Evidence-Based Management in Healthcare

These examples also demonstrate the potential costs and benefits of EB management. Learn what evidence-based management EB management is and how it can focus thinking and clarify the issues surrounding a decision. Numerous real-life examples illustrate how the EB management approach is used in a variety of situations, from inpatient bed planning to operating room scheduling to leadership development.

The book provides a straightforward process for asking the right questions, gathering supporting information from various sources, evaluating the information, and applying it to solve management challenges. Used book in Good Condition.

Managerial Epidemiology for Health Care Organizations

As health administration becomes evidence- and population-based, it becomes critical to understand the impact of disease on populations of people in a service area. A follow-up to the standard text in the field, this book introduces core epidemiology principles and clearly illustrates their essential applications in planning, evaluating, and managing health care for populations.

Managerial epidemiology for health care Organizations provides readers with a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the application of epidemiological principles to the delivery of health care services and management of health care organizations. This book demonstrates how health care executives can incorporate the practice of epidemiology into their various management functions and is rich with current examples, and case studies that reinforce the essential theories, methods, concepts, and applications of managerial epidemiology.

This book also addresses the need of health organizations’ to demonstrate emergency preparedness and respond to bioterrorism threats. Used book in Good Condition.

Evidence-Based Practice: An Implementation Guide for Healthcare Organizations

Used book in Good Condition. Evidence-based practice: an implementation Guide for Healthcare Organizations was created to assist the increasing number of hospitals that are attempting to implement evidence-based practice in their facilities with little or no guidance. This manual serves as a guide for the design and implementation of evidence-based practice systems and provides practice advice, worksheets, and resources for providers.

Used book in Good Condition. It also shows institutions how to achieve Magnet status without the major investment in consultants and external resources.

Organizational Behavior, Theory, and Design in Health Care

Organizational behavior, managers, and design, theory, second Edition was written to provide health services administration students, and other professionals with an in-depth analysis of the theories and concepts of organizational behavior and organization theory while embracing the uniqueness and complexity of the healthcare industry.

Using an applied focus, this book provides a clear and concise overview of the essential topics in organizational behavior and organization theory from the healthcare manager's perspective. Health care system--the nation's largest employer--health care managers face a myriad of unique challenges such as labor shortages, cost control, caring for the uninsured, and quality improvement.

. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Jones Bartlett Learning. Due to the vast size and complexity of the U. S.

Healthcare Operations Management, Second Edition

It covers the basics of operations management and explains how operations and process improvement relate to contemporary healthcare trends such as evidence-based medicine and pay-for-performance. Used book in Good Condition. Jones Bartlett Learning. The chapter on project management now includes information on agile, and the chapter on scheduling and capacity management has been substantially rewritten and expanded.

This second edition has been thoroughly revised to address current issues facing healthcare managers. The book's practical approach includes real-world examples to illustrate concepts and explanations of software tools that solve operational problems. Key features: emphasizes the importance of operations management in implementing the affordable care act aligns strategic and operational goals, including the use of project management tools and balanced-scorecard techniques to execute and monitor projects Thoroughly explores performance tools, and simulation Applies process improvement tools to supply chain management, techniques, discussion questions, scheduling, and other healthcare issues Includes chapter overviews, including Six Sigma, a running glossary, the Lean enterprise, and programs, and problems for each chapter Used book in Good Condition.

Used book in Good Condition. This book focuses on operations management and the strategic implementation of programs, techniques, and tools for reducing costs and improving quality. Major revisions include extensive updates to the chapters on statistical tools, Six Sigma, and the Lean enterprise. A new chapter on improving financial performance with operations management has been added.


The Well-Managed Healthcare Organization, Eighth Edition

Jones Bartlett Learning. Drawing on the experiences of high-performing and Baldrige Award-winning organizations, best practices, it details how to manage a healthcare organization using evidence, benchmarks and a culture of continuous improvement. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. New in the eighth edition: content throughout the book that explains how the affordable care act aca impacts healthcare management Discussion of contemporary care models including Accountable Care Organizations and patient-centered medical homes Coverage of Joint Commission emergency management oversight requirements Discussion of pursuing high reliability to improve outcome measures such as mortality or readmissions Updated information about meaningful use, workforce planning, retention, and access to clinical information Expanded coverage of HR issues including recruitment, big data, training, diversity, and inclusion New examples from ambulatory care and long-term care settings Used book in Good Condition.

The well-managed Healthcare Organization is the most comprehensive text on healthcare management. This popular resource has prepared thousands of healthcare management, nursing, medical, allied health, and health information management students to effectively lead in healthcare organizations.

Economics and Financial Management for Nurses and Nurse Leaders, Third Edition: -

Used book in Good Condition. It provides multiple opportunities for experiential learning, such as writing business plans and health program grant proposals. It delivers cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analyses, offers strategies for controlling budget costs, discusses budget preparation, and updates relevant health policies and statistics.

Additionally, tips throughout the book alert students about the need to apply concepts from other aspects of their education to economic and financial situations. Two new and refocused chapters address assessing financial health and nurse entrepreneurship and practice management, and new material illuminates recent research findings and statistics.

Chapters feature worksheets such as business plan checklists and text boxes expanding on key chapter content. The book is distinguished by its provision of case examples based on nurse-run clinic and inpatient nursing unit financial issues. Also included are online supplemental materials for teachers and students, a test bank, grant proposals, including Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint slides.

