Enlightenment to Go: Shantideva and the Power of Compassion to Transform Your Life

Essential reading for those seeking life-changing psychological tools and transcendent wisdom, Enlightenment to Go provides a lively and accessible introduction to the 'best of' Shantideva. Whether you are a newcomer to buddhism or a seasoned practitioner, Enlightenment to Go offers a glimpse of a radiantly different reality right here in your busy life.

. Ships from Vermont. With warmth, including stress, and he explores powerful antidotes to contemporary problems, author David Michie shows how modern psychological science confirms Shantideva's insights, humor, anxiety, and stories of his own experiences, and depression.

Buddhism for Busy People: Finding Happiness in a Hurried World

There he began the most important journey of his life. In this simple and accessible but beautifully written book, David Michie opens the door to the core teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, and shows us how he himself first began incorporating Buddhist practices into his daily life. What does it take to be happy? We've all asked ourselves this question at some point, but few of us have found the path to lasting fulfillment.

In buddhism for busy people michie explains how he came to understand the difference between the temporary pleasures of ordinary life and the profound sense of well-being and heartfelt serenity that comes from connecting with our inner nature. Shambhala. A chance remark from a naturopath sent him to his local Buddhist center.

. David michie thought he had achieved his life's goals--the high-level job, the expensive city apartment, the luxury car, the great vacations--but a small voice was telling him he wasn't really happy.

Hurry Up and Meditate: Your Starter Kit for Inner Peace and Better Health

If meditation were available in capsule form, it would be the biggest selling drug of all time. Shambhala. As a busy professional and a long-term meditator, he also gives a first-hand account of how to integrate this transformational practice into everyday life. We'd like to meditate, but we're just not capable of switching off.

The the amazing thing is that it's exactly the people who use the "too busy, " "'too hard, " and "too hyper" justifications who stand to gain the most from meditation. It has also been shown to make us much happier and more effective thinkers. The idea of infusing our daily schedule with newfound tranquility may sound appealing, but not everyone is temperamentally suited to sitting around in the lotus position chanting "Om.

Not to mention the fact that some of us just have very active minds. Given all the physical and psychological benefits, why aren't more of us doing it? In this thought-provoking and entertaining book, David Michie explains the nuts and bolts of meditation. Combining leading-edge science with timeless wisdom, better health, Hurry Up and Meditate provides all the motivation and tools you need to achieve greater balance, and develop a more panoramic perspective on life.

It has been scientifically proven to deliver highly effective stress relief, boost our immune systems, and dramatically slow the aging process. Hurry up and meditate: Your Starter Kit for Inner Peace and Better Health.

The Astral Traveler's Handbook & Other Tales Bedtime Buddha Volume 1

Hurry up and meditate: Your Starter Kit for Inner Peace and Better Health. From an early age he deduced that heaven or hell need not be material places so much as states of mind—and no less glorious or horrifying because of that. Whatever dreams he was having, Jason knew they had nothing to do with his physical body.

Yet in his dreams he experienced sights, sounds and even visceral sensations much more intensely than when he was awake. An earnest young seeker finds that drawing aside the veil to an immeasurably more wonderful reality, doesn’t depend so much on the arcane books he reads as on a source much closer to home.

. There were no limits to a mind untethered from form. What if you could re-live the enchantment of childhood bedtime—but with magic that is real? What if you felt the wonder you once sensed when you believed that anything is possible? Or were inspired to see the world through fresh eyes? In this compendium of delightful short stories, David Michie draws us into the extraordinary experiences of everyday people as they encounter those tell-tale cracks exposing reality as not quite what it seems.

From this he understood that you didn’t need a physical body to see, or smell, or endure any kind of experience with an acuteness that was more real than reality. His eyes were firmly shut and his consciousness withdrawn from his senses when all this was going on. Four female book club members are unexpectedly propelled, by the same black and white photograph, to discover a shared purpose beyond their wildest imaginings.

A cat-doting woman, who wishes her beloved felines would talk to her, is shaken when she realises what they have been trying to communicate all along.

