Dance Technique of Lester Horton

A guide to the principles of dance and training developed by Lester Horton. It includes a foreword by alvin ailey, reminiscences of early Lester Horton technique by Bella Lewitzky, and a three-dimensional portrait of the life and work of Lester Horton by Jana Frances-Fischer.

The Dance Technique of Lester Horton: An Advanced Beginners Class

This advanced beginners class was created to show how the Horton studies can be incorporated and taught within a class. Running time: 90 minutes. All of the dancers in the dvd are graduates or former students in the Ailey School/Fordham University BFA program. Factory sealed DVD. The class is based on the book "the dance Technique of Lester Horton" by Marjorie Perces, Ana Marie Forsythe and Cheryl Bell.

The class contains: the warm up with ana marie forsythe, preparation for deep forward lunges, lateral stretches, leg swings, side hip pull with figure 4 turn and lateral t balance, flat back series, release swing series, round over and round up, progreSSIONS: Side Hip Pull, Leg Swings with Stag Position Balance, Fortification #1, Coccyx Balance, Twists with Open Egyptian Arms, Single Foot Arch Springs with Stag Jump, CENTER FLOOR work with Ana Marie Forsythe, Side Hip Pull with Figure 4 Turn, Primitive Squat Descent and Ascent, Single Foot Arch Springs, IMPROVISATION with Marjorie Perces, Lateral T Study, Prelude #1, Fortification #14.

Dance technique of lester horton the guide for teaching an advanced Beginners Class The first video class that teaches the legendary Lester Horton technique.

Lester Horton Technique: Advanced Level

Dance spotlight presents the final documentation of the Lester Horton modern dance technique. Factory sealed DVD. Factory sealed DVD.

Lester Horton Technique: Intermediate Level

Color. Sound: dolby 2. 0 . Dance spotlight presents the Intermediate level of the innovative dance training technique of Lester Horton for modern dancers, teachers and choreographers. Factory sealed DVD. Perces and Ana Marie Forsythe. Isbn: 0-7697-7794-5. Factory sealed DVD. Performers: marjorie B. Running Time: 55 minutes.


Lester Horton Dance Technique: The Warm-Up for Dancers

Lester horton technique: The Warm-Up is a unique program designed to prepare dancers for rehearsal and performance. Isbn: 0-7697-7794-5. Perces and Ana Marie Forsythe. Sound: dolby 2. 0 Factory sealed DVD. Performers: marjorie B. Factory sealed DVD. Factory sealed DVD. Running Time: 55 minutes. Color.

Dance Anatomy

Isbn: 0-7697-7794-5. Performers: marjorie B. Running Time: 55 minutes. Experience the raw energy and aesthetic beauty of dance as you perfect your technique with Dance Anatomy. Each chapter addresses a key principle of movement to help you improve performance, beginning with the center of the body, where dance begins.

. Featuring hundreds of full-color illustrations, dance Anatomy presents more than 100 of the most effective dance, improved placement, movement, each designed to promote correct alignment, proper breathing, and performance exercises, and prevention of common injuries. You will clearly see how muscular development translates into greater poise and elegance on the stage.

Sound: dolby 2. 0 Color. Regardless of your ability level or dance style, intense muscular control, Dance Anatomy will help you master the impeccable balance, and grace to prepare you for your next leading role! Factory sealed DVD. You will learn exercises to target specific areas, pelvis, such as shoulders and arms, and lower legs to enhance flexibility and ensure safety.

You will also discover more efficient ways of improving your lines and technique by implementing a supplementary conditioning program that takes into account your changing cycles of classes, practices, and times of rest. Factory sealed DVD. The exercises are drawn in stunning detail, capturing the dancer in motion and highlighting the active muscles associated with each movement so you can develop and strengthen different areas of the body.

Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet Dover Books on Dance

For each, of how the concept fits in with actual ballet dancing, or the movement executed, then a literal translation, and finally an explanation of how the step is performed, the pose captured, first a phonetic transcription is provided, or of the purpose or function of the idea. A pronunciation guide, cross-references to alternate names for similar steps and positions that vary from the Russian to the French or Italian schools, and a bibliography are all invaluable aids.

But the most important supplement is the 15-page pictorial section, drawn by the author, who is both a successful ballet teacher and dancer. Extensive revision, and the inclusion of more than 300 new terms have added immeasurably to the value of this concise, expansion, definitive manual. Moving from "abstract ballet" and "adage, 100 ballet steps saul de chat, adagio" to "working leg" and "wrapped position, failli, entrechat six, jeté enveloppé, " the book fully describes and defines over 1, etc.

Retiré, dégagé, épaulement, à terre, en arrière, movements and poses arabesque, attitude, etc. And other expressions and concepts. Completely revised and updated, this third edition is virtually a new work and should be owned by every student, choreographer, dance teacher, and ballet enthusiast — even those who purchased the second edition.

