Fluenz Mandarin 1+2+3 for Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad & Android Phones, Version 3

Additional audio cds allow you to practice in your car, additional comprehension MP3s and access to our digital Flashcards make for the possible learning experience. Fluenz mandarin 1+2+3 will guide you in English through the challenges of Mandarin with a proven system. Language tutors yi Wei and Sonia Gil, recent graduates from Harvard.

And speaking skills -- including a recording engine to perfect your accent. Two audio cds for additional training, downloadable podcasts, & the handy Fluenz Navigator for on-the-go referencing of important words & phrases. We will coach you every step of the way to fluency. Fluenz follow the full program on your iPhone, online from your computer, or install it in your hard disk from the DVDs included in the red box.

Amazing tutors in hundreds of videos, reading, listening, helpful explanations, and the most immersive platform to practice your speaking, and writing. Follow the full program on your iPhone, online from your computer, or install it in your hard disk from the DVDs included in the red box. Fluenz blends a video tutor with a range of engaging, and speaking skills in a unique approach that is currently being used by the US Navy, interactive workouts to improve your reading, writing, listening, and more.

The most comprehensive digital program to learn Chinese,.

Mandarin Vocabulary Quick Study Academic

This 6-page guide provides vocabulary essentials for students, travelers and businesspeople. Divided into tables that show the mandarin character ideogram, the pinyin Mandarin transliterated into the Latin alphabet and the English translation for every vocabulary word/phrase covered, this guide is both comprehensive and user-friendly.


Mandarin Grammar Quick Study Academic

Featuring mandarin characters ideograms, this 3-panel guide provides grammar essentials for students, travelers, pinyin Mandarin transliterated into the Latin alphabet and English translations, and business people.

Chinese Flash Cards Kit Volume 1: HSK Levels 1 & 2 Elementary Level: Characters 1-349 Audio Disc Included

Whether on a train from beijing to Shanghai or sitting under a tree in Berkeley, you can study Chinese with this well-designed, easy-to-use set of flashcards. Everything you need to learn the 349 most essential Chinese characters quickly and efficiently is in this box - our #1 Chinese language learning kit! 349 Flash Cards.

To succeed in mastering chinese characters, study them in the most effective order, there are just three secrets: begin with the most useful characters, and use repetition galore! Flash cards remain one of the most effective tools for rapid memorization, and Tuttle's flash cards are the best available today.

On the reverse is as much information as a dictionary entry: Romanized pronunciation and English meanings, sample sentences for correct usage, plus helpful mnemonics and learning tips. Plus a 32-page study booklet. Developed with hsk study and ap test-prep in mind, four words and phrases, the front of Tuttle's Chinese Flash Cards give one Chinese character, a stroke order guide, and look-alike alerts to help avoid confusion.

. A handy Organizing Ring. Audio recordings of More than 2000 words and phrases. An audio cd gives native-speaker pronunciations, and a handy organizing ring is the perfect way to keep the cards together when you're on the go.

Reading and Writing Chinese: Third Edition, HSK All Levels 2,349 Chinese Characters and 5,000+ Compounds

Standard Hanyu Pinyin romanizations. Used as a standard by students and teachers learning to read Chinese and write Chinese for more than three decades, the bestselling Reading & Writing Chinese has been thoroughly revised and updated. Codes to assist those who are preparing for the AP exam or the HSK exam.

All 2, 633 characters and 5, 000+ compounds required for the HSK Exam. Convenient quick-reference tables of radicals. Updated and revised compounds, plus 25% more vocabulary now offered. Reading & writing chinese places at your fingertips the essential 1, pronunciations, 725 Chinese characters' current definitions, derivations, and examples of correct usage by utilizing cleverly condensed grids.

Completely updated/expanded English definitions. More mnemonic phrases and etymologies to help you remember the characters. The student's ability to read and write Chinese are reinforced throughout the text. Key features of this newly-expanded edition include: The 1, 725 most frequently used characters in both Simplified and Traditional forms.

This is a complete and easy–to–use guide for reading and writing Chinese characters. Newly updated and revised, these characters are the ones officially prescribed by the Chinese government for the internationally recognized test of proficiency in Chinese, the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi HSK. Traditional characters still used in Taiwan and Hong Kong are also included, making this a complete reference.