild tribunal is revealed to be a sham, the horsemen are forced to choose--is it better to hide and protect the human race, though, or is it time to fight for what they believe in?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      All is not as it seems, and the galaxy stands poised on the brink of a second Great Galactic War.

The revelations are over and the war to end all wars has begun. The plot by the galactic union's Mercenary Guild against the Four Horsemen has culminated in an invasion of Earth. They've fled, leaving sansar Enkh to go to the Mercenary Guild headquarters on Capital Planet to stand trial for humanity. On the run, in an effort to convince alexis cromwell to join the fight, Jim Cartwright and Nigel Shirazi have traveled to the Winged Hussars' secret base of New Warsaw, while the other mercenaries who escaped the fall of Earth have gone to the perceived safe haven of Karma.

Alexis cromwell is reluctant to commit to an unwinnable fight, though, and there is no safety to be found in Karma.

Assassin The Revelations Cycle Volume 11

Ever. With reow dead, and hunters tracking them across the galaxy, will they live long enough to find the real killer, or will they find themselves assassinated by their own kind? . Few living people have seen them, as the sight of one is usually the last thing its victim sees. Clan politics on the depik home world of Khatash are complicated, with clans jockeying for contracts and the prestige and wealth they bring.

The race of cat-like assassins is feared galaxy-wide. Her four offspring are placed under interdict—they are to be killed on sight—and Del, Blade, Flame, and Death must flee with their molly, Susa. When reow is implicated in killing the Depik Governor, though, her clan is declared anathema. There’s only one rule—Depik do not kill other Depik.


Stand or Fall The Omega War Volume 4

While the occupation of earth continues, MinSha mercenaries under the command of Major General Drehnayl have assaulted Human-held colonies in the outer rim, wiping them out completely. The galactic union’s most capable enforcers and resolute negotiators, their name alone elicits fear and awe among the Union’s citizenry.

Tasked with finding the minsha is Jessica Francis, Earth’s first Peacemaker, but the odds aren’t in her favor. Racing against time, jessica realizes that finding Drehnayl's forces isn’t enough—she must do something to stop their atrocities and end their reign of terror. Upon locating the minsha fleet, jessica faces down Drehnayl’s armada with a band of heroes both hopelessly outmanned and under-equipped on the binary planet Victoria Bravo.

For jessica and her friends, that time is now. A peacemaker must set the terms, honor the threat, and know when to stand or fall. Peacemakers. With the famed four horsemen nowhere to be found, the Mercenary Guild’s attempt to instill fear and subvert humanity is perilously close to reality. Her decision made, and with minsha lieutenant colonel Tirr and the near-AI Lucille at her side, Jessica charges into battle intent on stopping Drehnayl once and for all…or to die trying.


The Midnight Sun The Omega War Volume 2

Having just completed another successful mission and taken possession of three Raknars, it was party time for Saisho Branco and the personnel of the Midnight Sun, and they were enjoying a little down time…until the war spilled over into their corner of the galaxy and two competing mercenary organizations showed up to steal the Raknars.

Little do they know, it’s a decision which will impact the war being fought hundreds of light years away! Organizations like the Midnight Sun Free Company. War has come to the worlds of Humans. But no one takes the company owner’s toys, and Gloriana has given the Midnight Sun a new mission—return the Raknars to her at all cost…or don’t return at all.

When everyone is against you, do you heed the call or continue to trust your shadowy employer? Outnumbered and outgunned, and your race calls you to war, the Midnight Sun must decide whether to fight or to give up the Raknars and save their lives. The rich planet of tau-rietzke, however, is far from Earth and the Mercenary Guild’s invasion, and its alien-registered mercenary companies are a safe haven for humans on the run.

This is the hardest mission the midnight Sun has ever taken, and it will test not only the military prowess of the company, but also its members’ loyalties as well.

Dark Moon Arisen The Omega War Volume 3

Meanwhile, Dr. Sato, the hussar’s brilliant but unpredictable scientist, unwittingly reactivates a 20, 000-year-old doomsday weapon with a mind of its own. If it can’t be stopped, all the Four Horsemen’s plans might become meaningless. Earth has fallen to general peepo’s army, and the surviving Human mercenaries have taken refuge at the hidden Winged Hussars’ base in New Warsaw.

Forces are moving both in the shadows and in the light, but who will rise victorious? One thing is for sure…a Dark Moon has Arisen. On earth, the defensive forces fight to keep the hearts and minds of their fellow Humans, but Peepo’s plans are slowly converting the people to her way of thinking, and the Mercenary Guild troops continue to root out the forces arrayed against them.

Outnumbered and on the run, the situation is bleak, but none of the Horsemen like being on the defensive. The war continues! The Omega War is in full swing. When they get intelligence that Peepo is massing resources at a secret base, they decide to launch a decisive counterattack that may open Earth up to recapture.