New to the third edition:updates health reform, and other relevant policies and statisticsincludes two new and refocused chapters that address assessing the financial health of a business and nurse entrepreneurship and practice managementHighlights recent research findings and key concepts in text boxesProvides blank and completed worksheets, patient acuity, worksheets, performance, health care spending, tips for synthesizing knowledge, and case examplesDesigned for use in traditional classrooms and in hybrid and online learning programsIncludes a chapter on measuring nursing care with indicators for capacity, such as business plan checklists, the CNL certification exam, staffing, games, so nurses can apply financial concepts in their clinical settingsFosters understanding of key concepts with enhanced explanations and samples of business plans and other reportsKey Features:Aligned with AACN and AONE guidelines, and QSEN competenciesServes as a primary financial management text for multiple nursing academic programsFacilitates experiential learning through end-of-chapter exercises, and patient flowNEW! a FREE Q&A App is availabel see inside front cover Used book in Good Condition.

It has been significantly revised to simplify content, to address the vast changes in and increasing complexity of U.

Economics for Healthcare Managers, Third Edition

Used book in Good Condition. This thoroughly revised edition includes: new content throughout the book that discusses the features of the aca and its economic impact on healthcare providers and insurers A new chapter, Bending the Cost Curve, that addresses reducing costs per patient while improving patient care A final chapter titled Behavioral Economics that explains why rational decision making may be limited and provides ways to improve decision making Cases and contemporary research in economics that highlight the changes in healthcare over the past decade This book provides a broad framework of healthcare economics and is suited for introductory-level courses in both undergraduate and graduate health administration programs.

This text can serve as a practical guide for future healthcare managers to help simplify and improve decision making when faced with everyday issues, profitability, risk, such as market demand, and regulations. In this new edition, the author examines efforts to control costs many of which are being implemented by private insurers while addressing initiatives such as population health and improved patient experiences in care.

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Jones Bartlett Learning. Many changes are underway in healthcare as a result of both the Affordable Care Act ACA and insurers ability to discern between efficient and inefficient healthcare providers. With more emphasis being placed on exceptional value for customers, healthcare managers must have a solid understanding of economics to lead them through these turbulent times.

The Law of Healthcare Administration, Eighth Edition

Used book in Good Condition. The book offers a thorough treatment of healthcare law in the United States, written in plain language for ease of use. Definitions of key terms in each chapter s margins complement a full glossary at the end of the book. Phoebe putney health system quality issues related to accountable care organizations and The Joint Commission s accreditation standards The ACA s Shared Savings Program and its effect on further hospital physician alignment and physician employment The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Important points are highlighted in each chapter through objectives, discussion questions, summaries, and case excerpts.

. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. The law of healthcare Administration, Seventh Edition, examines healthcare law from the management perspective. This updated edition includes the following new material: An extensive discussion of the major changes occasioned by the ACA The antitrust decision Federal Trade Commission v.

The author addresses the significant changes the 2010 affordable Care Act ACA makes to the healthcare industry, the development of accountable care organizations, including provisions relating to taxation and compliance, and new privacy rules under HIPAA. Jones Bartlett Learning.

Health Informatics: An Interprofessional Approach

Case studies encourage higher-level thinking about how concepts apply to real-world nursing practice. Discussion questions challenge you to think critically and to visualize the future of health informatics. New! updated chapters reflect the current and evolving practice of health informatics, using real-life healthcare examples to show how informatics applies to a wide range of topics and issues.

Used book in Good Condition. See how information technology intersects with health care! Health Informatics: An Interprofessional Approach, 2nd Edition prepares you for success in today’s technology-filled healthcare practice. New legal issues chapter explains how federal regulations and accreditation processes may impact the practice of health informatics.

New data science and analytics in healthcare chapter shows how Big Data ― as well as analytics using data mining and knowledge discovery techniques ― applies to healthcare. New project management principles chapter discusses proven project management tools and techniques for coordinating all types of health informatics-related projects.

New contract negotiations chapter describes strategic methods and tips for negotiating a contract with a healthcare IT vendor. Objectives, key terms and an abstract at the beginning of each chapter provide an overview of what you will learn. Conclusion and future directions section at the end of each chapter describes how informatics will continue to evolve as healthcare moves to an interprofessional foundation.

Used book in Good Condition.

Understanding Business Ethics

Stanwick and Sarah D. Sage Publications Ltd. Using an applied approach, this text helps students understand why and how business ethics really do matter! Used book in Good Condition. Bestselling authors Peter A. Jones Bartlett Learning. In addition to presenting information related to the association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business AACSB, countries, the text’s 26 real-world cases profile a variety of industries, and ethical issues in a way that is relevant and meaningful to students’ lives.

Stanwick explain the fundamental importance of ethical leadership, and strategic planning while examining emerging trends in business ethics such as the developing world, human rights, environmental sustainability, decision making, and technology. Used book in Good Condition. The third edition features new cases from well-known companies such as Disney and General Motors, new coverage of emerging topics such as big data and social media, expanded coverage of corporate social responsibility, and more.

Filled with real-world case studies and examples of ethical dilemmas, Third Edition prepares students and managers alike to make ethical decisions in today’s complex, Understanding Business Ethics, global environment. Used book in Good Condition.