Mindfulness Is Better Than Chocolate: A Practical Guide to Enhanced Focus and Lasting Happiness in a World of Distractions

Our thoughts drift to what we need to do tomorrow, or what went wrong yesterday. Hurry up and meditate: Your Starter Kit for Inner Peace and Better Health. By harnessing the power of mindfulness and meditation, we can find everything we need to be fulfilled, productive, and content! Shambhala. Experiment. Mindfulness” is paying attention to the present moment, deliberately and nonjudgmentally—and science has shown that those who practice it experience a wealth of benefits:Reduced stressStronger immune systemsMore ease in breaking bad habitsImproved self-esteemEnhanced mental claritySharper memoryOverall well-being.

And better-tasting chocolate!As Michie explains, the way we see the world is our own creation. Even pleasurable things—like eating chocolate—don’t receive our full attention. We miss out on joy that is easily within reach! In Mindfulness Is Better Than Chocolate, David Michie gives us the tools to rewire our brains for happiness.

Drawing on both buddhist teachings and contemporary science, he teaches us how to experience a mind free of stress and dullness. This book is better than chocolate!”—tal ben-Shahar, New York Times best-selling author of Happier and Choose the Life You Want Distractions are everywhere these days.

The Dalai Lama's Cat and the Art of Purring

Hay House. Hurry up and meditate: Your Starter Kit for Inner Peace and Better Health. Little does she know what adventures this task will bring! A hair-raising chase through the streets of McLeod Ganj leads to an unexpected revelation about the perils of self-obsession. The deep-down happiness that makes you purr from the heart.

. An encounter with the mystical Yogi Tarchen inspires a breakthrough discovery about her past—one with dramatic implications for us all. Because no matter whether you are a playful kitten or a sedentary senior, whatever your circumstances, a scrawny alley Tom or a sleek-coated uptown girl, you just want to be happy.

That, dear reader, means you! Shambhala. Sparkling with wisdom, and a touch of mischief, warmth, The Dalai Lama’s Cat and the Art of Purring is a charming reminder of why HHC is becoming one of the most-loved cats around the world. So what is the true cause of purring? the Dalai Lama whispers this secret on his return—only for the ears of HHC and those with whom she has a karmic connection.

What makes you purr?Of all the questions in the world, this is the most important. Experiment. Not the kind of happy that comes and goes like a can of flaked tuna but an enduring happiness.

The Magician of Lhasa

Tenzin's perilous journey through the himalayas, isabella, amid increasing physical hardship and the ever-present horror of Red Army capture, but no less traumatic challenges, as his passionate relationship with his fiancée, is mirrored by Matt's contemporary, and his high flying career undergo escalating crises.

Tenzin and matt embark on parallel adventures which have spine-chilling connections. Experiment. Shambhala. Half a century later, in a paradox of similarly troubling circumstances, Matt Lester is called upon to convey his own particular wisdom as a scientist, when Matt's nanotech project is mysteriously moved from London to a research incubator in Los Angeles.

Hay House. Hurry up and meditate: Your Starter Kit for Inner Peace and Better Health. It is at the moment when both Tenzin and Matt face catastrophe that their stories converge, spectacularly transforming our understanding of all that has gone before. He accepts a mission to carry two ancient, secret texts across the Himalayas to safety.

. When novice monk tenzin dorje is told by his lama that the Red Army is invading Tibet, his country's darkest moment paradoxically gives him a sense of purpose like no other.

The Dalai Lama's Cat and the Power of Meow

Hay House. Experiment. Throughout, his holiness’s dog, as well as a whole new cast of characters: a senior exec from one of silicon Valley’s most famous social media companies hint: the name rhymes with "litter", the Pope’s beloved dog who shares a shockingly similar title: HHD, there are encounters with familiar inhabitants of Dharamsala, and a public health inspector who threatens to have our poor narrator banned from the Himalaya Book Café.