Alpha Contracts The Revelations Cycle Volume 10

They were the best, the brightest, and the most famous mercs to ever live. With a galaxy of aliens to explore and fistfuls of credits to be made, follow along as the Four Horsemen select their contracts and venture forth to meet their destinies. Cartwright's cavaliers, and the golden horde stand ready and willing to take on the adventure, asbaran solutions, giving you a merc's eye view of the dangers they faced in completing their first contracts, and how will they overcome it?                                                                                                                                                                                           The Four Horsemen: Alpha Contracts will take you behind the scenes of Earth's legendary heroes, the Avenging Angels, Winged Hussars, as well as a look at mercenary warfare among the stars from a fifth company, but what will they find in their Alpha Contracts, as its members send letters home from the front lines.

Jim cartwright, lawrence Kosmalski, Kuru Shirazi, and Altan Enkh. Before caspers were the lords of the battlefield, men tested their metal against aliens one-on-one. First contact has been made, and Earth's militaries and its premier mercenary companies stand ready to take their first tentative steps outside the Solar System.

But no one knows who they really were. Until now.

CASPer Alamo The Revelations Cycle Volume 9

Brown and jason brannon, loosely recreating the Battles of the Alamo and Isandlwana on a galactic scale. Casper alamo” includes two new stories by Eric S. Just like today’s tanks, massive amounts of armor and weaponry just make the CASPers “hard to kill, though, ” not “invulnerable. There are things in the galaxy even stronger than the CASPer, and when Humans run up against them, it’s up to the Human inside to figure out a way to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Caspers—combat assault Systems, Personal—are the lords of the future battlefield. When all seems lost, it’s up to the mech operator to save the day! The massive mechs were created to give humanity an edge against the rest of the mercenary forces in the Galactic Union.

Sinclair's Scorpions The Omega War Volume 5

While the four horsemen try to hold back the Mercenary Guild forces, Alistair volunteers his Scorpions to track down and bring back the power sources the Raknar need for the assault on Earth. As humanity begins to think about how to recover the planet, one thing is obvious—more powerful weapons of war will be needed in the effort.

The scorpions operate by guile, not overwhelming power, but will guile be enough when all the forces of the Mercenary Guild are arrayed against them? The omega War is in full swing. More are needed, and alistair sinclair knows someone who may have a line on where to get them…a secret Science Guild base where they’re being developed for the Mercenary Guild to power the Raknars Peepo has been collecting.

One of the keys to recapturing earth will be the Raknar of Cartwright’s Cavaliers, but the power sources of many of the giant mecha have become unusable over the course of history. Earth has fallen to general peepo’s army, and the surviving Human mercenaries have taken refuge at the hidden Winged Hussars’ base in New Warsaw.


Legend Four Horsemen Tales Volume 1

Along with his old friend Kal, Martin joined Cartwright’s Cavaliers, humanity’s best merc company. Life was exciting!But he got bored. He got bored. After battling aliens for many years—killing aliens and getting paid—retirement didn’t suit him, and he decided to strap on the combat armor and go back to the stars.

2018 dragon award finalist--best military Scifi NovelIn the era of the original Four Horsemen, there comes a Legend. At a time when humans were just starting to venture forth into the Galactic Union as mercenaries, Martin Quincy survived long enough to do something no one else had—he retired. There was only one problem.

Again. What does a ‘legend’ do when even the merc life gets boring? he starts his own company! can martin form a merc company out of non-merc races and stand up for the downtrodden of the galaxy, or has his long string of good luck finally run out? One thing is for sure—with Torvasi and Andori troopers, and a Sirra’Kan princess as his partner, he won’t get bored again!.


Dirty Deeds The Omega War

Deciding retirement was the right call, he headed to Valais, a beautiful aquatic paradise not unlike the South Pacific on Earth. Or did it? nobody was more surprised than Murdock when he found himself alive. Murdock isn’t quite done…yet. What good is a 70 year old merc in a star-spanning war? Never trust an old man in a career where most die young.

The storied four horsemen unit was just coming back from near catastrophe, and the battle-proven Murdock was an ideal choice for their top sergeant. That is, and he suddenly found himself back in his old trade, until the alien mercs arrived, and up to his ass in the Omega War. Warm sun, sandy beaches—peace and quiet.

Old mercs don't die, you do. Abraham murdock left his home of sheridan Arkansas at seventeen to start a merc career that spanned almost 50 years, working for dozens of companies, killing aliens and getting paid across the galaxy. After weeks of surviving in a failing CASPer, floating in space amid the ruins of dead starships, he was rescued by an alien salvage crew.

Near the end of his career, he landed a gig with Cartwright’s Cavaliers. It would have been a perfect last contract, but then his dropship was destroyed in the Chimsa system, killing the flight crew and him.