Keyed to the dictionary and vice-versa, leg, these diagrams show clearly the exact foot, arm, and body positions for the proper execution of many of the more common ballet steps and movements. This essential and easy reference is a must for every teacher, aspiring dancer, and ballet class.

Introduction to Modern Dance Techniques

Color. Running Time: 55 minutes. Factory sealed DVD. There are also ideas for experimentation so that students can begin developing an aesthetic sense for not only what is pleasing to their artistic eye, but also for what technical ideas are exciting while their own body is in motion. Perces and Ana Marie Forsythe.

Technical manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet. Factory sealed DVD. Sample lessons are included for teachers to incorporate the text into courses. Sound: dolby 2. 0 Bringing together all of the major modern dance techniques from the last 80 years, this engaging account is the first of its kind. The informative discussion starts by mapping the historical development of modern dance: in the late 19th century, a new dance emerged—not yet known as modern dance—that rejected social strictures and ballet as well.

. Isbn: 0-7697-7794-5. Performers: marjorie B. Factory sealed DVD. With insight into the personalities and purposes of modern dance’s vanguard—including Martha Graham, Lester Horton, and Merce Cunningham—this compilation provides a comparative approach that will enable students to discern which technique best suits them and dispel the idea that there is a single, José Limón, universal modern dance technique.


Martha Graham: The Evolution of Her Dance Theory and Training

Factory sealed DVD. Performers: marjorie B. Technical manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet. Focuses on the celebrated technique, though the stuff of memoir naturally seeps in as well. The interviews of teachers, all former Graham students, reflect their passion for maintaining Graham's few fixed principles and her emotional integrity.

Perces and Ana Marie Forsythe. Some of the foremost actors of Graham's time describe their stormy encounters with her as she attempted to teach them that "movement doesn't lie. This book offers the only syllabus in print of Graham's work. The illuminating, famously, aphoristic comments appended to specific exercises recall the rich verbal imagery Graham employed, in her teaching.

Los angeles times "the only book in print with a syllabus of her movements including advanced work. Dancer"recommended for all dance and theater collections. Sound: dolby 2. 0 Factory sealed DVD. Running Time: 55 minutes. These images, along with the interviews and commentary, plot the evolution of Graham’s methodology and vocabulary of movement, on which classical modern dance continues to rely.

NYC Ballet Workout: Fifty Stretches And Exercises Anyone Can Do For A Strong, Graceful, And Sculpted Body

Performers: marjorie B. Used book in Good Condition. More than three hundred stunning step-by-step and other photographs throughout make this the most beautiful and easy-to-use exercise book ever created. This elegant book is unlike any exercise book ever published. Factory sealed DVD. Many exercises of the new York City Ballet Workout were once confined to the world's elite rehearsal studios.

From flexibility to endurance, this is a complete exercise program for men and women. Sound: dolby 2. 0 Factory sealed DVD. Now, holistic approach to the body that can be used by anyone from the out-of-shape to the serious athlete, to attain a lean, these exercises have been designed as a comprehensive, hard, as refined by Peter Martins and his company, beautiful body.

Running Time: 55 minutes. New york city ballet workout is a revolutionary fitness program that will help you begin to develop lean abs, perfect posture, slim thighs, firm buttocks, a contoured waist, sculpted legs, strong arms, flexbility you never thought possible--and grace and poice of a dancer. Factory sealed DVD.

Technical manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet. Graced with more than 300 instructional exercise photographs and extraordinary duotone portraits of New York City Ballet dancers, life, The New York City Ballet Workout explores the company's philosophy of balancing art, and fitness. By combining elements of new york city ballet's balletic regimen with practical strength-building exercises, graceful, The New York City Ballet Workout can help people achieve a strong, and flexible body--one that displays the impeccable poise that is the trademark of New York City Ballet dancers.

Conditioning for Dance

You'll learn how to execute lifelong dance skills that give power without the risk of injuries. By working the muscles through movements and ranges of motion that approximate the demands of your chosen dance form, you directly enrich your performance capabilities. The result is more lift without tension, deeper pliï¿œs, higher jumps with less effort, tighter turns, and improved extension and turnout.

Conditioning for dance is the result of years of practical experience combined with scientific and anatomical analysis. Perces and Ana Marie Forsythe. And as you strengthen the body's core, and incorporate the power of the mind, stretch to gain just the right amount of flexibility, you unleash your full artistic and physical potential.

Technical manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet. Isbn: 0-7697-7794-5. Sound: dolby 2. 0 Conditioning for dance improves your technique and performance in all dance forms by strengthening the body's core abdominal and back muscles while improving coordination, balance, and alignment and optimizing flexibility.

Human Kinetics. The book culminates with a 20-minute, full-body workout routine designed to help dancers warm up, condition, and refine their dance technique. Used book in Good Condition.