By accompanying hhc on her journey, finding peace, you will learn new ways to relate to your own mind: slowing down, and abiding in the boundless radiance and benevolence that is your own true nature. In this follow-up to the dalai lama’s cat and the art of purring, readers escape to the enchanting and exotic world of the Dalai Lama’s monastery in the Himalayas, and take a peek inside the mind of a delightfully imperfect creature on the path to enlightenment.

Hurry up and meditate: Your Starter Kit for Inner Peace and Better Health. What ensues is a journey to discover her own true nature, and to experience life’s greatest joy, to gain a deeper understanding of her mind, the here and now. A twitching of limbs, sometimes, perhaps, a quivering of the jaw, a snuffling noise or a meow.

. She soon learns the proper phrase for this, or, being mindful, a concept better known to her as the power of meow.

The Dalai Lama's Cat

Her story will put a smile on the face of anyone who has been blessed by the kneading paws and bountiful purring of a cat. Oh! how adorable! i didn’t know you had a cat!’ she exclaimed. I am always surprised how many people make this observation. Hay House. Hay house Visions. Experiment. Hurry up and meditate: Your Starter Kit for Inner Peace and Better Health.

Why should his holiness not have a cat?‘If only she could speak, ’ continued the actress. I’m sure she’d have such wisdom to share. And so the seed was planted. A tiny spy observing the constant flow of private meetings between His Holiness and everyone from Hollywood celebrities to philanthropists to self-help authors, the Dalai Lama’s cat provides us with insights on how to find happiness and meaning in a busy, materialistic world.

A book that would tell my own tale. I began to think that perhaps the time had come for me to write a book of my own—a book that would convey some of the wisdom I’ve learned sitting not at the feet of the Dalai Lama but even closer, on his lap. How i was rescued from a fate too grisly to contemplate to become the constant companion of a man who is not only one of the world’s greatest spiritual leaders and a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate but also a dab hand with a can opener.

Starving and pitiful, a mud-smeared kitten is rescued from the slums of New Delhi and transported to a life she could have never imagined.

Buddhism for Pet Lovers: Supporting our Closest Companions through Life and Death

This book helps direct us to a path toward the blossoming of that opportunity. Carl safina, author of Beyond Words, and What Animals Think and Feel Shambhala. The bonds we share with our pets go beyond words and are often deeper than many of our human relationships. Hurry up and meditate: Your Starter Kit for Inner Peace and Better Health.

Hay house Visions. If you have ever deeply loved an animal, this is, without doubt, the book for you. Gail pope, brighthaven 'Our pets offer us one of our greatest opportunities to add compassion to the world. Hay House. Experiment. He proposes that the pets with whom we share our lives are not there by accident.

Written with humour and compassion, and including extraordinary true stories from around the world, Buddhism for Pet Lovers reveals how our animal companions may indeed be among our most precious partners. What is the nature of these close connections? and what if our influence on pets, both in life and especially through sickness and death, supported by contemporary science, is far more powerful than we ever conceived? David Michie draws on ancient Buddhist wisdom, to provide fascinating insights into animal consciousness.

Whether your animal companion has fur, feathers or fins, he offers a treasury of practical tools to enhance your relationship with them in everyday life, as well as during times of challenge. For in helping them, our own lives are incomparably enriched too.

The Queen's Corgi: On Purpose

He also becomes familiar with the Queen’s most surprising quality: her gentle but firm expectation that everyone she encounters is striving to be the best that they can be. Romping through the litany of nelson’s misdemeanours are a warm-heartedness and deep wisdom sure to delight anyone who has known the smiling face and warm tongue of a dog.

Through one of her majesty’s most mysterious advisers, he discovers how the ancient ways and powerful symbols continue to exert a transformative presence. The queen’s corgi bursts with zest, humour and adventure. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if newspapers did more to share stories and insights that were really meaningful? Things that might help people lead more purposeful lives.

The queen glanced over at him, uncertainly. Charming his way into the affections of the royal household, Nelson offers a dog’s-eye view of life with the Queen. Hay House. Shambhala. There was a pause while the family glanced in my direction. Hay house Visions. Every one of us has tried. Pushing myself up so that I was balancing on my rear end, I fixed Kate with a pleading expression.