Home to Holly Springs Father Tim

Sometimes a trip back home becomes a journey of the soul.

In the Company of Others Father Tim

Unabridged, 14 cds, 17 hours read by Erik Singer A stirring page-turner from the bestselling author of the Mitford Series.

To Be Where You Are A Mitford Novel

A new york times bestseller#1 new york times-bestselling author Jan Karon returns with the fourteenth novel in the beloved Mitford series, featuring three generations of Kavanaghs. Wounds heal, bonds grow stronger, and celebrations continue. Welcome back to beloved Mitford. After twelve years of wrestling with the conflicts of retirement, Father Tim Kavanagh realizes he doesn't need a steady job to prove himself.

As for what it proves, heaven only knows. Millions of karon fans will be thrilled that it's life as usual in the wildly popular mitford series: A beloved town character lands a front-page obituary, but who was it, exactly, who died? And what about the former mayor, who's still running for office? All this, of course, born the year Lindbergh landed in Paris, is but a feather on the wind compared to Muse editor J.

C. Happily, it will also be a day when the terrible wound in Dooley's biological family begins to heal because of a game--let's just call it a miracle--that breaks all the rules. In to be where you are, jan karon weaves together the richly comic and compelling lives of two Kavanagh families, and a cast of characters that readers around the world now love like kin.

. Then he's given one. Hogan's desperate attempts to find a cure for his marital woes. Will it be high-def tv or his pork-chop marinade? In fiction, as in real life, there are no guarantees.

Come Rain or Come Shine Mitford

Over the course of ten mitford novels, first seen in At Home in Mitford as a barefoot, fans have kept a special place in their hearts for Dooley Kavanagh, freckle-faced boy in filthy overalls. It’s a june day in the mountains, with more than a few creatures great and small, and you’re invited—because you’re family.

After all, what’s a good wedding without a good cry? Now, father tim kavanagh’s adopted son has graduated from vet school and opened his own animal clinic. Since money will be tight for a while, his once and future soul mate, maybe he and Lace Harper, should keep their wedding simple.1 new york time bestselling author Jan Karon delivers the wedding that millions of Mitford fans have waited for.

By the way, it’s a pretty casual affair, so come as you are and remember to bring a tissue or two.

Light from Heaven Mitford

To put it simply—it’s her best. All good things—even laughter and orange marmalade cake—must come to an end. And in light from heaven, the long-anticipated final volume in the phenomenally successful Mitford Years series, Karon deftly ties up all the loose ends of Father Timothy Kavanagh’s deeply affecting life.

On a century-old valley farm where father tim and Cynthia are housesitting, there’s plenty to say grace over, from the havoc of a windstorm to a surprising new addition to the household and a mystery in the chicken house. It’s life on the mountaintop, however, that promises to give Father Tim the definitive challenge of his long priesthood.

And we believe millions will agree. Can he step up to the plate and revive a remote, long-empty mountain church, asap? Or has he been called to accomplish the impossible? Fortunately, he’s been given an angel—in the flesh, of course. Light from heaven is filled with characters old and new and with answers to all the questions that Karon fans have asked since the series began nearly a decade ago.


Out to Canaan Mitford Years

Thousands of readers have come home to Mitford, the little town with the big heart, whose endearing and eccentric residents have become like family members. Meanwhile, ordinary people are leading the extraordinary lives that hundreds of thousands of readers have found so inviting and inspiring. Peopled with the lovable cast of characters familiar to so many, and peppered with plenty of new and colorful personalities, Out to Canaan is filled to the brim with the mysteries and miracles that make everyday life worth living, and that make Mitford one of the most memorable small towns in recent literature.

There are 30 million copies of Jan Karon’s books in print  . Father tim, worst of all, and his wife cynthia are pondering retirement; a brash new mayoral candidate is calling for aggressive development; a suspicious realtor with plans for a health spa is eyeing the beloved house on the hill; and, the Episcopal rector, the Sweet Stuff Bakery may be closing.

But now change is coming to the hamlet.

Shepherds Abiding Mitford Years

By the author of In This Mountain. Simultaneous. Having pursued intellectual matters all of his life, Father Tim discovers the joys of working with his hands when he discovers a worn-out nativity scene and begins to restore it.

Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good Mitford

Indeed, bighearted, they have never been more sympathetic, and engaging.  . A publishing event: #1 new york times–bestselling author Jan Karon returns—and invites her millions of fans to join her again in Mitford. After five hectic years of retirement from lord’s Chapel, Cynthia, Father Tim Kavanagh returns with his wife, from a so-called pleasure trip to the land of his Irish ancestors.

While glad to be at home in Mitford, something is definitely missing: a pulpit. Dooley’s brother, sammy, still enraged by his mother’s abandonment, destroys one of Father Tim’s prized possessions. And hope murphy, owner of happy Endings bookstore, struggles with the potential loss of her unborn child and her hard-won business.

All this as wanda’s feel good café opens, their former mayor hatches a reelection campaign to throw the bums out, once more, a romance catches fire through an Internet word game, and the weekly Muse poses a probing inquiry: Does Mitford still take care of its own?            Millions of fans will applaud the chance to spend time, in the often comic and utterly human presence of Jan Karon’s characters.

But when he’s offered one, he decides he doesn’t want it. Maybe he’s lost his passion. His adopted son, wrestles with his own passion—for the beautiful and gifted Lace Turner, Dooley, and his vision to become a successful country vet.

At Home in Mitford

Now, stir in a lovable but unloved boy, a mystifying jewel theft, and a secret that's sixty years old. In these high, the air is pure, green hills, the village is charming, and the people are friendly. Yet, father tim, the bachelor rector, wants something more. Enter a dog the size of a sofa who moves in and won't go away.

And readers get a rich comedy about ordinary people and their ordinary lives. The first novel in jan karon’s bestselling and beloved Mitford series It's easy to feel at home in Mitford, North Carolina. Add an attractive neighbor who begins wearing a path through the hedge. Suddenly, father Tim gets more than he bargained for.


In This Mountain Book 7, The Mitford Series

Though father Tim dislikes change, he dislikes retirement even more. Staring at a blank page in a proposed book of essays, and filling an occasional pulpit, waging a losing battle against moles, he decides to take on a unique and difficult ministry. Father tim and Cynthia are again living in Mitford. Unabridged audio cd.

He even begins to think he likes change-until an unexpected event propels him on a painful journey that shakes his faith, his marriage, and the whole town of Mitford.

A Light in the Window Mitford Years

Father tim, the village rector of mitford, north Carolina, and his cousin Meg, is torn between his feelings for the wealthy widow who has been wooing him, who moves into the rectory uninvited. Unabridged audio cd.